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Zambales Beaches:15 Amazing Beaches in Zambales

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 11:31 pm

The beaches in Zambales are one hour driving distance and we loved spending weekend in Zambales beaches. Zambales is located in the Central Luzon region in the island of Luzon in the Philippines.

Its capital is Iba. Zambales is famous for its beaches and islands that you can visit and explore. Subic and Zambales are one of our favorite destinations since they are so closed to Angeles City where we are based.

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There are buses from Victory Liner from Manila it takes 4 hours via Olongapo and the rate is 270 PHP. There are buses from Olongapo to San Antonio in Zambales 40 minutes and the fare is 55 PHP.


There are buses from DAU bus terminal in Angeles City to Olongapo City 150 PHP and it takes almost 2 hours. There are also vans going to Olongapo from DAU Bus terminal it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and the rate is 130 PHP. This is the way that we took from Angeles City in Pampanga.


Since the Philippines is made up of many different islands, weather conditions may vary from one city to another. If you’re traveling to Zambales, you can expect considerably small variations to the city’s weather. Humidity is high in the Philippines and the warmest months here are April and May.

Basically, January to March is the best time to visit Zambales beaches as this is the sunniest period of the year and is relatively cooler than other months.

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Beaches in Zambales, pundaquit beach, Zambales Beaches

Pundaquit beach is the beach where you can start the island hopping in Zambales. It’s full of boats for fishing and for touring. The beach is good for surfing because of its waves if it’s something that you like it. There are a few places to buy food and drinks around to prepare to your island hopping around the beaches in Zambales.


Camara Island, island hopping in Zambales, Beaches in Zambales, Zambales Beaches

Camara Island is an eye view from Pundaquit beach and it will only take 15 minutes going there by motorboat. It’s wavy and with big rocks, beautiful with clear water. The closest island to it is Capones island. The beach is small and the boats can’t stay close to the seashore.

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Zambales Beaches, Capones Island, Island hopping in Zambales, Zambales travel guide, Beaches in Zambales

Capones Island is next to Camara island and also an eye view from Pundaquit beach. It’s ideal for lunch or staying a couple of hours swimming, overnight or even trekking to the lighthouse. It’s a good place to spend a few hours, especially if the water is calm.


Zambales Beaches, Beaches in Zambales, Capones Island, Island hopping in Zambales, Zambales travel guide, Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove has a bigger space for swimming than in the other beaches in Zambales and the water is so calm in this cove. There is a forest and a lake behind. The beach is popular for camping especially with the locals. Anawangin Cove entrance fee is 100-150 PHP if you’ll stay overnight. You can pitch your tent or renting in Anawangin Cove.

There is no electricity in and no phone signal in Anawangin so it’s the perfect place for disconnecting to the real world! To reach Anawangin Cove from Pundaquit beach will take 30 minutes and if you go only to this beach a small boats for 4 people can cost 1000-1500 PHP.

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Beaches in Zambales, nagsasa cove
Image from Flickr

Nagsasa Cove is very similar to Anawangin Cove but little bit farther from Pundaquit beach. Nagsasa Cove entrance fee is 70 PHP per day and 150 PHP overnight. If you include Nagsasa Cove in Zambales island hopping, it will cost you 2500 PHP a boat for 4 people. If you go direct from Pundaquit beach, prices can go to 2000 PHP for only this destination.

It’s perfect for camping and hiking around during the day. You can swim and enjoy is so quiet. Same like Anawangin there is no electricity and phone signal in Nagsasa Cove.


Beaches in Zambales, talisayen cove
Image from Flickr

It’s so quiet in Talisayen Cove and probably least visited of the mentioned island in the island hopping in Zambales. To reach Talisayen Cove from Pundaquit beach, it will cost you 2000 PHP and 2500 PHP if you add more destinations like Capones, Camara Island and Anawangin Cove.

There is no electricity and phone signal in the island! You can pitch your tent or renting for 400-500 PHP. We advice to bring your own tent since it costs 1000 PHP will be better option than renting and you can use for future trips!

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Beaches in Zambales, silangin cove
Image from Flickr

Sunsets are amazing in Silanguin Cove. If you stay overnight you can walk around the island. There is a Natural spring that you can visit for 100 PHP and it is inclusive of the fees of the guide. To get to Silanguin Cove, rates will be 2500-3000 PHP for a small boat good for 4 people.

