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If you’re thinking of getting a visa to Ireland, the Emerald Isle, we explore everything that you will need in today’s article. What comes to mind when Ireland is mentioned is all the greenery and the unlimited Guinness.

Yes! Ireland is famous for being the Emerald Isle, with all the wonderful greenery and cliffs surrounding the country, the beautiful Atlantic beaches, the wonderful scenic cities, and bays. There’s also the allure of the Irish pubs – Guinness beers and whiskey, the history surrounding the country, and of course, St. Patrick celebrations – celebrated around the world!


Are you required to secure a visa when visiting Ireland? First off, depending on the country you’re coming from, you’ll need to check if you’re required to get a visa. There are various rules set in place, however very easy to follow.

One most common conception is that you might not need an Irish Visa if you already have a Schengen Tourist Visa. This is not the case. Ireland is currently not part of the Schengen Visa, which includes 26 countries, so having a Schengen visa doesn’t make you eligible to enter Ireland. Having an Irish visa also doesn’t mean you’re eligible to enter the Schengen area.

If you have a passport in the UK however, a lot of rules are in place to allow you to travel around and live in Ireland any time. If you are citizen of EU and EEA, you will be allowed to travel to Ireland with your national ID.

Once you enter Ireland, you’ll have to show a few more requirements.

Make sure you check the complete list of countries the requirements that require and don’t require visas to Ireland. Find full information on the Ireland visa requirements here, and where you can submit it, including all the requirements once you’ve checked that you need to secure a visa before traveling to Ireland. Usually, you’ll need to contact the Ireland embassy in your country or to send it to the Ireland Department of Justice.

These are the current fees required when applying for an Irish visa:

  • Single Entry: 81 USD (60 EUR)
  • Multiple Entry: 136 USD (100 EUR)
  • Transit: 36 USD (25 EUR)


In the United States, major cities that have direct flights to Ireland are New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. From the UK, there’s easy access to Ireland from airports in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and Edinburgh. There are of course a lot of flights all over Europe and the UK to Ireland, like Madrid and Paris. You can also fly to Ireland from Dubai, UAE, Dublin, and Istanbul.


Once you arrive in Dublin, you might want to check some of the best places to see in Dublin. Among these are:


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Temple Bar is a vibrant part of central Dublin, just by the south side of the River Liffey. Perfect for a night visit or during the day with all the colors and pub vibe for a scenic photo!


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Guinness is almost synonymous with Ireland and in Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse is located at the St. James’s Gate Brewery. Check this out for a fascinating sight in Dublin City and of course, some of the best beers in town!


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Custom House is good visit in Dublin if you’re into architectural sights. It took ten years to build the Custom House, and it was completed in 1791, making it a masterwork of European neo-classicism. 


In Ireland summer takes place during the months of June-August in these months you’ll experience a high temperature. From September to December the temperature cools down quite a bit and it is the perfect time to enjoy long walks through the stunning neighborhood.

And the Spring season during the months of March-May is the best time to visit Ireland. It starts out chilly and gets warm, it is a perfect time to spend the day exploring the city’s beautiful garden, at night it remains pretty cold.


The currency of Ireland is the Euro €1 = $1.13678 USD. You can use debit cards everywhere in Ireland. ATM’s are available and accessible in all part of the country.

Happy Travels!

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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