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Best Vegan Food UK and Best Vegan Street Food London

Best Vegan Food UK and Best Vegan Street Food London

If you’re traveling as a vegan or vegetarian in the UK, let’s look at the best vegan food UK and best vegan street food London that you should try!

Veganism is more than a diet; it’s a lifestyle embraced by an increasing number of people worldwide. The UK is no exception, with its thriving vegan scene offering a diverse array of flavorsome, plant-based dishes.

This guide presents some of the best vegan food you can find across the UK, from traditional British fare to innovative, globally inspired creations.

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Vegan Foods in the UK

In the bustling culinary scene of the United Kingdom, vegan food is rising to prominence. With a growing demand for plant-based fare, local restaurants, cafes, and food stalls are innovating their menus to provide delicious, satisfying, and diverse vegan food options. From traditional dishes getting a vegan makeover to uniquely creative street food, vegan cuisine in the UK, especially in London, is continually evolving and reaching new heights of popularity. This guide will lead you through some of the must-try vegan foods in the UK and the best vegan street food stalls in London, showcasing how a plant-based diet can be far from boring and absolutely bursting with flavours.

1. Vegan Fish and Chips

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

Vegan Fish and Chips has been a game-changer for vegan food in the UK. Various establishments prepare their vegan fish from banana blossom, tofu, or seitan, all marinated in seaweed and other seasonings to mimic that distinct “fishy” taste. The result is a vegan fish that is impressively similar in taste and texture to traditional fish, all served alongside the traditional British chips for a nostalgic and satisfying meal.

2. Vegan Full English Breakfast

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

Traditional English breakfasts are known for their hearty and filling nature, and the vegan version is no different. The Vegan Full English Breakfast includes vegan sausages, made from a variety of plant-based ingredients such as soy or peas, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, toast, and even a vegan-friendly black pudding. It’s a satisfying and delicious start to any day.

3. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

Shepherd’s pie is a comfort food favorite in the UK, and vegan versions of this dish are just as comforting and delicious. They are usually made with lentils or plant-based meat substitutes, along with traditional veggies like carrots and peas, all topped with a creamy layer of mashed potatoes for a satisfying and homey dish.

4. Vegan Curry

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

With the widespread influence of Indian cuisine in the UK, it’s no surprise that vegan curries have become a popular dish. These can range from chickpea curries, lentil dals, vegetable curries, and more, all full of aromatic spices and served with rice or naan for a warming and filling meal.

5. Vegan Cornish Pasty

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

The traditional Cornish pasty gets a vegan makeover in this dish. Usually filled with a mixture of veggies like potatoes, onions, and carrots, along with meat substitutes, the Vegan Cornish Pasty is then wrapped in a flaky, golden pastry for a tasty meal on the go.

6. Vegan Scones

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

A vegan take on the British afternoon tea classic, Vegan Scones are typically served with a dollop of plant-based cream and a slather of vegan-friendly jam. Paired with a cup of tea, it’s a delightful treat for any time of the day.

7. Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

A traditional British dessert, Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding uses plant-based ingredients to recreate this rich and indulgent treat. It’s usually made with dates and covered in a sweet toffee sauce for a satisfying end to any meal.

8. Vegan Victoria Sponge

 best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

The traditional British Victoria Sponge gets a vegan makeover, substituting eggs and dairy with plant-based alternatives. This fluffy and moist cake layered with jam and vegan cream is a perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

9. Vegan Scotch Eggs

An innovative twist on a classic, Vegan Scotch Eggs replace the usual sausage meat with a hearty and flavourful combination of chickpeas, lentils or seitan. The egg is commonly substituted with a seasoned, boiled potato. These are then breaded and fried to golden perfection, making for a satisfying snack or meal.

10. Vegan Ploughman’s Lunch

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

The Vegan Ploughman’s Lunch is a perfect example of how versatile vegan cuisine can be. It typically includes a variety of cold, simple foods like crusty bread, pickles, vegan cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables, making for a light yet satisfying meal.

11. Vegan Eton Mess

best vegan food uk, best vegan street food london

Traditionally a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped cream, Vegan Eton Mess uses plant-based whipped cream and vegan meringues to create a deliciously sweet dessert that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture.

12. Vegan Sunday Roast

A staple in many UK households, the Vegan Sunday Roast could include a lentil or seitan roast, vegan Yorkshire puddings, roasted potatoes, and a variety of vegetables, all served with a rich, flavourful vegan gravy.

