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Malaga Airport SIM Card: Buy SIM Card Malaga Airport

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 07:17 pm

Malaga Airport SIM Card Buy SIM Card Malaga Airport

Looking to travel to Malaga soon and need to get a Malaga airport SIM Card? We dive in on all the details you will need in this guide.

If you’re jetting off to the sun-soaked shores of Malaga and the Costa del Sol, staying connected during your travels is a must.

This guide will walk you through the mobile connectivity options available at Malaga Airport, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready to stay in touch.

Arriving at Malaga Airport (SIM Card Malaga Airport)

Upon your descent into Malaga Airport, you’re greeted by the allure of Spain’s southern coastline. Whether your journey is centered on business, pleasure, or a blend of both, having the right SIM card will ensure you remain connected in this Mediterranean haven.

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Navigating Malaga Airport

Malaga airport SIM card, SIM Card Malaga Airport
Guide to Getting the Best Malaga Airport SIM Card

Navigating Malaga Airport – Guide to Getting the Best Malaga Airport SIM Card

Terminal Building: Malaga Airport, also known as Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, is one of the busiest in Spain, especially during the summer months. Its modern terminals are equipped with a plethora of amenities, from shopping and dining options to lounges and business facilities.

Wi-Fi and Internet Connectivity: Good news for travelers – Malaga Airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout its terminals! Whether you’re keen on updating your socials, checking emails, or simply browsing, the airport has you covered. Charging stations are also conveniently located in various parts of the terminal.

Purchasing a SIM Card Malaga Airport

Available Shops: In Malaga Airport, you may find SIM cards at Relay stores or at the official stores of telecom providers. Vodafone, Orange, and Movistar are among the top telecom providers in Spain and have their official stores at the airport where you can purchase SIM cards and get assistance on plans that suit your needs​

Outside the Airport: Venturing into Malaga City or the surrounding Costa del Sol region will give you a wider choice of mobile provider stores. This offers a chance to explore more varied SIM card options and potentially better deals. In Malaga city, you can find official stores of Vodafone, Orange, and Movistar, as well as other smaller providers. Some of the areas to consider include Calle Larios and the Malaga Plaza shopping center​

Online Options & eSIMs: The digital age has ushered in the convenience of eSIMs. If you own a compatible device, consider eSIM platforms like Airalo or that provide coverage in Spain, including Malaga. Airalo offers a Spain eSIM with 1GB data valid for 7 days at $4.5 or a 2GB data plan. On, plans range from a 3GB data plan valid for 7 days at $10 to a 25GB data plan valid for 30 days at $35, among other options​

Alternative Locations: Once settled in Malaga, local stores of prominent mobile providers are worth a visit. These stores can provide detailed information, promotional offers, and customer support. They can be found in popular shopping areas and commercial centers throughout the city.

The updated sections now provide a more detailed guide on purchasing SIM cards at Malaga Airport, exploring options outside the airport, and considering online options including eSIMs. With references to multiple sources, this expanded guide should offer a more comprehensive overview to readers looking to stay connected while in Malaga.

Top SIM Card Options in Malaga – Malaga Airport SIM Card

Vodafone, Orange, and Movistar are the three major telecom providers in Spain, each with its unique offerings in prepaid plans catering to various needs of the customers:


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Vodafone is known for providing generous data allowances in their prepaid plans. They have a variety of options such as the Vodafone Prepago S, which offers 50GB of data, 300 national and international minutes, and unlimited minutes between prepaid Vodafone numbers for a certain price​. They also have a plan offering 100GB of data with unlimited national minutes and 800 international minutes​. Another notable deal is their prepaid sim card with 50GB data for €10, which is recommended for its 4G/5G network coverage in Spain​

  • Vodafone Canary Islands / Vodafone Spain boasts expansive 4G services across the islands.
  • Data Packages: Prepaid plans start at €15 for 6GB and unlimited national calls.


