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Sim Card Lisbon Airport: How to Buy A Lisbon Airport Sim Card

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 07:18 pm

sim card lisbon airport

Looking to make a sim card Lisbon airport purchase? In our experience of buying the best sim card in Lisbon airport, Vodafone stands as the best for physical sim while both Maya and Holafly offer eSIM plans.

When we set out for our latest journey to Lisbon, our joint pact was clear: Stay connected without breaking the bank. Since you’ve found your way here, you probably share our sentiment. Roaming fees? No, thank you.

Dive into our detailed guide on securing the best prepaid SIM card or eSIM at Lisbon Airport. We’ve got you covered!

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Why Lisbon Demands a Local SIM

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Our global escapades, from the heart of Tokyo to the beaches of Tulum, have taught us one thing: Wi-Fi isn’t always your friend. You don’t want to be that traveler scrambling for connectivity when you should be enjoying pastéis de nata at a local pastelaria or gazing at the intricate azulejo tiles that decorate the city. Thus, a local SIM card becomes an absolute essential.

📌Pro Tip: If your adventures are taking you across Europe post-Lisbon, do check out our comprehensive guide on the best pan-European SIM cards. It’s been a godsend for us.

Our Top SIM Card Picks At Lisbon Airport – Sim Card Lisbon Aiport

Venturing into Humberto Delgado International Airport (LIS) was like stepping into a telecom treasure trove. We navigated through an array of options and zeroed in on some stellar choices:


sim card lisbon airport, lisbon airport sim card

We could spot their stall almost immediately as we strolled through the arrivals hall. Here’s why they caught our eye:

  • Coverage: With 10 GB of data usable across Europe, it gave us the freedom to Snapchat in Spain, Instagram in Italy, and Tweet in Turkey without a hiccup.
  • Talk Time: A generous 500 minutes (or SMS, if you prefer texting) for those local calls and another 30 minutes for international chats.
  • Pricing: All these delightful perks rolled into a 30-day package at a reasonable €20.

Currency Exchange Kiosks: These were hard to miss, primarily because they’re practically everywhere. Despite their primary focus on currency, they also dabbled in connectivity:


sim card lisbon airport, lisbon airport sim card

A budget-friendly package offering 4 GB of local data, topped with 500 international minutes and 100 SMS, all bundled into a 30-day deal for just €10.

📌 Insider Tip: If you’re planning to dance across European borders, Vodafone’s expansive coverage is the clear winner. However, if your heart is set on exploring Portugal alone and you’re on a shoestring budget, Lycamobile is a competent companion.

eSIMs: The Future in Our Pockets (Sim Card Lisbon Airport)

If you’re anything like us, preferring digital to disposable, eSIMs might be your cup of tea. Our escapades in the eSIM realm led us to a few brands that stand out:


Airalo - Sim Card Lisbon Airport, sim card lisbon airport, lisbon airport sim card
Airalo – Sim Card Lisbon Airport

Versatility defines this brand. Depending on where your wanderlust takes you, Airalo offers tailor-made packages. For Portugal, the entry point is a tempting $4.5 for 1GB.

  • 1GB for $4.50 – 7 Days Validity
  • 2GB for $7 – 15 Days Validity
  • 3GB for $9.50 – 30 Days Validity
  • 5GB for $10 – 30 Days Validity
  • 10GB for $17 – 30 Days Validity
  • 20GB for $32 – 30 Days Validity
  • 30GB for $19 – 15 Days Validity


Holafly - Sim Card Lisbon Airport, sim card lisbon airport, lisbon airport sim card
Holafly – Sim Card Lisbon Airport

A stellar choice for travelers. Their packages often cater specifically to countries, ensuring optimized coverage. For our Portugal trip, their deals rivaled some of the best in the market.

If you prioritize getting unlimited data with your eSIM compatible phone, Holafly offers unlimited high-speed data in Portugal starting at $19 for 5 days. And now, they also allow you 60 minutes of call while in Portugal in their plans.

