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France : Paris






Torre Eiffel .

Eiffel Tower  .


The capital of France . I guess , besides New York and London , the most famous destination in the world . Its a very big city , very beautiful . There are many plans to do . All the touristic landmarks are crowded . Prices are very expensive . Transportation , acommodation , bars , restaurants …



Torre Eiffel .

Eiffel Tower  .


In the morning , we visited touristic things ,  as museums and landmarks  . Eiffel Tower  , views are amazing . Its also nice walking around Eiffel Tower and take pictures .



Torre Eiffel .

Paris .


We went to the top of Eiffel Tower at sunset time . So we were lucky  . We saw  views at day and night .



Vistas ,  desde la Torre Eiffel .

Views ,  Eiffel Tower .


Walking around Champs-Elysees is really nice . Full of people , bars and restaurants . You can see the trees , despite of the traffic , is nice to walk around . Arc de Triomphe is nice landamark . If you go on the top , you can get amazing views . Prices over this touristic parts are very expensive .



Vista desde el Arco del Triunfo .

Views from  Arc de Triomphe .


We visited around Bastille , where demonstration marked the beginning of French Revolution . Palace of Versailles , its located outside the city . The Palace is nice , but the best  is walking  around the gardens of the Palace  .



Plaza de la Bastilla .

Bastille .



Palacio de Versalles .

Palace of  Versailles .


Paris is very nice during the day . But at night is even beter with the lights . In the part , which River Sena is . Its one of my favorite places in Paris .



Vistas desde la Torre Eiffel .

Views  Sena River  .


We visited Louvre museum . Its huge , you need more than a day to visit . Plus there are many people . I think , they should to restrict the entrance to people or organize in another way . You need to make a line , just to take a picture of Mona Lisa . And its difficult to get the picture without anyone in the middle . The square , where is the Louvre entrance , its amazing !



Museo Louvre .

Louvre Museum  .



Venus de Milo .

Louvre  .




La  Mona Lisa .

Mona Lisa .


We visited Montmartre is also nice . Full of life . Many artist painting in the streets  . You can visit the Basilica of Sacre Couer . Montmartre  deserves to visit during the day and night . Near by you can visit Moulin Rouge , also very famous place . There are cinemas and theaters , bars and restaurants . At night is crowded . Prices are very high .



Sacre Couer .

Sacre Couer .




Barrio de los pintores .

Montmartre  .





Moulin Rouge .

Moulin Rouge .


At night , the plan was trying to find any place , where we can have dinner and beer , a reasonable price . We spent 4 days in Paris . Its very short time . At least a week ,  you need to visit properly this amazing city  .



Tomando una cerveza .

Having a beer  .



Moulin Rouge .

Moulin Rouge .





Thursday 29th of January 2015

Spent a week staying in Montmartre, visiting the places artists stayed. Also visited the Pompidou and Musee d'Orsay. So many impressionist paintings it was too much to take in.


Thursday 29th of January 2015

I also visited Pompidou . I forgot to mencion it . It was great ! I love the square where Pompidou is


Tuesday 27th of January 2015

Its very beautiful ! Thanks !