Drinks in Costa Rica: 21 Best Costa Rican Beverages And Non Alcoholic Costa Rican Drinks

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We will write about drinks in Costa Rica with the best 21 Costa Rican beverages. There are also non alcoholic Costa Rican drinks like coffee that are a must to try in Costa Rica. Also our favorite beers in Costa Rica. Read here the best food in Costa Rica, breakfast in Costa Rica and vegetarian food in Costa Rica.

Apart from what to drink in Costa Rica the prices on average a coffee can cost $2 USD, a beer and wine $2-3 USD and for dinks like cocktails expect to pay around $4-5 USD depending how fancy is the bar and the restaurant in Costa Rica. Read here best restaurants in San Jose

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Drinks in Costa Rica: 21 Best Costa Rican Beverages And Non Alcoholic Costa Rican Drinks

Beers In Costa Rica


Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Beverages, beers in Costa Rica, Imperial Beer

Imperial beer is the most popular of the beers in Costa Rica. My favorite drinks in Costa Rica is beer and the best is Imperial Beer, Pilsen and Bavaria are great too. Imperial is a lager beer with good taste not so strong less than 5%. You will find everywhere around the country. Prices are around $2-3 USD.

2. Pilsen Beer in Costa Rica

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Beverages, beers in Costa Rica, Pilsen Beer in Costa Rica
Image From Flickr

Pilsen Beer is the second most popular of the beers in Costa Rica. Pilsen beer is more bitter than Imperial and stronger more than 5% alcohol. Apart from Pilsen beer you can find Bavaria beer which is also tastes good! Prices are around $2-3 USD.


drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rica drinks, Vino de Coyol – Coyol Wine

Vino de Coyol also called Coyol Wine is coming from the palm and you will find locals drinking in the village. Coyol Wine is made from fermented sap of a Coyal palm and it tastes strong. Coyol Wine is a must to try in Costa Rican drinks.


Guaro, Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Beverages, beers in Costa Rica
Image from James Rajotte

Chili Guaro is the most popular of the list of drinks in Costa Rica. There a few kind of Guaro in Costa Rica. Guaro is similar to rum from outside derived from sugarcane alcohol but it taste strong as vodka. Chili Guaro is with tomato juice, lime and hot sauce.

5. Guaro Sour

Image From Wikimedia

Guaro Sour is made of lime, sugar, soda and of course Guaro. A few people prefer Guaro Sour and others Chili Gauro in my opinion I prefer Guaro Sour. Prices for a drink are around $3-4 USD.

6. Rum Centenario

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Rum Centenario

Rum Centenario is the most popular one in Costa Rica. Flor de Caña from Nicaragua and Ron Abuelo from Panama are very popular rums in Costa Rica. You can partner Rum Centenario with coke and it’s so delicious. Prices are around $3-4 USD.

7. Coco Loco

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Beverages, beers in Costa Rica Coco Loco
Costa Rican Drinks – Image From Flickr

Coco Loco is served in a coconut that’s why the name Coco Loco which means Crazy Coconut. Coco Loco is a mix of coconut milk with Guaro and it’s so refreshing and perfect for watching the sunset (beautiful for the pictures). Prices are around $4-5 USD.


Nicaragua travel tips, things to know before visiting Nicaragua, facts about Nicaragua, chicha

Chicha is a homemade fermented or non fermented derived from grains, maize or fruit. Be careful guys when drinking chicha in Costa Rica because is so sweet. And after a few of them maybe you will get drunk. Prices are around $1-2 USD.

9. Michelada

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Beverages, beers in Costa Rica, Michelada
Costa Rican Beverages – Image From Flickr

Michelada is so popular in Costa Rica and original from Mexico. Michelada is made of beer, lime, and clamato juice (kind of tomato) with salt in the edge of the glass. If I’m honest I didn’t like it but it;s a must try when traveling in Latin America.