There is no electricity and phone signal in the island!



Beaches in Zambales, potipot island
Image from Flickr

Potipot Island is located in Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales and is one of the most accessible island in Zambales. It is best to visit on weekdays as it can be a bit too crowded on weekends since it’s a pretty popular place to go to. Amidst being a tourist spot, it is fortunate that the island’s pristine condition is still being preserved.

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subic, beaches in Zambales

Subic is a first class town in Zambales, Philippines. It is pretty famous for its beaches as well as its bustling resorts and restaurants. Subic Bay was the site of a former US naval base that was converted into a beach town in the broader proximity of Manila. The main industry is the freeport zone, ship building and support to visiting US Navy vessels. You can also see private owned yacht in Subic.

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Liwliwa Beach, beaches in Zambales
Image from Flickr

Liwliwa Beach is a long stretch of ash-gray shore located in San Felipe, Zambales. Its powerful waves is also very perfect for surfing. It’s a pretty chill spot for a well known place in the list of Zambales beaches. There are resorts and accommodations around that are very affordable.


inflatable island, beaches in zambales

The Inflatable Island, which is located in Subic, Zambales, is the biggest floating playground in Asia. If you’re a person who likes taking aesthetic photos for your instagram, this place is best for you! It has a lot of spaces where you can take photos and you can enjoy being there as well. Rates starts from 499 PHP for an hour to 849 PHP for whole day pass.

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Beaches in Zambales, baloy beach
Image from Flickr

Baloy Beach is located a few miles from the old US Naval Facility in Subic Bay. You’ll probably see a lot of older people strolling the beach as it is  famous go-to place for the retirees from Australia,  U.S. and England. You’ll probably see them with their wives or other retirees just enjoying the beach.


Beaches in Zambales, Magalawa island
Image from Flickr

Magalawa Beach is a 56-hectare island located in Zambales. It is otherwise called Island of the Stars because there’s tons of starfish in the area, You’ll more likely see a lot even just from the shore. Its sand is fine white and very pristine. It is even called a contender for the next Boracay.


Beaches in Zambales, Bacala sand bar
Image from Flickr

The Bacala Sandbar is located in Masinloc, Zambales. Aside from its fine white sand in the middle of the sea, it is also famous because of the Bacala Rest House that was built in it. It is owned by the Mayor, and is one of the favorite part of the tourists in going to the sandbar.

The sandbar will only appear when low tide, but you can still see the white sand under the clear water when it is high tide.


Beaches in Zambales, hermana menor island
Image from Flickr

Hermana Menor is an island privately own by the Governor’s family that is now open to the public. They have decided to share the beauty of Hermana Menor especially to the tourists. Just be reminded that there is no resort in the island, it is just for day tours or short visits. Make sure to be a responsible traveler by making sure that the island will stay as pristine as it is by not leaving trash.


Capones Island, Capones Island, Island hopping in Zambales, Zambales travel guide

Water is a must in the islands when you spend the day exposing to the sun. We recommend you to bring enough water. Try to avoid using so much plastic to keep clean the beaches.

Multi uses knife where you can open a bottle or a can are great to bring to these trips. It’s little space and you can use in many situations.

Flashlight, we love the ones with dynamo. You can charge the battery turning and you will have always light. It’s a must if you are planning to stay overnight.

Mosquito repellent when the sun goes down.

Sunblock during the day is a must when staying in the beach.

Bring your travel gear as much as you have: camera, drone, underwater camera.

Tent with a mosquito net and bring a small blanket or sleeping bag for the night. Just in case you are planning overnight.

Bring enough food for the day, cans and sandwiches are the best options if you want to avoid cooking and the hassle. In some of the beaches in Zambales you will not find food.

Bring your power bank, it’s always useful the phone for taking pictures, listen to music or even reading if you have books for this.


Capones Island, Island hopping in Zambales, Zambales travel guide, camping in Zambales

We decided to stay on a day tour in our first visit. But we will be back in a few months to stay overnight to write about the experience. It can be amazing to stay disconnected with no electricity and no phone signal every once in a while.

Watching the stars and going to sleep early to catch the sunrise after a nice hiking around the island. It sounds an awesome plan to do! We will write about the experience and what place we chose to stay overnight in Zambales.

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