France : Paris






Torre Eiffel .
Eiffel Tower  .


The capital of France . I guess , besides New York and London , the most famous destination in the world . Its a very big city , very beautiful . There are many plans to do . All the touristic landmarks are crowded . Prices are very expensive . Transportation , acommodation , bars , restaurants …



Torre Eiffel .
Eiffel Tower  .


In the morning , we visited touristic things ,  as museums and landmarks  . Eiffel Tower  , views are amazing . Its also nice walking around Eiffel Tower and take pictures .



Torre Eiffel .
Paris .


We went to the top of Eiffel Tower at sunset time . So we were lucky  . We saw  views at day and night .



Vistas ,  desde la Torre Eiffel .
Views ,  Eiffel Tower .


Walking around Champs-Elysees is really nice . Full of people , bars and restaurants . You can see the trees , despite of the traffic , is nice to walk around . Arc de Triomphe is nice landamark . If you go on the top , you can get amazing views . Prices over this touristic parts are very expensive .



Vista desde el Arco del Triunfo .
Views from  Arc de Triomphe .


We visited around Bastille , where demonstration marked the beginning of French Revolution . Palace of Versailles , its located outside the city . The Palace is nice , but the best  is walking  around the gardens of the Palace  .



Plaza de la Bastilla .
Bastille .



Palacio de Versalles .
Palace of  Versailles .


Paris is very nice during the day . But at night is even beter with the lights . In the part , which River Sena is . Its one of my favorite places in Paris .



Vistas desde la Torre Eiffel .
Views  Sena River  .


We visited Louvre museum . Its huge , you need more than a day to visit . Plus there are many people . I think , they should to restrict the entrance to people or organize in another way . You need to make a line , just to take a picture of Mona Lisa . And its difficult to get the picture without anyone in the middle . The square , where is the Louvre entrance , its amazing !



Museo Louvre .
Louvre Museum  .



Venus de Milo .
Louvre  .




La  Mona Lisa .
Mona Lisa .


We visited Montmartre is also nice . Full of life . Many artist painting in the streets  . You can visit the Basilica of Sacre Couer . Montmartre  deserves to visit during the day and night . Near by you can visit Moulin Rouge , also very famous place . There are cinemas and theaters , bars and restaurants . At night is crowded . Prices are very high .



Sacre Couer .
Sacre Couer .




Barrio de los pintores .
Montmartre  .





Moulin Rouge .
Moulin Rouge .


At night , the plan was trying to find any place , where we can have dinner and beer , a reasonable price . We spent 4 days in Paris . Its very short time . At least a week ,  you need to visit properly this amazing city  .



Tomando una cerveza .
Having a beer  .



Moulin Rouge .
Moulin Rouge .




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