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Travel Insurances That Don’t Cover One-Way Tickets

Travel Insurances that Dont Cover One Way Tickets

Do you scramble to find the best travel insurance for your trip? And while we’ve traveled all the time in the last ten years, we’re surprised to find out just recently that some travel insurances don’t cover one-way tickets! We’ve always used SafetyWing as our leading travel medical insurance.

Digital nomads and frequent travelers often prefer the flexibility of one-way tickets. However, not all travel insurance policies cater to this lifestyle. Understanding which insurances exclude one-way tickets and why can help digital nomads make informed decisions.

In this guide, we go deeper into this topic.

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Why Some Travel Insurances Exclude One-Way Tickets

Travel insurance companies design policies with certain assumptions about travel patterns. Traditional policies often presume round-trip travel, which is easier to define regarding risk management and coverage. One-way tickets pose unique challenges, such as:

  1. Risk Assessment: Insurers find it harder to assess the risk for travelers without a defined return date or itinerary.
  2. Medical Coverage: Ongoing medical coverage becomes complex without a clear end date for the trip.
  3. Policy Duration: Policies typically have a start and end date, which aligns with round-trip travel but becomes ambiguous with open-ended travel plans.

Examples of Travel Insurances That Don’t Cover One-Way Tickets

  1. AXA Travel Insurance
    • Policy Details: AXA often requires a return ticket to validate the duration of the trip.
    • Limitations for Digital Nomads: Digital nomads planning indefinite stays in multiple countries will find it difficult to fit their plans within AXA’s framework.
  2. Allianz Global Assistance
    • Policy Details: Allianz policies are designed for round-trip travelers, necessitating proof of a return ticket.
    • Limitations for Digital Nomads: The need for a round-trip itinerary excludes those with flexible travel schedules or those who do not plan to return to their country of origin in the near future.
  3. World Nomads
    • Policy Details: While World Nomads offers flexible travel insurance, some plans still require an end date for coverage.
    • Limitations for Digital Nomads: Travelers looking to keep their options open might find the need for a return date restrictive.
  4. Travel Guard by AIG
    • Policy Details: Travel Guard policies often include clauses that require round-trip bookings.
    • Limitations for Digital Nomads: The emphasis on a complete travel itinerary is not compatible with the spontaneous nature of digital nomadism.
  5. CSA Travel Protection (now Generali Global Assistance)
    • Policy Details: Generali’s plans typically ask for travel dates that align with round-trip travel.
    • Limitations for Digital Nomads: Digital nomads’ need for ongoing travel without predefined endpoints is not well-served by these policies.
Safetywing travel medical insurance

For comprehensive travel medical insurance with no restrictions on one-way tickets (travel and decide when you want and need to go home!), no deductible insurance, add-ons, and more features, learn more about SafetyWing.

See full details of a SafetyWing plan here.

Impact on Digital Nomads and Long-Term Travelers

Digital nomads and long-term travelers prioritize flexibility and freedom, often booking one-way tickets to explore opportunities and destinations as they arise. The exclusion of one-way tickets from travel insurance coverage can significantly impact:

Safety: Digital nomads risk incurring high medical and travel costs without appropriate coverage.

Peace of Mind: Comprehensive insurance ensures travelers can focus on their work and experiences without worrying about unexpected events.

Flexibility: The need to adhere to a round-trip schedule undermines the fundamental lifestyle choice of many digital nomads.

Solutions: We Recommend and Use SafetyWing

For digital nomads seeking insurance coverage without the constraint of a return ticket, several alternatives exist:

Specialized Nomad Insurance: SafetyWing offers travel medical insurance specifically designed for digital nomads, providing coverage without needing a return ticket. For as low as $14 USD per week, you get the freedom of booking an open ended travel and securing a travel medical insurance that covers just the exact days of your travel. No long term contracts either as with SafetyWing, you can start and stop your travel medical insurance any time. We love how easy it is to get your plan started with them, with a 24/7 support in case you get into hiccups or if you have any questions you need help with, and the flexible pricing with the recent no deductible plans, this makes SafetyWing one of the easiest travel medical insurances to navigate and trust. We’ve even enjoyed early years of free insurance for our kid as they offer free insurance for kids up to 9 years old per one traveler paying.

