40 Amazing Rizal Tourist Spots And Things to do in Rizal (Rizal Travel Guide)

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Rizal travel guide, Rizal tourist spots

Rizal is a province in the Philippines specifically located in Region IV-A (Calabarzon) Luzon. It has 13 municipalities and 1 city. Antipolo, which is just a two-hour drive from Manila, is the province’s capital. There are many Rizal tourist spots and things to do in Rizal province. And in this Rizal travel guide, we will talk about some of that we recommend with you guys.

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Rizal Travel Guide

Best Time To Visit Rizal

If you don’t know, Philippines has only 2 seasons- wet and dry season. You should be prepared with the weather in Rizal because it is hot and humid during the months of March to May, and can extend up to June!

However, wet season starts from June to November. But due to climate change (which affects Philippines the most), rainy season can start as early as May.

We recommend that you visit Rizal during the month of January, as the weather is expected to be the coldest of the year plus you won’t compete with the locals during December’s holiday rush (traffic and all).

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Daily Budget Travel in Rizal

There are many affordable places to eat and stay near Manila and Rizal. The cost of living in the country itself is quite low compared to other countries. You can expect to find cheap meals at local eateries for less than 100 PHP while a hearty, three-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant costs around 700 PHP, which is only $14 USD.

Beer costs around 40-70 PHP a bottle. Street food is abundant all over the Philippines and can be afforded for as low as 20 PHP for a rich assortment of food.

Prices in accommodations vary from city to city, with around 850 PHP on average for hostels and budget hotels. AirBnB is also available all over the country. Click here to get a discount on your first booking! Camping is also a great way to save on accommodations and is very common especially in the island destinations near Manila.



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Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

Rizal Tourist Spots And Things to do in Rizal

Waterfalls and Caves in Rizal

1. Calinawan Cave

Rizal Tourist Spots - Calinawan Cave
Image from Flickr

Despite being a 20 minute drive from Daranak Falls, Calinawan Cave is still more than just a side trip. Most of stalactites and stalagmites of the Cave are beautiful, but some lost its beauty already. Tour guides here are really knowledgeable and fun to talk with.

2. Batlag Waterfalls

Rizal Tourist Spots - Batlag Waterfalls
Image from Flickr -Things to do in Rizal

Batlag Waterfalls is one of the most liked rizal tourist spots, and for a good reason. It has less crowds than Daranak Falls. Remember, that you’ll still pay the entrance fee for both Daranak and Batlag Waterfalls.

3. Tinipak River

Rizal Tourist Spots - Tinipak River
Image from Flickr – Things to do in Rizal

Tinipak River is actually just and easy trek, and it’s good for a group of friends and families. Reaching the campsite will only take you about half an hour, and a mere 20 minutes to reach the destination. The formations of the rock are really good.

4. Palo-Alto Falls

Rizal Tourist Spots - Palo-Alto Falls

This falls is unsaturated as of the moment and might be currently under renovation. The entrance fee may still be 100 PHP. The water on the falls is really really cold, you might not enjoy taking longer dips.  To reach Palo Alto Falls you need to walk 249 steps or more. For a fit person, this might be pretty easy. The water is pretty shallow and the temperature is quite normal.

5. Pamitian Cave

Rizal Tourists Spots - Pamitian Cave

Near Wawa Dam in Rizal, Pamitinan Cave is a limestone cave in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. This is also where Bonifacio, a Filipino hero, initiated new members into the Katipunan. And scribbled the words Viva la Independencia Filipinas on the cave walls using a piece of charcoal. Fortunately, you could still see it up to today.

6. Kinabuan Falls

Kinabuan Falls, Rizal travel guide, Rizal tourist spots
Image from Youtube

Kinabuan Falls is located in Barangay Sta. Ines. It’s fun to trek this as you will cross numerous rivers and streams to get to the falls. The trail could be as far as 20 km, so be prepared and get excited.

