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Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte – Bangui Wind Farm

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 11:50 pm

Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte is one of the attractions must to see in the area. We have been twice in Bangui wind farm and it’s always impressive. We will write a full travel guide how to get there from Pagudpud with a tricycle or if you go with your own car.

Nowdays is easier since you will find signs in the road and many people are visiting from Burgos and Pagudpud. You will find souvenir shops and so far there is no entrance fee to enter to the beach.

Read here how to get to Pagudpud and where to stay in Pagudpud!



If you want to get to Bangui Windmills Ilocos Norte. You will get there from Pagudpud or Burgos. Pagudpud is North of Bangui 30 kilometers far from and it will take you 30 minutes to reach there by motorbike or tricycle and little bit less by car.

If you are coming from Burgos will take 15 minutes to reach Bangui windmills is less than 20 kilometers distance South direction.

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Bangui Wind Farm is a wind farm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The wind farm uses 20 units of 70-meter (230 ft) high Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the West Philippine Sea. 

The wind farm is created to supply electricity to the province. Thus, the windmills are not only beautiful to look at; they are also useful and environmental tools used to supply electricity.

The beach is so windy an ideal for taking pictures. Once you are there you can buy souvenirs and enjoy the views. There is no entrance fee! Bangui windmills is clear our favorite Ilocos Norte tourist spots.

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While taking pictures forget about the drone you will see how windy is when you are in the beach. There are also tours that they come to Bangui windmills with a jeep.

You will have the opportunity to get lost in the beach. Since the beach is so long we found people but not so crowded as other attractions in the Philippines. You can walk around to enjoy the beach on your own.

It’s fine to stay 20-30 minutes to enjoy the place. But you can stay longer if you wish. After this attraction you can check Burgos lighthouse if you are doing a tour. Or maybe going back to Pagudpud.


After visiting Bangui windmills you can check  and these spots: view point Bangui windmillsKapurpurawan Rock formations and Burgos Lighthouse. All of them are included in the South tour from Pagudpud. If you go by tricycle for a day tour around Pagudpud the price is 900 PHP.

For last 2 spots you will have to get a tricycle from Burgos (Pagudpud tricycle drivers aren’t allowed to drive you around) and your driver will wait for you. The price for last two activities are 300 PHP and they will discount from the cost of the tour 900 PHP.

You have to pay 10 PHP entrance fee before Kapurpurawan Rock formations and 20 PHP entrance fee for the lighthouse in Burgos if you access there!


South day tour in Pagudpud, bangui wind farm

After visiting Bangui windmills is worth it to go to the view point and check the view from the top. You can see rice fields and the view of the windmills. It’s hard to talk a picture of everything but the view is breathtaking!


things to do in Pagudpud, Burgos lighthouse, South day tour in Pagudpud

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse also known as Burgos Lighthouse, is a cultural heritage structure in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, that was established during the Spanish Colonial period in the Philippines.  

The lighthouse of Cape Bojeador serves shipping heading towards the Pacific Coast heading towards the Babuyan Channel, also serves ships heading towards the ports of Salomangue and Curmimao.


Kapurpurawan Rock Formations, things to do in Pagudpud, South day tour in Pagudpud

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is a natural rock formation created through the years by the natural forces of the ocean on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, just a few minutes from the Cape Bojeador. 

Kapurpurawan comes from an Ilocano word “puraw” which means white. Since most of the rock formations in that area are white, local folks called it “Kapurpurawan”.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations, things to do in Pagudpud, South day tour in Pagudpud

It’s located in Burgos. You can rent horses to walk around. It’s only 10 minutes walking around and there is an entrance fee of 10 PHP. You can even rent a horse to ride around Kapurpurawan rock formations.

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