Gamintraveler, the Travel Blog: Who we are and Why read us

Gamintraveler is a creative pursuit towards the freedom lifestyle.

Gamintraveler is a focused collection of tactical travel guides, techniques and inspiration on how to achieve the travel and on-the-move lifestyle. We believe in working for the things that you love, and taking accountability of your own freedom. We are convinced that the time for this is NOW rather than later.

The Gamin Team

The dreamers and hearts behind the travel blog.

Ruben is a hardcore traveler, with 7 years of on-the-road experience. He has backpacked, hitchhiked and biked, and has traveled to 70+ countries around the world. He is always hungry for deeper life experience he gets through travel.

Rachel is a solopreneur, and has been working in the online scene since 2012. She crafts social media and content strategy for various clients in the US, AUS and the UK. She has been working remotely, and aims to be a full digital nomad soon.