7. Sangab Cave

Rizal Tourists Spots - Sangab Cave

Sangab Cave is located in Tanay Rizal. It’s a beautiful cave surrounded by green lush trees. Also, the water is just as cold as other falls in this list of Rizal tourist spots.  But it is really worth it to swim for a short while, just remember not to overstay in the water, because again, it’s really cold.

8. Daranak Falls

Rizal Tourist Spots - Daranak Falls
Image from Flickr – Things to do in Rizal

Tourists and locals alike love Daranak Falls because it’s near the city but it feels otherwise. You can swim here and also, have a picnic around. The entrance fee is about 50 PHP, and a picnic shed will cost about 300 PHP.

9. Mystical Cave

Rizal Tourist Spots - Mystical Cave

The cave has mixed reaction from tourists. Some thought of it as what the cave is intended for, mystical experience, but some thought of the experience scary. If you’re near Puting Bato, Antipolo then this experience might be for you to try for only 150 PHP.

Mountains in Rizal

10. Mt. Daraitan

Rizal Tourist Spots- Mt.Daraitan
Image from Wikimedia

Located in the middle of the beautiful Sierra Madre, Mt Daraitan is arguably an easy hike for beginners. The area also has other attractions like river, caves, limestone formations, and natural pools. 

11. Mount Sinai at Pintong Bukawe

Rizal Tourist Spots - Mount Sinai at Pintong Bukawe

Located in San Mateo, Rizal, Mount Sinai had the Largest Ten Commandments Stone Tablet Scripture in the world. That’s not the only cool thing here since they also have the Sierra Madre’s picturesque background. Many trekkers start their trail here at Camp Sinai.

12. Mt. Parawagan

Rizal Tourist Spots - Mt. Parawagan

Rizal really offers a lot of trekking activities. Located in Sitio Wawa Rodriguez, Rizal. The views show views of Metro Manila, while the other side shows landscapes of Wawa Rodriguez Rizal. The trail is also perfect for beginners.

13. Mt Balagbag

Rizal Tourist Spots - Mt Balagbag
Image from Wikimedia

Mt. Balagbag is one of the mountains in Rizal Tourist Spots, that has a beginner friendly trekking experience. The view at the top is worth the trek as you can see Metro Manila’s bustling city and the beautiful Sierra Madre.

14. Treasure Mountain

Rizal Tourist Spots -  Treasure Mountain
Image from Wikimedia – Things to do in Rizal

Treasure Mountain is great for an overnight experience. Also, the weather is cool so you won’t have to worry too much about that. The entrance fee is only 150 PHP. Just like every tops of any mountain in this Rizal tourist spots, it’s picturesque.

15. Mt Binacayan

Rizal Tourist Spots - Mt Binacayan
Image from Wikimedia

If you want to experience being one with the clouds, Mt Binacayan is for you. Even being a minor level mountain, you still need to have a little experience to climb this mountain. The top is really worth all the energy you spend on hiking because again, if you’re lucky, you might even hug a cloud!

16. Susong Dalaga

Rizal Tourist Spots - Susong Dalaga
Image from Wikimedia

Going to the Susong Dalaga’s summit would only take you for about an hour or two. Trekkers often go to Mt. Lagyo for a twin hike. Going to Mt. lagyo would be more challenging than going to Susong Dalaga but is definitely worthwhile.

Other Natural Rizal Tourist Spots

17. Masungi Georeserve

Rizal Tourist Spots - Masungi Georeserve
Image from Flickr

Masungi Georeserve is an award winning reserve. It offers a “so good but it’s true” experience you will really enjoy. The nature around the trails are just outstandingly perfect. The trekking and viewing experience are worth your energy. Bring your friends, and eat something before trying this.

18. Talim Island

Rizal Tourist Spots - Talim Island
Image from Wikimedia

Being the largest lake island in Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines, Talim Island became famous because of the increasing number of trekkers wanting to explore Mt. Tagapo. There are also activities around Talim Island you might enjoy like biking, and taking a hot bath.