Holafly’s advantage over other brands is that it offers unlimited data for unlimited usage of internet and now with the calls, you can get a phone number in Portugal without getting hefty fees from international roaming from your home country.

* Make sure that you turn off international roaming for your home sim card and that calls are set to Holaflly’s service to avoid fees.


Maya Mobile eSIM - Sim Card Lisbon Airport, sim card lisbon airport, lisbon airport sim card
Maya Mobile eSIM – Sim Card Lisbon Airport

Another excellent player in the eSIM game. Maya’s appeal lies in its user-friendly approach, transparent pricing, and reliable connectivity.

Maya eSIM is a great alternative to Holafly for Unlimited data offering 5 day plan for $19. They also have a Europe eSIM that covers a lot of countries for 5 days, costing $19 as well.

The strength of Maya Mobile is it’s extensive plans as they also offer smaller data options starting at $6 for a 3GB plan in Portugal valid for 5 days.

📌 Remember: eSIMs require compatible devices. Always ensure your phone supports this tech before diving in.

A Quick Guide to Navigating Lisbon Airport – SIm Card Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport, while not massive, can be a tad overwhelming. All international flights disembark at Terminal 1, making it easier to locate essential amenities. You’ll find ATMs, stores, eateries, and most importantly, the SIM card kiosks we so heavily relied on.

Navigating the Airport for Connectivity

Upon exiting the baggage claim area, you’ll find a series of kiosks lining the corridor. Keep an eye out for bright signage indicating phone services. If memory serves us right, there’s a huge billboard near the Vodafone booth, making it a useful landmark.

Activation and Troubleshooting

Our Vodafone SIM was essentially plug-and-play. We inserted it, and within minutes we were connected. However, if you face issues, restarting the phone often helps. Additionally, ensure the data roaming is toggled on in settings, and check for the correct APN settings (usually provided in the SIM card package).

Connectivity Beyond the Airport

Lisbon is dotted with telecom stores, especially in the bustling Baixa district. If you decide to explore the city first and buy a SIM later, prices are fairly comparable to the airport. We stumbled upon a Meo store near Praça do Comércio that offered competitive packages.

Internet Speed and Network Coverage

Throughout our stay, the 4G speed was impressively consistent, even in crowded areas like Bairro Alto. The only black spot we encountered was inside some historical buildings with thick stone walls. But hey, we were more engrossed in history than our screens!

Top Apps to Download While in Lisbon:

  • Lisboa Cool: This app is your guide to the best spots in the city.
  • Carris: Essential for public transport schedules.
  • Zomato: For the foodies looking for the best local eats.

Recharging and Additional Data

Vodafone made it a breeze with their online portal. We ran out of data after binge-posting our Lisbon stories, and a quick online top-up got us back online. Remember to have a local payment method or an international card that supports online transactions.

Returning or Recycling the SIM

Being eco-conscious, we appreciated Vodafone’s recycling bins in their stores. If you’re like us and hate adding to the landfill, look out for these bins to drop off your used SIM.

Alternative Connectivity Options

Beyond SIM cards, Lisbon offers abundant free Wi-Fi, especially in major squares and cafes. A particular favorite was the “Lisboa Free Wi-Fi,” reliable and present in many public areas. Also, many Airbnb hosts and hotels offer portable Wi-Fi devices, so it’s worth asking!

Personal Story – Lisbon Airport Sim Card

One evening, we found ourselves lost in the labyrinthine alleys of Alfama. Without our trusty local SIM, we might have been wandering all night. But a quick glance at Google Maps, thanks to our uninterrupted 4G, led us to a hidden gem of a Fado bar. The music, the ambiance, and the serendipity of the moment made for an unforgettable night!

Final Thoughts on Sim Card Lisbon Airport

There you have it – our collective wisdom on staying plugged in while traversing Lisbon. We hope our insights prove as useful to you as they were for us. And remember, Lisbon isn’t just about connectivity; it’s a vibrant city with a soul of its own.

So, immerse, explore, and stay connected. If you’ve got questions or need further insights, hit us up in the comments. Safe travels and happy adventures! 🌍✈️