Best Vegan Street Food in London and Vegan Street Food Stalls in London

The UK and London, in particular, have a vibrant and growing vegan food scene, with a variety of choices ranging from traditional British dishes to innovative, globally inspired cuisine. With an increasing number of food stalls and restaurants offering vegan options, it’s never been easier to enjoy plant-based eating in the UK.

1. CookDaily: Chef King CookDaily has revolutionized London’s street food scene with his vegan bowls. From aromatic stir-fries to hearty stews, each bowl is a combination of flavors, textures, and vibrant colors that make for an unforgettable dining experience.

2. Club Mexicana: Club Mexicana has managed to captivate vegans and non-vegans alike with their vibrant and flavorful Mexican-inspired dishes. Their vegan tacos, for example, are filled with a variety of innovative fillings such as beer-battered tofish, vegan al pastor, and BBQ pulled jackfruit, each bursting with flavor.

3. SpiceBox: SpiceBox offers vegan versions of classic Indian dishes, with a focus on flavors and traditional cooking methods. From the Tikki Chaat, a tangy and spicy potato dish, to the Jackfruit Jalfrezi, a rich and hearty curry, SpiceBox brings authentic Indian street food to London’s vegan scene.

4. Eat Chay: Fusing Korean and Vietnamese cuisines, Eat Chay offers a unique and innovative take on vegan street food. Their vegan bao buns, loaded with fillings like crispy seitan and pickled vegetables, are a must-try for any foodie.

5. Greedy Khao: Greedy Khao offers a taste of Thailand with their vegan Thai dishes. Their Vegan Red Curry and Vegan Pad Thai are made with fresh, aromatic ingredients and offer a flavorful and satisfying meal that proves that plant-based food can be just as exciting as its meat counterparts.

These are just a few examples of the vibrant and exciting vegan food scene in the UK and London. Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or just starting to explore plant-based cuisine, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

6. Temple of Seitan: As the name suggests, this food stall specialises in dishes made from seitan, a protein-rich wheat meat. The Temple Burger and Vegan Chicken Wings are customer favourites, with the flavours and textures mimicking those of traditional meat-based dishes.

7. What the Pitta!: Known for their vegan doner kebabs, What the Pitta! has managed to create a cult following among London’s vegan foodies. Using marinated soya chunks in place of meat, these kebabs are a hearty and flavourful option for those craving a plant-based alternative to this fast-food favourite.

8. Biff’s Jack Shack: This stall serves up some of the most innovative vegan comfort food in London. Specialising in dishes made from jackfruit, a fruit known for its meat-like texture, their burgers and “wingz” are crowd-pleasers.

9. Young Vegans: Known for their vegan pies and mash, Young Vegans serve up hearty, warming food that’s perfect for a chilly London day. From a steak and ale pie made with seitan to a creamy vegan mac and cheese pie, there’s plenty to satisfy your comfort food cravings.

10. Vegan Garden London: A popular choice for those seeking healthier street food options, Vegan Garden London offers a range of vibrant salads, wraps, and bowls full of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Final Thoughts on Best Vegan Food UK and Best Vegan Street Food London

Navigating through the world of vegan food in the UK and the streets of London is an enriching culinary adventure. With a wide array of options to choose from, the vegan food scene here caters to everyone – long-time vegans, individuals aiming to reduce their meat consumption, or curious foodies seeking to broaden their gastronomic horizons. It’s encouraging to see how UK and London have embraced veganism, offering a platform for culinary creativity, healthier choices, and respect for all forms of life.

Whether you crave a comforting Vegan Sunday Roast, a deliciously inventive Vegan Scotch Egg, or want to explore the vibrant street food scene of London with establishments like What the Pitta! and Biff’s Jack Shack, there’s a vegan dish waiting to surprise and delight your palate. It’s clear that vegan food in the UK and London’s street food scene is not just a fleeting trend but a sustainable and vibrant culinary movement that’s here to stay.

As we continue to explore and celebrate vegan food’s rich diversity, it’s apparent that veganism goes beyond just a dietary preference – it’s a lifestyle and a global movement prompting us to reconsider our food choices for our health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Happy vegan exploring in the UK and London, where every dish tells a story of innovation, taste, and compassion.

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