How to get to Naga By Plane And Bus (Naga to Legazpi)

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How to get to Naga

Naga City is located in Camarines Sur in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. Naga is usually a stopover for travelers going to Caramoan since there are daily flights coming from Manila to Naga Airport. We will write for you how to get to Naga from Manila, Cebu and Legazpi to visit the most beautiful places around Bicol Province.

There are a lot of places to visit in Naga preserved to show Spanish heritage. There are many bars and restaurants if you like nightlife. During the day you will find churches, cathedrals and places to visit for spending at least a couple of days in Naga and not just stop over going to Caramoan and Calaguas Island.

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The best way to get from Manila to Naga is by plane to Naga Airport. Since there are daily flights with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. But if you are on a budget you can get to Naga from Manila by bus.


If you want to get to Naga by plane. There are daily flights with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines from Manila. If you are coming from Davao and Cebu you will have to make a stopover in Manila first. Click here to check the best deals with 12 Go!

Prices are around 2500-4000 PHP one way from Manila to Naga. The travel time will be only 45 minutes going by plane. Meanwhile you do by bus will be around 10 hours depending on the traffic. For flights coming from Cebu and Davao expect to pay around 5000-6000 PHP.


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Once in the airport you can take a bus or a jeepney going to Naga City. It will take 30 minutes and prices are around 20-30 PHP. If you prefer more comfort there are also taxis available in the terminal.


There are 450 kilometers between Naga and Manila. If you travel by bus prices are between 700-1000 PHP. The travel time is around 10 hours. There are bus companies going from Manila to Naga: Raymond, DLTB, Penafrancia. The bus departure is from EDSA Cubao. The schedule is from 7 am to 10 am in the morning and from 2pm to 10 pm in the afternoon.

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There are also buses leaving from Aranang and Pasay in Manila going to Naga City Bus Central Station which is only 1 kilometer distance from city center.

How to get from Naga to Legazpi by Bus

If you want to get from Naga to Legazpi by bus. There are daily buses stopping leaving Naga to Legazpi most of them coming from Manila. There are also van available from Caramoan and boat. For more information read here how to get from Naga to Caramoan.

Naga to Legazpi by Car

If you prefer going from Naga to Legazpi by car or van. The travel time Naga to Legazpi can be around 2 hours and a half for 100 kilometers distance.

It can be great if you have so much luggage or you are traveling with your friends and family.

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If you want to get from Naga Bus Terminal to Naga City Center. There is only one kilometer distance from Bus Terminal in Naga to city center you can go walking. There are tricycles 8 PHP per person and kilometer. If you get the whole tricycle will be 40 PHP.

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Hope you like our travel guide how to get from Manila to Naga by bus and by plane. And how to get from Naga to Legazpi by bus. Let us know in the comments below if you have questions or there are any changes in the prices and schedule.

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Happy travels!


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