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Hello, We are Ruben and Rachel.

A travel and life journey:
2015 – ad infinitum..

We are children of the world. We are from two different cultures, and from the power of travel we met, and decided we can experience this lifetime together – learning, growing, failing, standing, and hopefully leaving a mark.

We see the world as a continuous path to be explored, to learn from, and to live in. We are neither experts in travel nor life, but we are merely threading life, and learning from it all, so we may share what we see and feel you our readers.

All throughout this site, we compile links of destinations we’ve visited, hotels and properties we’ve stayed in, services we trust, and more. Building a life of travel takes so much dedication. But we’re here to make the move easier for you, one step at a time. Here’s one of our favorite services to use – check here for car rentals wherever you are in the world.

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