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90-Day Roadmap Private Discount Group

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Here are what’s included in the 90-Day Blogging Roadmap and Accountability Series.

– A 4-part weekly guide that you can use to follow to take action for your blog. This will be your step-by-step guide on what to work on to build a strong foundation for your blog’s site traffic and following for the next 90 days of your blog. We will provide a roadmap with a set of tasks we can all together follow. This will include testing your niche and finding your competition, creating successful pillar contents, and creating strong lead magnets so you can have people signing up for your email list.

– A weekly chat where we will answer all your questions and work on your week’s challenges

– An accountability group where we can all help each other promote each other’s work, help each other’s goals, and help each other stay positive, accountable and get real results. And yes, that includes Gamintraveler helping promote your work.

– After the 4-week work on the technical aspects of your blog, building and working on your blog’s initial traffic, we will have a private one-on-one coaching and consulting so we can make sure you have the specifics of what you need to do, improve on, and what to do for the following 60 days to maintain and boost your traffic and engagement.

– A guaranteed full refund if after accomplishing your 4-week tasks, (and showing you did the weekly work), you weren’t satisfied with the help you got. All the risk on us.

Click here to get your early-adopter access.