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Orange offers competitive prepaid deals, especially for tourists. They have a variety of plans such as the Orange Holiday Europe Prepaid SIM Card, which costs €49.90 and provides 20GB of data, unlimited calls, and SMS within Europe​​. Another option is a prepaid SIM card offering 35GB of data, 50 minutes to the US, and a 5€ balance​. They also have a more affordable data package for €10, offering 13GB data plus 200 minutes calls or alternatively, 17GB data if you prefer only data​


Movistar is celebrated for its extensive coverage across Spain. They offer three distinct prepaid plans for a period of 4 weeks: Prepaid Plus with 40GB for €10, Prepaid Premium with 80GB for €15, and Total Prepaid with 140GB for €20​​.

They also have a Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan priced between €15.00 – €31.00, which can be activated on a needed date and has a SIM card expiration date of 6 months after the last balance recharge​​.

Another option is a prepaid SIM card offering 30GB data for 30 days with 200 minutes to landlines and mobiles in Spain for a renewal price of €10 every 28 days​

Best eSIM in Malaga – Alternatives for SIM Card Malaga Airport

Embrace the shift to eSIMs for a seamless travel experience. Key advantages include instant connectivity, no need for physical SIM cards, and eco-friendliness.

Holafly, Airalo, and Maya Mobile are notable providers offering eSIM services, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and instant activation features. These digital SIM providers offer a range of plans that cater to the different connectivity needs of travelers. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their offerings:


Malaga airport SIM card, SIM Card Malaga Airport

Holafly‘s eSIMs for Spain all come with unlimited data. They utilize the Movistar Spain network to provide data connectivity, ensuring reliable speeds and coverage throughout Spain. Here’s a breakdown of their plan:

Unlimited data with Holafly is valid starting at 5 days at a price of $19 USD​


Malaga airport SIM card, SIM Card Malaga Airport

Airalo provides a variety of plans through the Guay Mobile network in Spain. Here are some of their offerings:

1 GB data valid for 7 days at $4.50 USD

2 GB data valid for 15 days at $6.50 USD

3 GB data valid for 30 days at $8.50 USD

5 GB data valid for 30 days at $11.50 USD​

Maya Mobile

Malaga airport SIM card, SIM Card Malaga Airport

Maya Mobile offers various eSIM data plans for Spain. Here are some of the options:

3 GB data valid for 5 days at $6 USD

5 GB data valid for 5 days at $9 USD

10 GB data valid for 5 days at $11 USD

20 GB data valid for 5 days at $9 USD

Unlimited data valid for 5 to 30 days at $19 USD

Europe+ eSIM with unlimited data valid for 5 to 30 days at $19 USD.

LITE Travel eSIM with 10 Unlimited (after 2 GB of daily high-speed data, speed is reduced to 1 Mbps) valid for 5 to 30 days at $18 USD.

STANDARD Travel eSIM with 15 Unlimited (after 3 GB of daily high-speed data, speed is reduced to 1 Mbps) valid for 5 to 30 days at $29 USD.

MAX Travel eSIM with 25 Unlimited (after 5 GB of daily high-speed data, speed is reduced to 1 Mbps) valid for 5 to 30 days at $37 USD​

Each of these providers has different strengths. We recommend Holafly provides simplicity with its unlimited data plan, Airalo offers a variety of low-cost options, and Maya Mobile provides a wide range of plans including unlimited data options not just for Spain but also for traveling within Europe.

The choice between these eSIM providers would depend on the individual traveler’s data needs, duration of stay, and budget.

Getting Your Malaga SIM Card: Our Final Thoughts and Recommendations

When it comes to reliable connectivity in Malaga, Movistar and Vodafone Spain are top contenders. For eSIM, we highly recommend Holafly for being a Spanish company itself and providing unlimited data in Spain with 60 minutes of local calls.

Hope we were able to give you the guide you need to make a SIM card Malaga airport purchase. Let us know if you have more questions.