How to get to Vigan from Manila and Clark

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how to get to Vigan

Vigan is a city in the Philippines located in Ilocos Sur. In this blog post we will write how to get to Vigan from Manila, Clark, Tuguegarao and other destinations. We also wrote our Vigan travel guide, take a look for full information of things to do in Vigan.

Vigan is popular for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. And because of its beauty and its well-preserved Spanish-era streets, Vigan has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Best Time to visit Vigan

things to do in Vigan, how to get to vigan

Vigan enjoys two kinds of seasons, the dry season from November to April and thewet season from May to October. It is recommended that travelers visit during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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How to get to Vigan

How to get to Vigan from Manila by Plane

If you want to get to Vigan by plane you can book a flight (travel time around 1 hour and 2500-3000 PHP) from Manila to Laoag thru Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. After arriving in Laoag you can take a bus with Laoag-Vigan route or buses heading to Manila then drop off at Vigan. This trip will take about 2 hours and will cost 100 PHP.

If you are coming from Davao or Cebu there are not direct flights going to Laoag. You will have to stop in Manila to get the flight to Laoag.

How to get to Vigan from Manila by Bus

Getting Vigan from Manila there are buses that are en-route directly to Vigan like Viron, Ancieto and Partas bus. The ride will take  10-12 hours on the road and will costs around 700 PHP. From Vigan to Manila you will find buses too. If you are on a tight schedule and budget best thing is the night bus to save time and accommodation.

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How to get to Vigan from Manila by Car

If you are traveling by car you will save a few hours. You can do Manila-Vigan in 6-7 hours depending on the traffic.

How to get to Vigan from Clark, Pampanga

If you are coming from Clark Pampanga (like us since we are based in Angeles City). You can ride the jeepney going to Dau Bus Terminal. Look for a bus going to Vigan or Laoag. Travel time can take up to 8-9 hours depending on the traffic. From Dau to Vigan there are Parta buses going there and it costs 600 PHP one way. We did at night time getting a bus from Partas coming from Manila. It’s the best way to start your day early morning exploring Vigan.

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Getting Vigan from Baguio

If you are coming from Baguio it will take you 3-4 hours. You can take a bus going to Laoag and drop off at Vigan along the way. Fare is about 400 PHP one way.

How to get to Vigan from Laoag

how to get to vigan

Coming from Vigan, Laoag is only an hour and a half away. There are buses going to and from Vigan-Laoag and Laoag-Vigan for no more than 100 PHP for one trip.

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Getting Vigan from Pagudpud

There are buses going to Laoag 1 hour 30 minutes travel time and around 100 PHP per person. Once in Laoag you can get the bus or transfer to a van to get Pagudpud another 2 hours and 100 PHP each. Total travel time can be between 3-4 hours and 200 PHP.

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Getting Vigan from Tuguegarao

If you’re coming from Tuguegarao, buses like GMW Liner and Florida Liner have buses bound to Laoag, Vigan or Abra that pass through Pagudpud. Price of the ride is around 450 PHP.

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Transportation Around Vigan

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The main transportation in Vigan is the tricycle and the kalesa (carriage that will be pulled by a horse). You can ride a kalesa while exploring and sight seeing around Vigan, it’s one of the typical things to do in Vigan. Prices for an hour  can be 200-300 PHP. And it can fit until 4 people maximum. If you want to move longer distances in Vigan there are buses and jeepneys going around. But Vigan isn’t a big city and you can go walking almost everywhere.

Hope it’s useful this information how to get to Vigan from Manila, Clark, Laoag, Pagudpud, Baguio and Tuguegarao. Let us know if you have questions. Please inform us if schedule or prices changed already. So we can update the blog post and the information.

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