While traditional travel insurance policies often exclude one-way tickets, recognizing and understanding these limitations is crucial for digital nomads and long-term travelers. By identifying insurers that cater to their unique needs, travelers can ensure they remain protected while embracing the freedom and flexibility of their lifestyle.

SafetyWing, A Preferred Choice for Digital Nomads in 2024

As the digital nomad lifestyle becomes one of the most sought out travel styles in the last several years (and the years to come), the need for flexible and comprehensive travel insurance has become more critical. SafetyWing stands out as a preferred choice for digital nomads and long-term travelers in 2024, offering coverage tailored to the unique needs of those who travel on one-way tickets and have indefinite travel plans.

Safetywing travel medical insurance

For comprehensive travel medical insurance with no restrictions on one-way tickets (travel and decide when you want and need to go home!), no deductible insurance, add-ons, and more features, learn more about SafetyWing.

See full details of a SafetyWing plan here.

Why SafetyWing is Ideal for Digital Nomads

  1. No Return Ticket Requirement:
    • Unlike many traditional travel insurance policies, SafetyWing does not require a return ticket to provide coverage. This is particularly beneficial for digital nomads who prefer the flexibility of open-ended travel plans.
    • This feature allows travelers to move spontaneously from one country to another without the constraints of a predefined itinerary​
  2. Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance Coverage:
    • SafetyWing offers extensive medical coverage, including hospital stays, doctor visits, and emergency medical evacuation, with no deductibles. This ensures that digital nomads have access to necessary healthcare services regardless of their location.
    • Coverage extends worldwide, with the exception of a few countries, providing peace of mind to travelers exploring various regions​
  3. Affordable and Flexible Plans:
    • SafetyWing provides affordable insurance plans that start at competitive rates, making it accessible for long-term travelers and those on a budget.
    • The plans are flexible, allowing users to extend their coverage monthly without the need for long-term commitments​
  4. Coverage for Home Country Visits:
    • One unique aspect of SafetyWing is that it offers limited coverage for visits to the traveler’s home country. This is advantageous for digital nomads who occasionally return home but still need travel insurance protection.
    • This feature includes coverage for 30 days every 90 days in the home country, ensuring continuity of protection​
  5. Convenience and Ease of Use:
    • SafetyWing’s user-friendly platform allows for easy policy management, claims submission, and access to customer support. This convenience is vital for digital nomads who may not have stable access to traditional insurance services.
    • The policy can be managed entirely online, which suits the mobile lifestyle of digital nomads​
  6. Community and Support:
    • SafetyWing has built a community around its services, providing digital nomads with resources, advice, and support networks. This sense of community can be invaluable for those navigating life on the move.
    • The company also actively engages with the nomad community to continually improve and tailor their services​

Comparison with Traditional Insurances

Traditional travel insurances, such as AXA, Allianz, Generali, and AIG Travel Guard, often have limitations that do not align with the needs of digital nomads:

  • Return Ticket Requirement: Most traditional insurers require a return ticket to validate the coverage period, restricting the flexibility of digital nomads.
  • Fixed Policy Duration: Traditional policies are designed for fixed durations, typically tied to round-trip travel, which is not suitable for open-ended travel plans.
  • Higher Costs and Less Flexibility: Many traditional insurers offer less flexibility in terms of extending coverage and may have higher costs compared to SafetyWing’s monthly subscription model​

SafetyWing has positioned itself as a go-to insurance provider for digital nomads by addressing the specific challenges and needs of this growing community. Its no return ticket requirement, comprehensive and flexible coverage, affordability, and user-friendly approach make it an ideal choice for those leading a nomadic lifestyle. As we see more and more people go for a digital nomad lifestyle, SafetyWing’s tailored solutions provide the necessary protection and peace of mind for travelers worldwide.

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