Best Albania Sim Card For Tourist And How To Buy A Sim Card in Albania

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albania sim card, sim card in albania

We will tell you how to buy a prepaid Albanian sim card and the best Albania sim card for tourists. Whenever you travel from one country to another, one thing you shouldn’t forget to have is a sim card in Albania. The best sim card Albania with One for €4 up to 8 GB data valid for a month.

As one might expect, It’s hard to travel without Internet because you’ll need your GPS to track your location and destination. Besides, reading guides from blogs prepare you beforehand. Also, your own SIM is important for communicating with locals. Read here Albania travel tips, Albanian food, vegetarian food in Albania, Albanian drinks, how to get from Tirana airport to city center and The Blue Eye Albania travel guide.

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First thing we have to say about Albania prepaid sim card, internet and data connection is great especially if we compare with the Philippines where we were coming from.

Obviously the best thing you can do to connect online is getting a prepaid sim card in Albania. It will be efficient and it will allow you to connect anytime. We recommend you to get your Albania tourist sim card in the airport if you are in a hurry.

You can get an Albanian sim card in the kiosks or phone shops if you prefer affordable prices. And you aren’t worried of not having internet for a few hours until get to your destination in Albania. Also you can book online in advance with Klook it can be a great option if you are traveling for a few countries in Europe.


Getting a prepaid Albania sim card airport is simple and easy. You can do in Tirana International Airport in a phone shop or phone kiosks. You can also get online before your trip with Klook a pocket wifi if you are traveling around Europe. Make sure you are bringing your passport when buying in the airport, pick up service, or in a shop since it’s always required.

You can get your Albanian sim card in the airport (Tirana) with Vodafone is the most popular. Just try to get all the information about data sim card Albania and best prepaid plan in Albania. Just compared if you purchase your Albania tourist sim card in the airport or kiosk and phone shop too.

Since it’s easier to check maps and it’s great to check internet while you are going to your hotel you can purchase your Albania sim card in the airport. If you aren’t in a hurry you can wait until get to the city to get your Albania prepaid card. There are kiosks and phone shops where to buy your Albania tourist sim card.


You can get your Albania sim card almost anywhere in Albania from the airport to small cities. Seriously no kidding, there are phone kiosks and local shops willing to sell an Albania prepaid sim card. Just make sure that you present your foreign passport.

The main operators in Albania are Vodafone, One (old Telekom) and ALBtelecom. If you are getting to Albania by bus from Montenegro, Serbia or Macedonia you can also get your Albania tourist sim card in the Bus Station or around the city in kiosks and phone shops.


We will focus in this prepaid sim card Albania comparison with Vodafone and One. Since these are our favorite Albania prepaid card that we have been using. For us there is no so much difference since the packages are similar.

Vodafone is the most popular Albania prepaid card for tourist and also for locals but One is also quite popular. The best thing about the data internet plan in Albania has similar prices. And the most important always high speed.

Vodafone Albania Sim Card

albania sim card, sim card in albania, Vodafone Albania Sim Card

Vodafone Albania sim card provides for €5 up to 8-10 GB for a month depending in the offers that they have at the moment in Albania. Also includes local calls and SMS for this price. The coverage with Vodafone is the best and you will have no problems connecting online when traveling in Albania.

One (Old Telekom) Albania Sim Card

albania sim card, sim card in albania, One Albania sim card

One Albania sim card provides €4 up to 8 GB for a month. It includes local calls and SMS too at that price. The coverage with One is really good and you will be able to connect everywhere in Albania. One is the old Telekom since September 2020.

If you want to add more GB with Vodafone or One you will be able to do it in phone shops or kiosks. Albanian people are so friendly and helpful and they will activate your sim card in Albania if you have any trouble with it.


Apart from Vodafone and One we will give you prices and data plan for you to decide which one is the best sim card in Albania with ALBtelecom.


albania sim card, sim card in albania, ALBtelecom, ALBtelecom sim card
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ALBtelecom sim card Albania is one of the most popular Albania prepaid sim card. It will give you better prices than Vodafone and One. The coverage is not so good as the others but working properly in Tirana and big towns in Albania. You will find more difficulties in remote areas in Albania.


If you prefer to bring Pocket Wifi in Albania a Hotspot can be the best option. You will avoid changing sim card and just landing in Albania you will start getting data connection. Read here our full review of Tep Wireless Hotspot with all the details, prices, coverage and how it works.

The price is €7.95 to get wifi when traveling and it includes truly unlimited internet, which is never cut off, regardless how much you use with unlimited wifi and can connect up to 5 devices.

If you use more than 1GB in a day, your connection speed will get slowed to 256kbs. The connection speed will return to normal the next day. Click here, to buy your Tep Wireless Hotspot now. If you add the promo code GAMINTRAVELER you will get 10% discount!


albania sim card, sim card in albania

My Prepaid Sim Card Albania Conclusion is getting One prepaid sim card Albania since it has great coverage and prices are better thank in Vodafone Albania prepaid sim card at the moment I was visiting in November 2020.

If you are walking around the airport or the city and you see similar packages will be fine to buy other companies. Vodafone have more phone shops and it’s just little higher the price so it could be an option too.


albania sim card, sim card in albania

The currency of Albania is called Albanian Lek and this is the money you will use while you travel around the country. And the exchange rate is €1= 125 Leks. Also if you are bringing debit card you will find many ATM’s all over Albania and most of them charge around €5-6 commission for withdrawal.

There are many places to exchange money in the airport and outside the airport offering great exchange rates.

Click here to know the exact rate!


albania sim card, sim card in albania

For food budget travel in Albania we have to say that’s affordable. You can get snack meals in local places for €1-2 per person trying different choices like sufllaqe, donner and sandwiches. For breakfast byrek can cost less than €1. For decent meals expect to pay €4-5 per person in a restaurant.


A lot of budget option is available for accommodation in Albania. Where you can sleep in a dorm room or a room from less than $10 USD while you can stay in a budget hotel for as low as $20-30 USD. There are so many to choose from depending on what type and how luxurious you want your stay to be starting from $50 USD.

If you are traveling in Albania outside the peak season prices will be much cheaper. Places like Tirana and Saranda will be the most expensive and you will find great deals in not so touristic cities.  There are AirBnB options in Albania where you can have a budget accommodation and a local experience at the same time.

Get a pretty sweet discount for your first Airbnb booking in Albania!

Book your accommodations in Albania through Agoda or Booking.

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You can also try AirBnB in Albania with prices starting from $20 USD. Click here to get $30 USD off your first booking with AirBnB!

Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

Feel free to use our links with discounts for BookingAgodaAirbnb and Klook. By using our links, you will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys. 

Happy Travels!

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