How To Pack Light When Traveling: 3-week Hand carry trip

Last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 04:03 pm

How many times have you experienced over packing for a travel that is supposed to be very manageable with light luggage? We will write how to pack light when traveling.

Today, we’ll show you how we prepared for our 3-week trip to Cebu, Philippines. Cebu is a prominent destination in the Philippines popular for the diverse sceneries that you can experience here.

In here you’ll see a huge influence of the Spanish era, as Cebu became the first city in the country. You’ll see the Spanish ancestral homes, the heritage sites, the Catholic churches, and of course the famous Gatorade blue waterfalls of Kawasan Falls, and many pristine blue beaches. Malapascua and Moalboal with beautiful beaches.

In Cebu, you’ll also find the most popular whale sharks – a very common snorkeling or diving visit among tourists.

How To Pack Light when traveling

We planned to have a 3 week trip to the islands, which can easily be handled by hand luggage and proper organization. Read here the best carry on luggage.

The main ingredient of packing light is planning your trip in advance. Yes that will mean you thinking about the clothes you will want to wear based on what you will do and not having the “just in case scenarios”.

For shoes, it’s good to limit them to two pairs. For simple activities, you’ll have your open shoes, like sandals or slippers, and close shoes for rugged activities – this will always depend on what weather you’ll be traveling in.

Use packing cubes for organizing your luggage.

Mumi Design is one of our favorite packing cubes for traveling. They have a really sleek and comfortable design, and each pack comes with 5 sizes of packing cubes so that you can separate your things, depending on their use.

We definitely love separating our stuff depending on use.

pack light when traveling: packing cubes

how to pack light when traveling

Above you’ll see how we usually separate our things – main clothes, toiletries, gadgets and electronics and undergarments. Easy access when looking for your things, especially since we like to move around a lot when we travel.

These packing cubes from Mumi Designs can also be used for laundry and can be used inside the washing machine. This is very useful when you’re washing delicate clothes that needs to be protected from heavy spinning.

More tips how to pack lick when traveling

You can also used these packing cubes to separate dirty laundry – very important!

We used ours to separate the clothes, from toiletries, undergarments and underwear, gadgets and makeup. If you move a lot, it would be very good to have packing cubes to have your luggage always kept clean and organize. Nothing can spoil a travel more than a disorganized luggage that can easily lead to losing valuables or just wasting a lot of your time looking for your things.

Once we start to travel, we always make sure that we are carrying the heaviest things with us. Jackets, jeans, closed shoes. This allows for things to always stay light. Our luggage is almost hand luggage!

Hope you liked our quick guide on how to pack light when traveling. Believe us when we tell you some trips are meant for light packing. You’ll realize how fun a trip can be when you can stay with minimal things.

Read here for more information about packing cubes!

And if you want to know more information about what to carry for a long term travel, click here. And we will give you all our tips for a long trip in a budget.

Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!

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