10. Pura Vida Cocktail

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Costa Rican Beverages, beers in Costa RicaPura Vida Cocktail

Pura Vida is the philosophy in Costa Rica and you will hear every time of the day. Pura Vida cocktail is made of Guaro and mixed with orange juice. It could be also mixed with Grenadine like Rum Punch typical in the Caribbean or pineapple juice and lime.

11. Miguelito

Miguelito is a drink made of Guaro and coconut milk. Miguelito is usually served in a shot and it can be frozen as part of a cocktail. You will see a few locals drinking Chili Guaro or Miguelito as shots in Costa Rica.

More Costa Rican Drinks

Non Alcoholic Drinks in Costa Rica


Batidos (Smoothies) is a drink made with the seasonal fruit mixed with powder milk. Smoothies are made with milk instead of water. Choose your favorite seasonal fruit like mango, banana and papaya. All of them are delicious and prices are around $2-3 USD.


Costa Rican food, food in Costa rica, costa rican dishes, Costa Rican cuisine, Pipa Fria

Pipa Fria is the name in Costa Rica for the coconut water. As a tropical country when relaxing in the beach you can’t miss your coconut. You can get Pipa Fria from street sellers for $3 USD.


Refrescos, fresh juice in Costa Rica

Refrescos of natural fruits you can find everywhere in Costa Rica and different flavors: Cebada, Cacao, Strawberry, Papaya. So sweet and you can find them cold and for $1 USD.


Costa Rican Coffee you will find different kind of them in every region. If you are coffee lover as us you will love to try. There are a few coffee shops offering local Costa Rican coffee.


Costa Rican food, food in Costa rica, costa rican dishes, Costa Rican cuisine, Agua Dulce

Agua Dulce is boiled with brown sugar with lime. Agua Dulce is served with ice and is refreshing. Agua dulce is an alternative to have coffee.


Drinks in Guatemala, drinks in Guatemala, Guatemalan drinks, Horchata

Horchata is popular in Costa Rica and Latin America countries in general. Horchata is a rice drink with milk, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon. Horchata is so refreshing and we also have it in Spain.

18. Resbaladera

Image From Que Rica Vida

Resbaladera is cold and creamy drink similar to horchata. Resbaladera is made of rice, sugar, barley, cloves cinnamon, vanila, nutmeg and mik. Resbaladera is so refreshing when drinking cold. You can drink resbaladera anytime of the day in Costa Rica.


Tamarindo, guatemala food, guatemalan food, guatemalan desserts, guatemalan tamales, guatemalan cuisine, guatemalan dishes, guatemala dishes, guatemalan street food, dishes from guatemala, food in guatemala

Agua de Tamarindo is one of the most typical non alcoholic drinks in Costa Rica. Agua de Tamarindo is mixed with water and sugar and you will find them as street food. I love them as Costa Rican drinks are so refreshing and delicious!

20. Agua de Sapo

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Agua de Sapo
Image From New World Review

Agua de Sapo is so refreshing and served with ice. Agua de sapo is made of sugar cane with lime or lemon juice and ginger. You will find agua de sapo in Central America and the Caribbean.

21. Chan

Costa Rican drinks, drinks in Costa Rica, Chan
Non Alcoholic Drinks In Costa Rica – Image From Costa Rica Guide

Chan is made from seeds of the plant kind of mint. Chan is like Bubble tea in Taiwan and Southeast Asia with similar taste. Chan is really sweet made of milk, water, black seeds and sugar so refreshing for the tropical weather in Costa Rica.


Atol de Elote is a drink is very thick, it is made from corn. As Costa Rican drinks is very popular not only in Costa Rica but also in Central America area.


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The currency of Costa Rica is called Colòn and as of now, $1 USD is worth 600 Colòn. Do not exchange your currency at the airport because you’ll get less than what you’ll get with the city’s exchange. Anyway if you are bringing USD you can use them while traveling around Costa Rica no need to exchange them.

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Hope you liked our Costa Rican beverages. What do you prefer beers in Costa Rica or non alcoholic drinks in Costa Rica? Let us know in the comments below if we are missing something and your favorite Costa Rican drinks.

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