How to get from Naga to Caramoan

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If you are planning to travel around Camarines Sur. Naga City with the airport can be the base for all your trips. Today we will write how to get from Naga to Caramoan. We did in our recent trip and we are bringing fresh information. Every time there are more daily buses going from Naga to Caramoan.

Caramoan is an amazing destination that you can’t miss. And we recommend you to stay in Naga at least one night to enjoy the city. There are historical sites to see during the day and nightlife is great with bars and restaurants. Read here Naga tourist spots and best hotels in Caramoan!

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How to get from Naga to Caramoan

If you want to get from Naga to Caramoan there are few ways to do it. By bus, plane, van and boat. We will explain all of them with all the details for your next trip.

How to get from Naga to Caramoan by Bus

Bus Naga to Caramoan It’s the easiest way from Naga City you have to go to the Bus Terminal located near SM Mall. It’s only one kilometer far from city center. You can go walking or by tricycle is only 8 PHP per person. The system of shared tricycles in Naga is so efficient. There aredaily buses going from 5 am to 3 pm from Naga to Caramoan. We took the bus around 8 am and the departure is every 1-2 hours. It’s depending on the season the frecuency of the buses. The bus take 5 hours to reach Caramoan and it costs 260 PHP per person. The road is really bad when you are getting close to Caramoan on the coast but the views are nice. Naga to Caramoan, ticket bus Naga to Caramoan You can get a jeepney until Goa from Naga and change to the bus going to Caramoan.

How to get from Naga to Caramoan by Van and Boat

In case there are no buses or you prefer going by van plus boat to reach Caramoan (it can be faster than the bus this way). You have to go to Naga Bus Terminal and get a van to Sabang Port. It takes 1 hour and a half and it costs 150 PHP per person. Once in Sabang Port you have to take the boat going to Caramoan Guijalo Port. There are a few boats from 6 am to 11 am. The boat takes 2 hours and it costs 120 PHP. Make sure you take the van before 9 am from Naga Bus Terminal to make sure you get the last boat going to Caramoan. If you miss the boat you will have to hire a private boat around 3000 PHP maximum 16 people. Once in Guijalo Port in Caramoan you will have to ride a tricycle to get to Caramoan town or Bikal port where you will start your island hopping. Prices for the tricycle for 30 minutes ride can be 100 PHP per person in a shared tricycle. It depends on where you would prefer to stay. In the town there are more options for food and it’s close from the Bus Terminal in Caramoan. In Bikal Port you will stay right on the beach quite and calm ready for your island hopping next day!

Manila to Caramoan by Bus

Naga to Caramoan, Caramoan to Manila in Cubao

Naga to Caramoan, Caramoan to Manila in Pasay Is it possible going from Manila to Caramoan by bus? Of course! There are daily buses leaving from Cubao with Raymond Bus Company and from Pasay. On the way back you will find them leaving between noon until 3 pm. There are a few bases going from Manila to Caramoan and viceversa. We will write a detail full blog post about it and we will leave the link for full information if you prefer going direct from Manila to Caramoan by bus.

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Where to Stay in Caramoan

where to stay in Caramoan, how to get from Naga to Caramoan

There are two areas to stay in Caramoan as we mentioned previously. You can stay in Caramoan town or around Bikal Port. Prices are starting from 800 PHP to 5000 PHP depending the luxury and comfort that you need. We decided to stay River View in Caramoan town.

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