Laos Sim Card: Best Laos Tourist Sim Card

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In this guide you will learn how to buy a Laos sim card and the best Laos tourist sim card. Whenever you travel from one country to another, one thing you shouldn’t forget to have is a local sim card. We will tell you everything that you should know prices and packages to buy your sim card in Laos.

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Laos Sim Card


If you are work online like us, the connection in Laos wasn´t the best. We can usually find stable internet connection in coffee shops and touristic areas. We had issues with internet in Laos a few times as we usually had in the Maldives and the Philippines in remote areas. 

WiFi connection is famous in this millennium you can access the WiFi for free. May it be in your hotel room and or cafes around the country. Cellular connection is also accessible through ETL and Unitel. You can buy a refill card for as low as $.012 USD valid for 1 day, or buy the refill card that is valid for 30 days for $1.75 USD. You can have a total of 1.5 GB cellular data valid for 30 days for as low as $7 USD.

Obviously the best thing you can do to connect online is getting a prepaid sim card in Laos. It will be efficient and it will allow you to connect anytime. We recommend you to get your Laos tourist sim card in the airport just to avoid the hassle.

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If you are getting to Laos Vientiane at Wattay International Airport you will have a few options to get your Laos prepaid sim card. If you already booked online your prepaid Laos sim card you will have to just pick up in the airport showing your confirmed booking and your passport.

Once you get your luggage you will see phone kiosks in the airport. You will be able to get a prepaid Laos tourist sim card and you can also get a package in the airport but prices will be higher than outside. It will not be so much difference the prices from the airport to Vientiane.


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If you didn’t get your Laos sim card in the airport no worries you will find official stores and even local stores selling you a prepaid Laos sim card in Vientiane. Remember to bring your passport when getting your Laos sim card.

The operator will help you to activate your Laos sim card and they will provide you information of the packages. There are a few packages that only provide data connection and also other packages provide data connection plus local calls.

Best Prepaid Laos Sim Card

There are a few companies where you can buy your sim card in Laos:m Tplus (Beeline before), Lao Telecom, Unitel and ETL. The sim card in Laos is valid for 6 months.

It will cost 10000 LAK for the sim card in Laos with half of the money as balance. Every convenience shops and official phone shops sell sim card. It would be great if you are bringing your passport even sometimes isn’t required. Remember for the exchange rate is 8000 LAK.


Unitel, laos sim card, laos prepaid sim card, laos tourist sim card, laos telecom package, data laos, sim card in Laos
Unitel- Laos Prepaid sim card

Unitel is the largest provider and also the best for coverage in Laos. There are a few packages for sim card and data connection. The cost of the sim card is 10, 000 LAK.

7 Days10, 000 LAK2 GB
30 Days120,000 LAK4 GB
30 Days200,000 LAK30GB

Lao Telecom

laos sim card, laos prepaid sim card, laos tourist sim card, laos telecom package, data laos, sim card in Laos
Lao Tel – Lao Telecom Laos Tourist Sim Card

Lao Telecom or Lao Tel is the second largest provider in Laos. It works great in Vientiane and you will find hostpots with wifi around the city. Once you buy the sim card for 10000 LAK which comes with 5000 LAK credit.

30 Days 50.000 LAK1.25 GB
30 Days100,000 LAK2.5 GB

T Plus And Beeline

T Plus, Beeline, laos sim card, laos prepaid sim card, laos tourist sim card, laos telecom package, data laos, sim card in Laos
T PLus and Beeline

T Plus company was before Beeline. T Plus is third largest company in Laos. I’m not sure if it’s the most reliable outside Vientiane just in case you decide to explore remote places. But if you will go for the touristic areas should be working.

30 Days50,000 LAK1.5 GB
30 Days80,000 LAK2 GB
30 Days100,000 LAK3 GB


ETL, laos sim card, laos prepaid sim card, laos tourist sim card, laos telecom package, data laos, sim card in Laos

ETL is the smallest company in Laos. You can find the prepaid Laos sim card with ETL in phone stores and supermarkets.

7 Days10,000 LAK1.5 GB
30 Days100,000 LAK12 GB
30 Days200,000 LAK 30 GB


If you prefer Laos Pocket Wifi a Hotspot can be the best option. You will avoid changing sim card and just landing in Laos you will start getting data connection. Read here our full review of Tep Wireless Hotspot with all the details, prices, coverage and how it works.

You will get wifi when traveling and it includes truly unlimited internet, which is never cut off, regardless how much you use with unlimited wifi and can connect up to 5 devices. If you use more than 1GB in a day your connection speed will get slowed to 256kbs.

The connection speed will return to normal the next day. Click here, to buy your Tep Wireless Hotspot now. If you add the promo code GAMINTRAVELER you will get 10% discount!

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As you can see data in Laos is so cheap. You can have problems connecting in remote places but it will be ok in the main touristic places. I would recommend you Unitel or Lao Tel since they are the most reliable for coverage.

If you like comfort just book online and pick up your Laos sim card in the airport. If you are on a budget try to buy in a local store comparing prices and packages.


Many of us know that in Asian Country have 2 types of weather, called the wet and dry season in Laos. Start of wet season is from May up to October. And July and August is the months where rain is falling hard. In my experience as a backpacker the best time to visit Laos is through the Months of November to February.

Also December has a cold temperature where it is going down to 5 degrees. And this info is for travelers who are visiting the country and want to experience the beauty of place. The months of November to February is perfect for you, because most of you itinerary will be walking.

Click here to know more about the weather in Laos.


The currency of Laos is called kip and this is the one you will use while traveling the country. The rate is around $1= 8000 LAK or Kips. You will find ATM’s all throughout the country. There are also available exchange shop through banks and in some famous tourist place. 

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laos sim card, laos prepaid sim card, laos tourist sim card, laos telecom package, data laos, sim card in Laos

A travel budget of $20-25 USD would be enough in a day to travel and experience Laos. You can spend $5-15 USD for accommodation depending on your likes there are a lot of cheap budget hotel available for you.

And you can also sleep in a dorm or a guest house if you are in a low budget. For food the minimum budget would be $5-10 USD per day depending on where your eating and what are you eating.

And the remaining would be for entrance fees for tourist spots and for transportation to get around the city. If you are renting motorbikes and hiring guides or excursions for day trips expect to pay $30-35 USD per day for your trip in Laos.

If you want to sign up for Airbnb, we give you $30 USD credit with your first booking!

Read more about all the places to stay in Laos and book your staying with Booking and Agoda!

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Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

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Happy Travels!

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