How To Get From KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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How To Get From KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, KLIA to KLIA2

We have been in Malaysia a few times and we will write how to get from KLIA to KLIA2 Airport. The airport is located 60 kilometers outside the city. If you need to transfer between KLIA to KLIA2 you can go by taxi, free shuttle bus, regular bus and by train. The distance between two airports is only 2 kilometers. But you can’t go walking since it’s not allowed.

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KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Airport also called KLIA is located 60 kilometers far from KL Sentral. There are two separate Terminals: KLIA and KLIA2 just a few kilometers and connected by 3 ways: a rail system for 3 minutes and 50 cents of USD, a regular bus for half dollar too and a free shuttle bus.

Take note that you will have to pass thru the immigration when going from KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur or viceversa. So make sure you go on time since you need to get your luggage and later pass thru immigration again.

Where to Get the Free Shuttle Bus From KLIA to KLIA2

The waiting area for the free shuttle bus in KLIA is located in the Gate Number 4 at Level 1. If you are getting the free shuttle bus at KLIA2 is located at Bay A10 in the Level 1 at the Transportion Hub.

Free Shuttle Bus KLIA to KLIA2 And Viceversa

How To Get From KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, KLIA to KLIA2 Malaysia

There is a free shuttle bus from KLIA to KLIA2 Airport and it’s free of charge. You just make sure you have a flight ticket to ride the bus. It will be available 24/7 every 10 minutes and the bus ride will take only 10 minutes to transfer between both airport terminals.

You will have to book your transfer online thru this link. And also remember having a connection flight between terminals.

By KLIA Ekspres Train Rail System from KLIA to KLIA2

If you go by KLIA Ekspres train from KLIA to KLIA2 is the fastest way is only 3 minutes between the airport terminal. The price for a single ticket is 2 MYR which is half dollar for adults and 1 MYR for children. And you will not have to go down to take the free shuttle so you will save time.

The KLIA Ekspres train from KLIA to KLIA2 starts at 5 am until 1 am. The trains are leaving every 10-15 minutes between both airport terminals. Click here to book the tickets in their website. It’s the train coming from KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur city center.

Regular Bus from KLIA to KLIA2

There are regular buses from KLIA to KLIA2 and the price is 2.5 MYR less than $1 USD. You can get the buses at platform 10, 11 and 12 in KLIA in Level 1 and in the Transportation Hub at KLIA2. The buses starts at 5 30 am until 11 50 pm and it will take 10 minutes.

Taxi from KLIA to KLIA2

If you want to go by taxi will be more expensive but it will be great if you bring so much luggage. The taxi ride will take 10 minutes and the taxi fare will be around 40 MYR which is $10 USD. In KLIA you can get the taxi at Level 1 and 3 in the main building. In KLIA2 you can get the taxi in the Transportation Hub. The taxis will be available 24 hours.


You can look for an accommodation in Kuala Lumpur for as low as $10-20 USD for a room or even less if you decide to sleep in a dorm. If you want to try mid-range accommodation you can find one ranging from $20-40. The daily rate of your accommodation will depend on how you want to. You can also try AirBnb if you are going for a more authentic feels in your stay at the country.

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Instagrammable places in Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves

Batu Caves is located 13 kilometers North in Kuala Lumpur. Batu Caves is a Hindu temple which became popular a couple of years ago when they painted their stairs with so many colors.

The Batu Caves is a Hindu temple outside the city. You have to go there by train or by bus. There is a long flight of stairs that you need to take to reach the temple. You can go there to get some quiet and observe the architecture and the local people visiting. It is only during festivals when the area becomes noisy and populated.


Instagrammable palces in Kuala Lumpur, Twin Towers, How To Get From KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, KLIA to KLIA2 Malaysia
Twin Towers, Instagrammable palces in Kuala Lumpur, How To Get From KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, KLIA to KLIA2 Malaysia

This is one of the tallest buildings in the world. The place is very busy and full of tourists. If you are patient, you can get a decent picture. We recommend you to go late in the afternoon.

You can get pictures at day time and also at night, with the lights. There is a show at 7:30 pm in the fountain with music and lights. We personally like the night scene with Twin Towers because of the show, and the beautiful lights surrounding the area.


How To Get From KLIA to KLIA2 Airport in Kuala Lumpur, KLIA to KLIA2 Malaysia

Thean Hou Temple is a beautiful Chinese temple outside Kuala Lumpur. It can be busy during the weekends because of the weddings. It’s super clean and colorful. If you visit first thing in the morning in a week day you will not find so many people. It’s a new temple and it has only 30 years. There is no entrance fee so you cant miss it in Kuala Lumpur.


The currency of Malaysia is called Malaysian Ringgit and this is the money you will use while you travel around the country. And the exchange rate is $1= 4.25 RM. Also if you are bringing debit card, you will find many ATM’s all over Malaysia.

Click here to know the exact rate!


Internet in Malaysia is easy to find since free WiFi is all over the country. You can access free WiFi inside malls, cafe’s, and bars. And the connection is really good compared to a lot of countries in Southeast Asia.

There are 3 providers that operate a data network in Malaysia. It’s up to you what you want. You can buy a sim for as low as $2.20 that has a life of 5 days that can extend up to 120 days depending on the amount. You can have an unlimited data in 24 hours for $1.90Check this to get your prepaid sim card in Malaysia with klook.


Same as many Asian country Malaysia has 2 different season, these are the wet and dry season. Since I have visited Malaysia many times and different months of the year, I would tell you that there would be a chance of rain any time of the year. But the months of November to March is the wet season in Malaysia.

The dry season would be in the months of April to October. And I would suggest that the best time to visit Malaysia is the months of April to October because of the reason that all your itinerary will consist walking and exploring the beauty of this country.

Click here to know more about the weather in Malaysia.

Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

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Happy Travels!

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