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Gamintraveler, Ruben and Rachel, from Spain and the Philippines (respectively), travel the world to find the best stories and places.

We are Ruben and Rachel, and we are travelers of the new digital age. We packed our bags and dived into the world of travel and digital nomads, to show to people that a daily life of adventure and discovery is VERY possible, and necessary, even. Since the beginning of our blog in 2016, our blog has gained popularity fast, for both travelers and enthusiasts who aspire to live a travel lifestyle.

We seek to continuously inspire both young and old travelers today, traveling couples, and solo travelers to take on travel experiences as much as they can. We do this through creating daily engaging visual content — colorful photography, and live videos of the destinations we’ve been visiting, our adventures, and daily travel encounters from hitchhiking to romantic and luxury experience. We show the different facets of travel and life in the various locations we’re traveling to show people how varied the world is, and to get out of their comfort zones to discover what they have not yet discovered. We are living the life and seeking to inspire everyone we influence – whether people we meet in person, and readers who follow us through our blog and social media channels.

We love working with hotel and travel brands, tourism offices, and tour operators who create responsible travel experiences for seasoned and enthusiast travelers. We partner with brands to help create the experiences that will inspire our readers to get out and take action, and get the experiences they seek to get.


Brands that promote responsible travel and products and services that help create a better travel experience for travelers all over the world – these are the travel brands we love to work with. Below are some of our favorite collaborations so far.

Your brand plus our creative storytelling – this is what we love to do every single day. We push to inspire every one who visits our blog to get excited and take action on taking their next travel experience. We love to show our readers what’s possible, from across the world. See our growing readership below.

We don’t want to focus on numbers, but we also know that this determines how much reach the stories we tell can get. We work hard everyday to get our follower’s trust, and continuously create engaging and compelling content. See our reach based on social media platforms below.

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Our readers come from a wide mix of travelers and digital nomads, across the globe – millenials who seek for more freedom in the lifestyle they are living, and choosing the life full of travel and cultural experiences.


Explore Destinations

This is the core of our travel. Let us discover your featured and off-the-beaten path destinations and we’ll promote the full experience to our readers through various forms of visual and engaging content.

Review Hotels

We partner with hotels to review and feature their best services and accommodation, to show readers why your property should be the place to stay in for their next trip. Depending on the size of partnership, we either do short and honest written reviews, or if we received a good experience, your hotel gets featured on our destination travel guide where your hotel is located.

Instagram Campaigns

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Visual content is in the forefront when it comes to influencing how readers do their daily decisions. We love utilizing Instagram as our main social media platform. We can create visual content through engaging photography for your product, and publish them to our network of Instagram and other social media followers. Get your product seen and gain exposure to maximize your brand’s online reach.

Product Reviews

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We recommend ONLY products that we trust to our valued readers. Let us test your product, and we’ll share an honest and helpful review to our followers, and help reach a targeted set of people eager to get products they can trust and find useful for their travel and creative lifestyle. We’ve worked with products ranging from camera lenses, to travel bags and hotspot devices, and travel apps.

IG Management

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We grew a sizable following on Instagram with people who are enthusiastically engages with our brand. We work hard on creating great content, that is relevant to our target audience. We can help you do it for your company through Instagram (the fastest growing channel today), and other social media channels. Get in touch so you can have us as handle your social media marketing. We also do consulting, for one-time advice on how your brand can leverage social media and have a full roadmap of what to do everyday to maximize your brand’s Instagram reach.

Press Trips

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We LOVE to explore every part of the world. Let us represent your tourism office in a private or group press trip, and we can create images, videos, live video campaigns, and blog posts to promote your destination and everything travel – FOOD, CULTURE, and so much more. Our readers across the globe are interested to see what they can explore from wherever they are, and we want to showcase to them that your destination is the next place to visit.


Every campaign is different because your brand offers a unique value that our readers would LOVE to hear and see. Get in touch through the contact form below with your proposal and ideas, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to open a conversation and help you strategize for the best way we can help you reach your target audience and achieve your campaign goals.

Can’t wait to hear from you!