19. Tanay Lakeshore & Parola

Rizal Tourist Spots -  Tanay Lakeshore & Parola

After visiting Daranak Falls, tourists often go here. You could see the beautiful view reflected by the lake. It’s best to go here at sunset time.

20. Nagpatong Rock Formation

Rizal Tourist Spots - Nagpatong Rock formation

Nagpatong means overlapping, and this rock formation is all about that. The photos you’d take from this experience is unique. This is one of the most famous spots in our Rizal Tourist Spots.

21. Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Rizal Tourists Spots - Mount Purro Nature Reserve

The entire place is so relaxing , and the owner had maintained the rustic environment’s facilities and overall ambient atmosphere. The place is great for families, friends and couples.

Artistic Sites and Museums in Rizal

22. Pinto Art Museum

Rizal Tourist Spots - Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum is where contemporary and native art meet. The place and its interior itself is also an art, and people like this museum because of that. You’ll have to have some energy to spend if you want to roam the place completely.

23. Bahay na Bato

Rizal Tourist Spots - Bahay na Bato

Located in Pilila, Rizal, Bahay na Bato has spanish colonization era architecture preserved. It’s famous for its interior. If you’re into historical tourist spots, then this is a must see.

24. Angono Mural Street

Rizal Tourist Spots- Angono Mural Street
Image from Flickr

Seen in the streets of Dona Aurora, the murals are just one of the art pieces that the town of Angono prides itself in. If you’re an art lover you might want to try roaming around here.

25. Casa Santa Museum

Rizal Tourist Spots - Casa Santa Museum
Image from Wikimedia

Do you like Santa and your inner child in you craves to see him? Then go here at Casa Santa Museum. The specialty museum specializes in, guess what? Santa!. Find fun Santa stuff here. Kids will surely love it.

26. Angono Petroglyphs

Rizal Tourist Spots - Angono Petroglyphs, Things to do in Rizal
Image from Wikimedia

If you love art and history why not enjoy both in Angono Petroglyphs. It is the oldest art form in the Philippines. The petroglyph could date back as far as 3000 B.C. 

27. Nemiranda Arthouse and Gallery

Rizal Tourist Spots - Nemiranda Arthouse and Gallery, Things to do in Rizal
Image from Flickr

The Nemiranda Arthouse in Angono has Filipino mysticism art. If you’re not an art lover, then you might just become one after going here. They have interesting art pieces you might like.

Churches in Rizal

28. Tanay Church

Things to do in Rizal
Image from Flickr

Opened in 1783, Saint Ildefonsus of Toledo Parish Church, most often known as the Tanay Church, is a Roman Catholic church located in the town of Tanay, Rizal. One of the relics here is the Bone of San Ildefonso.

29. Regina Rica

Things to do in Rizal
Image from Wikimedia

A giant Virgin Mary statue is raised at Regina Rica. The Rica means Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia. Driving here might be a little bit challenging but if you’re up to it, then you can reward yourself with a relaxing place.

Parks in Rizal

30. Hamaka Park

Rizal Tourist Spots - Hamaka Park, Things to do in Rizal
Image from Wikimedia

Located in Antipolo, Hamaka Park is your ordinary park. If you’re in the area you might as well relax for a bit.

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31. Angono Forest Park

Rizal Tourists Spots - Angono Forest Park, Things to do in Rizal

The park has ducks, wild boars, and snakes but it’s still an ordinary park. If you are in the area and wanting some activities. You might as well try visiting the Angono Forest Park. There is no entrance fee, but it’s better if you bring a little bit of money for contribution.

32. Hinulugang Taktak National Park

Rizal Tourist Spots -  Hinulugang Taktak National Park, Things to do in Rizal
Image from Wikimedia

Hinulugang Taktak was once a beautiful waterfall, but now, as of the moment it is completely otherwise. Until renovation and the clean-up of this place is not finished, it’s better not to go. I hope the beauty of this place gets restored.

