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La Union Falls: 7 Amazing Falls in La Union

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 06:12 am

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We will show you in this blog post about La Union falls that aside from surfing, there are other La Union tourist spots like these 7 amazing falls in La Union. La Union is more than just its beautiful waves!

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Like any other place in the Philippines there are two kinds of seasons- the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season.

Especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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We will write about 7 falls in La Union. All of them are outside San Juan La Union. The best way to reach these falls in La Union is to rent a motorbike to move around.

If not you can ride jeepneys plus tricycle. Some of these waterfalls will require to hike 30-40 minutes. All of them are beautiful and will allow you to swim and refresh.

Most of them have a small entrance fee of 20-30 PHP and some of them will be great if you hire a guide to find them!



Tangadan Falls, la union falls, falls in la union
La Union tourist spots, La Union travel guide, tangadan falls, la union falls, falls in la union
Image from Flickr

Tangadan Falls are the most popular. Everyone knows Tangadan Falls and it will be easy to get there. If you are coming from San Juan Beach or San Fernando La Union, you will have to ride a jeep to San Gabriel for around 20 PHP.

Just mention to the jeepney driver that you are going to Tangadan Falls and he will drop you off in the tricycle terminal where you can get a tricycle for 50 PHP for two people.

Tangadan Falls entrance fee is 30 PHP. You can have a guide for 500-600 PHP (good enough for 6-7 people and you can always join a group to share expenses) and they will guide you around the trek for 50-60 minutes to get to Tangadan Falls.


Balay Anito Falls
Image from Ilocos Hotels

Balay Anito Falls are located in San Gabriel 20 kilometers far from San Juan, La Union near Bacnotan. If you want to do hiking and swimming will be one of the perfect things to do in La Union.

The falls are 20 meters and with pristine waters perfect for swimming and refreshing these falls in La Union.


Bulalakaw Falls, things to do in La Union, La Union tourist spots, la union falls, falls in la union
Image from Tripadvisor

Bulalakaw Falls are located in Bagulin just 30 minutes tricycle ride from Naguilian in La Union. There is 20 minutes hike to reach Bulalakaw Falls from the road. A perfect plan and one of the most refreshing in La Union falls travel guide.


Loslosi Falls, things to do in La Union, La Union tourist spots
Image from Ilocos Hotels

Loslosi Falls are located in the municipality of Bagulin. The views of the 3 cascades are amazing. And you can swim in the natural pools. One of the best things to do in La Union is visit waterfalls. And Loslosi Falls is one of La Union tourist spots that you can’t miss there.



Simminublan Falls, things to do in La Union, La Union tourist spots, la union falls, falls in la union
Image from Gramho

Simminublan Falls are located in Puguil, Santol. If you love waterfalls just rent a motorbike or a tricycle from La Union. And you will enjoy the waterfalls for yourself by swimming with the locals. If you have trouble finding them ask locals around!


Tuddingan Falls, things to do in La Union, La Union tourist spots, la union falls, falls in la union
Image from La Union Tayo

Tuddingan Falls are located in the Municipality of Naguilian 20 kilometers far from San Juan La Union. Tuddingan Falls is a 70 feet man-made pool perfect for swimming and refreshing. It’s near the rice fields in Naguilian.


Occalong Falls, things to do in La Union, La Union tourist spots, la union falls, falls in la union
Image from RJD Explorer

Occalong Falls & Usuken Falls are located in Luna Municipality one hour driving from San Juan. Occalong Falls are higher and just a few steps far from Usuken Falls. You will have to hike 15 minutes to reach there.

Occalong Falls & Usuken Falls entrance fee is 20 PHP.

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Hope you enjoyed La Union falls guide! Which one is your favorite in the list of falls in La Union? Let us know in the comments below.

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