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Sunfong Temple

The Sunfong Temple is a Taoist Temple, the dominant religion in Taiwan. Very beautiful to visit in the morning. 

Jiufen Old Street

The most popular shopping street in Taiwan where you can buy souvenirs and taste a lot of authentic Taiwanese food.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Kaohsiung

These temples represent the culture of Taiwan and one of the most prominent places to visit when in Kaohsiung.

Formosa Boulevard Station 

Known mostly for the "Dome of Light", this has the largest glass work in the world. This is found in Kaohsiung.

Taipei 101 

The world's tallest building until 2010. This can be visited by its own, or viewed from the Elephant Mountain. 

Shifen Old Street

Including famous landmarks. Here you can also release sky lanterns in the train tracks.

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