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Travel Insurance for Travelers – SafetyWing Experience

The life of a digital nomad is one a lot of people is coveting nowadays. How can you not? Isn’t it fun and kind of an accomplishment to leave all your worries behind and actually take your work with you while you’re lounging by the pool or staying at the beach in a sunny country? 

This is all fun, until you have to worry about your health. Yes, we’re talking about health and travel insurance. Do you have one?

As we constantly travel, and Ruben is outside Europe a lot, we have been in search of a reliable travel medical insurance that can help keep us safe. This is where SafetyWing comes in – the travel medical insurance for travelers and digital nomads

What to look for when finding an insurance that fits your nomad lifestyle:

Just like how you need to understand the important details of your insurance at your home country, understanding what you’re signing up for when getting your nomad insurance is also very important. 

Common questions to ask your insurance company

Here are a few questions for you to start qualifying the insurance that you are trying to get. Remember, your lifestyle is nomadic. You’ll be traveling a lot, so think about the most important worries you have when you are not in your home country.

  1. How does the insurance start? Any specific date you should be signing up for it? Like do you have to be in your home country when buying it or can you purchase it when you’re already traveling?
  2. Does it cover only travel insurance or both travel and health insurance?
  3. Are there any deductibles?
  4. How to file claims? The process of filing claims is one of the main things you have to do so this is something you really want to know about.
  5. Does it handle insurance for gadgets? This is if you’re traveling with expensive photography, videography and computer equipment 
  6. What kind of travel activities does it cover? Driving in mood and other motorbikes, sports and climbing? 
  7. Will you need to be physically home when you are claiming insurance?
  8. How long (business days) does it take to get a response and finally receive your claim 
  9. For claims on lost or stolen luggages, what requirements do you need to provide to get your claim? 
  10. What are the grounds for your expenses, both travel and health/medical to not be covered?

Trying to understand some of the most basic requirements you have when you’re traveling and knowing whether your insurance covers these or not, and what you can actually get from your insurance company are some of the crucial aspects you need to think about when deciding to sign up for a travel insurance.

Once all these questions are handled, you may look for your chosen insurance company, and get a quote. You can try to get quote online, or call, depending on the requirements. The website might also give you this information although it will always be the best to reach out to their team yet for any additional questions.

If it’s possible to not give out any payment information yet, this is preferable, but just make sure that you understand that process once you start 

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What is SafetyWing Insurance?

SafetyWing is a travel medical insurance set to help cover the needs of digital nomads and travelers while they are outside their country. The best thing about it? The insurance is infinite, so you can actually have it continuously. 

How is that possible?

SafetyWing’s biggest selling point is its subscription model. You pay $37* every 4 weeks of insurance to get your travel medical insurance covered while you are outside your home country. This insurance is perfect for travelers and digital nomads who travel for a really long time, gets paid on the road, meaning you are working online or freelance, and your regular health care cannot cover you. You’ll need to pay extra for US insurance too. Again, see the fees using the calculator below.

Your subscription continuously renews, unless you cancel it, just like any other subscription. This will continue for 364 days. After that, you’ll have to sign up for a new plan. You can get covered infinitely, or you can stop it, you have the choice.

When you go home, you are covered 30 days, for every 90 days of subscription to the SafetyWing insurance, or 15 days if you are from the US. 

This company, who has just gotten its next set of investment was founded by digital nomads themselves, who understands the needs of other digital nomads, when it comes to health care and insurance. 

SafetyWing, which now competes with World Nomads, the only other travel travel medical insurance for digital nomads, have the advantage of having competitive fees. You’re covered for almost everything that you will truly need while you’re staying in another country. 

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Here are the main coverage features of SafetyWing:

  1. Travel delays out of your control, does not include missed flights.
  2. Only lost checked luggage is covered, no expensive electronics like laptops, GoPro cameras, iPads, tablets, cameras, lenses, etc.
  3. Worldwide coverage except for North Korea, Cuba and Iran, and coverage in the US costs an extra $31/4 weeks
  4. 30 days for every 90 days of medical coverage in your home country –unless you’re a US citizen– if the US is your home country you get 15 days of coverage for every 90 days you’re there (a rarity for travel insurance)
  5. Health coverage for unexpected injuries and illnesses; hospital stay, prescriptions, doctors, and emergency medical evacuation (extraction), only acute onset of pre existing conditions are included in some cases
  6. Not covered: Pre existing conditions, cancer treatment, routine checkups, preventative care and there’s limited coverage for sports and adventure activities
  7. Medical and hospital fees, $250 deductible, excluding routine checkups and treatments that have been there before the insurance started
  8. Travel insurance like delayed and cancelled flights, but not missed flights 

Overall maximum limit is $250,000 and SafetyWing co-insures to pay 100% of eligible expenses after deductibles.

In every insurance, contacting SafetyWing, or any other company for that matter is very important. Coverage dates are very important, which you need to be sure about once you start to send your application. 

Having your emergency fund 

Almost as important as having an insurance, is having an emergency fund, because most of the time, you’ll have to do the payments yourself first, and then file a claim later. There will be cases that you won’t have to pay anything yourself but again, treatment in these circumstances are very important, and you’ll always have to put in mind having your fund for emergencies when you are traveling.

Hope that helps. We are recommending SafetyWing as we just signed up for their service and we’ll update you on our experience here, and update this article as we move forward.

Even for Rachel, who is from the Philippines, she can get covered by SafetyWing, which is pretty amazing. If she’s traveling with her little one, he’ll be covered for free. That’s a big plus for us.

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!