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10 Most Instagrammable Places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country; in between the greenery and peace. It is known for its ancient Buddhist ruins, and full of nature, sandy beaches, culture, wildlife, and friendly people. The country is one of the best safari destinations outside of Africa which has more than 20 national parks. If you choose to travel around Sri Lanka, it will not be that expensive and it will be full of delicious cuisines as well as interesting history. We will tell you in this blog post our favorite instagrammable places in Sri Lanka.

Tea is a big business in Sri Lanka, so if you are a tea enthusiast, make sure to pay Ceylon Tea Museum a visit, located about 4 km south of Kandy. Sri Lanka also offers a wide variety of shopping items, from the leather products, antiques, jewelry, batik, tea, and handicrafts. Ratnapura is the most popular place where you can find your shopping items and souvenirs.

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How to get to Sri Lanka

The only way to get to Sri Lanka is to fly into their international airport at Katunayake, just north of Colombo. Air fares remain fairly constant and the earlier you book your flight, the better chance for you to have a good deal. Visitors from some countries such as Singapore, India, Indonesia, can get to visit Sri Lanka visa-free for at least 30 days. While other countries need to have their visas upon arrival and are required to complete their Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) prior to their trip or upon arriving in Sri Lanka.

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

The weather in Sri Lanka can be complicated so it will be a tad bit confusing to decide when it’ll be the best to visit the country, and this is because the island is affected by two separate monsoons year-round. But if you are heading to the west and south coasts and hill country, December to March is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. And if you’d visit the east coast, May to September will have the best weather.

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Instagrammable places in Sri Lanka

1. Train Kandy to Ella

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, train Kandy to Ella

Known as one of the world’s most ravishing and scenic train rides, the train from Kandy to Ella is top of the most travelers’ list to visit when in Sri Lanka. It will be a seven-hour ride full of stunning green landscapes and tea plantations, with spectacular mountain views. And it is an exceptionally affordable way to see and witness the beautiful countryside of Sri Lanka, it will only cost you $2-$3 for the 7-hour train ride!

2. Beaches in Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka, instagrammable places in Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka are one of the most popular areas in Sri Lanka, and it a major tourist attraction known for its beach and corals where you can have good swimming especially in the afternoons when families enjoy the crystal clear water under the sun, and a part of the beach is occupied with sunbeds to rent. It is a simply lovely beach of golden sand and turquoise water, surrounded by green palm trees!

3. Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, Tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Tea Plantations is a must-see in Sri Lanka! It will be a breath of fresh air, like literally with all the stunning scenic views! It will offer you a picturesque views of lush and green tea plantations. It also holds wonderful and interesting history. You will be warmly welcomed and you’ll even see how teas are grown to how it’s processed in the factory and tea tasting will be conducted, too. You will have no idea how a tea tour will be so much fun until you experience it yourself!

4. Nature Park Sri Lanka

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, nature park in Sri Lanka

Nature Park in Sri Lanka is also a must-visit! Kumana National Park is a popular eco-tourism attraction and is one of the country’s largest protected breeding grounds, which is being home to some over 200 species of bird and larger mammals such as elephants, crocodiles, buffalo, wild boards and leopards. If you are fond and interested in the wildlife and nature parks, this place will be the best and great experience for you!

5. Sirigiya Rock

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, Sirigiya Rock

Image courtesy of Andy Nelson

Sigiriya is known as one of the most valuable historical monuments of Sri Lanka for it holds archaeological significance, which attract bunch of tourists each year. The Sigiriya rock fortress is 200 meters higher than the surrounding jungles, and is actually formed from magma of an inactive volcano. It will be really fascinating for tourists to visit because of its history that’s full of intrigue, ravishing western walls which are entirely covered by frescoes that are more than 1,000 years old, and to top it all, Asia’s oldest surviving landscape garden.

More Instagrammable places in Sri Lanka

6. Palm tree swing at Dalawella Beach

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, palm tree in Dalawella beach

Palm tree swing at Dalawella Beach is an epitome of how social media has driven local tourism since it went viral on Instagram and it now attracts travelers from all over the world! The guys at Dream Cabana built the swing just for fun, but now it is one of the most talked about spots in Sri Lanka. The wing has a single foot loop on the bottom, and you need to either climb up a palm tree and launch yourself off, or get a good push to get going. Needless to say, there wouldn’t any better way to end a day than by swinging out in to the sunset over the Indian Ocean!

7. Fishermen Sri Lanka

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, fisherman Sri Lanka

Stilt fishing is a traditional method for fishing originated in the 1940s and is still practiced by most fishermen along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. A narrow pole is tied to a stick that is planted on the sea bed, and fishermen climb onto this stick and settle on it for a few hours in an effort to catch some fish. This picturesque view of stilt fishermen is a great attraction for tourists, and you will just be in awe of this art which needs a lot of patience and endurance.

8. Arugam Bay

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka attracts surfers from all over the world and windsurfing is a popular water sport among the tourists. Arugam Bay is and one of the most popular surfing beaches of the island. If you will try this water sport, there will surf boards available for hire and sale. You will experience and ride through the majestic and big waves of the ocean as they break in an exciting rush.  And the best months for surfing are from July to September as many more of the breaks are working then.

9. Sunrises in Sri Lanka

Sunrises in Sri Lanka, instagrammable places in Sri Lanka

You wouldn’t want to miss the magnificent sunrise in Sri Lanka! And one of the most perfect places to witness this is in Little Adam’s Peak but it will require you to wake up really early in the morning since you will climb up to the summit but I can assure you that everything will be worth it once you get to the top! You will be rewarded by dramatic sunrise and you’ll even see beautiful tea plantations.

10. Sunset in Sri Lanka

instagrammable places in Sri Lanka, sunset in Sri Lanka

This is our favorite part of Sri Lanka, out of all the other awesome things on our list. We enjoyed viewing beautiful sunsets on the beach, especially the one in Midigama Beach. The colors were really vibrant, and that the place wasn’t that crowded is a plus as well.

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