Other Rizal Tourist Spots

33. Kalingang Pilipino at Paseo Rizal

Things to do in Rizal

Paseo Rizal has a small art gallery and gift shop called “Kalingang Pilipino” They have various artworks, paintings, sculptures by local artists. If you want a unique gift, before going home you might want to head here.

34. Pililla View Area

Rizal Tourist Spots - Pililla View Area, Sitio Bugarin, Things to do in Rizal
Image from Wikimedia

Located at Sitio Bugarin, Pililla, Rizal, this viewing area is on top of a mountain with the views of Laguna Lake. You could also visit the Pilila Wind Farm for more outstanding views and atmosphere.

35. Wawa Dam

Rizal Tourist Spots - Wawa Dam
Image from Wikimedia

Wawa Dam is a gravity dam located in Rodriguez, Rizal. The Dam is really fun to look at while having picnic beside it. The area has huge rock formations around, and it is really a great escape from the city.

36. Pililla Wind Farm

Rizal Tourist Spots - Pililla Wind Farm
Image from Wikimedia

One of the few wind farms in the Philippines, Pilila Wind farm is a great stopover. They have scenic views and very chilly December-like-breeze because of the windmills. 

37. Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club

Image from Wikimedia

Located at Bgy. Sta. Cruz, Sumulong Highway, Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club has a hanging bridge, museum and drinks. The views from atop is also amazing.

More Rizal Tourist Spots – Festivals in Rizal

38. Higantes Festival

Image from Wikimedia

Higantes Festival is a celebration by the Municipality of Angono to express thanks to its patron Saint Clement, in which the parade of giants is held on Sunday before the town feast on November 23. The float of the colorful giants are the center of this show.

39. Kakanin Festival

Rizal Tourists Spots - Kakanin Festival

If you’re in for sweet rice delicacies, then the Kakanin Festival is for you. They have free treats for the visitors. The celebration of the 9th of September for the people of San Mateo will also be as enjoyable for you.

40. A Luxury Stay at Thunderbird Rizal

Rizal Tourist Spots, Where to stay in Rizal

Located atop the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Thunderbird Resort has views of Laguna Bay and the Manila Skyline.They also have an  infinity pool, Karaoke, Pool Table, Playground, Badminton Equipment, Spa, free WiFi, and many more.

The rooms have a flat-screen cable TV, sofa seating area and a private bathroom. They return great value for what you’re paying for. A night in their superior twin room with breakfast costs about 5000 PHP.

Thunderbird Resorts – Rizal is located at Eastridge Avenue, Rizal, 1940 Binangonan, Philippines

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Where to Stay in Rizal

LeBlanc Hotel and Resort

Rizal Tourist Spots - Where to stay in Rizal
Rizal Tourist Spots - Where to stay in Rizal

LeBlanc Hotel and Resort has an outstanding reputation among its guests for its very comfortable room and nice location. They have free WiFI, breakfast and parking space for its guests. The Single Deluxe Room has an air-conditioning unit, Satellite TV, desk , and closet. A night in that room will cost you about 5800 PHP.

 LeBlanc Hotel and Resort is located at 3 Taktak Rd. Brgy. Dela Paz Antipolo City, Dela Paz, Antipolo, Philippines.

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Balay Tanay Bed & Breakfast

Rizal Tourist Spots, Where to stay in Rizal
Rizal Tourist Spots, Where to stay in Rizal

The place is surrounded by lush garden and nature. The rooms are perfect for groups of friends and families. The home has 3 single beds,  1 double bed, 4 single beds, and 16 single beds. For its price, the whole home is for a great value. Air conditioning units, fans, heating equipment and kitchen are available. A night in this home costs about 7,711 PHP.

Balay Tanay Bed and Breakfast is located in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines.

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Having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe in your trips around the world.

Hope you liked our Rizal travel guide. Which one of our list of Rizal tourist spots is your favorite one? Let us know in the comments below if you have questions or if there are any changes in the prices and schedules.

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