Sombrero Island Masbate (Travel Guide)

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Sombrero Island travel guide

Sombrero Island is located in Burias Island in the Province of Masbate. You can access to Sombrero Island as part of Burias Island tour. It takes one hour to reach there from San Pascual port and we will write all the details in this Sombrero Island travel guide.

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How to get to Sombrero Island


If you are getting to Burias Island from Naga City. There are vans and jeepneys running during the day from LCC Mall just two kilometers far from City Center and Bus Central Terminal in Naga. The price is 50 PHP and it takes 40-50 minutes to go to Pasacao Bus Terminal which is only one kilometer distance from Pasacao Port. You can go walking or ride a tricycle 10 PHP per person from Pasacao Bus Terminal to Pasacao Port.

The boats coming from Pasacao to Burias Island are leaving 7 am, 10 am and around 2 pm. The schedule isn’t fixed so make sure you are on time.

The price for the boat is 130 PHP per adult and 65 PHP for kids. There is a Terminal fee of 10 PHP.

How to get to Burias Island, Sombrero Island Masbate

If you decide to go by Ro Ro is 230 PHP per person and last boat is leaving from San Pascual to Pasacao is 4 30 pm. There are Ro Ro going from San Pascual-Pasacao and viceversa.

Once in San Pascual you have to go to the tourism office. The entrance fee is 100 PHP per person and there are fixed for the tours. There are 3 Islands to visit Sombrero Island, Tinalisayan and Animansola the price for visiting all of them is 4000 PHP. We decided to visit Sombrero Island and Tinalisayan Island and the price is 3000 PHP per boat. It means you can join until 10 people but we were only three of us for this trip.


Like any other place in the Philippines there are two kinds of seasons- the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

The best time to visit Burias Island is during the dry season. Click here to know more about the weather in Burias Island.

Sombrero Island Masbate Travel Guide

It takes one hour to get Sombrero Island from San Pascual Port. There are cottages in Sombrero Island to stay overnight and you can also rent or pitch a tent if you like it. It’s called Sombrero Island because of the shape of the island next to it as you can see in the picture. There is an entrance 30 PHP per adult. And 700 PHP if you want to rent a cottage during the day. Expect to pay around 1500-3000 PHP to stay overnight in the cottages. And if you want to go on a budget bring your own tent or rent at Sombrero Island. This island is the most popular in the Burias Island tour.

The island is small and you can go walking everywhere in less than 15 minutes. We got surprised isn’t very clean this island despite of the entrance fee and having places for rent they don’t clean so much. We were coming from Calaguas Island were everything was so clean.

Sombrero Island, Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Sombrero Island Travel Guide

Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Sombrero Island

Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Sombrero Island

Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island Masbate, Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Sombrero Island, Sombrero Island Travel Guide

We were walking around the island. It took us 20 minutes to go around. We took pictures, we flew the drone and we had a swim. The views were great and it looks a perfect place to stay overnight. We visited first thing in the morning after the sunrise.

Sombrero Island Masbate, Burias Island tour, Burias Island travel guide, Sombrero Island Travel Guide

Hope you liked our Sombrero Island travel guide. Share with your friends and family visiting Burias Island. And let us know if you have questions in the comments below.

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