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Traveler’s Checklist – What to Never Forget When Going Abroad 

Are you finally going on your dream holiday abroad? While it is, without a doubt, exciting, it’s important that you prepare yourself properly so that everything will go smoothly. 

That’s what this article is about – we created a “traveler’s checklist”, containing all of the things you should take or consider when going abroad, especially if it’s your first time traveling outside of your home country. We’ll also answer questions such as “How long does 5 GB of data last on iPhone” so that you can be fully prepared for your awaiting adventure. 

#1 Documents 

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The first and most important thing you need to remember about are your documents, as without them, you won’t be going far. Your passport, ID, boarding passes, tickets and visas (depending on where you’re traveling to) are essential and should be the first thing you pack.

Tip: Make a copy of your most important documents in case you lose them, and take it with you – it will make it easier to get new ones. Also, if you’re afraid your internet might stop working, print out all of the tickets and boarding passes that are printable to save yourself stress.  

#2 Electronics 

Traveler’s Checklist - What to Never Forget When Going Abroad 

The second thing you need to remember about are your electronics, aka your phone, your phone charger and any other electronics you might need when abroad (for example, your laptop if you’re planning on working during the holiday). Also, don’t forget your power bank – there’s nothing worse than your phone dying in the middle of an unknown city. 

This also involves getting the right international mobile plan and ensuring your phone will even work abroad – remember, if you have to question your limits, especially your data limit, they’re probably not enough. 

A lot depends on how you’re going to be using your internet. For example, if you have 5GB of data available to you, but you only use it for things like browsing the web or accessing the maps, then you should have no problem getting by with it for the entire duration of your holiday. If, on the other hand, you use it for watching Netflix or TikTok, then it will be worth investing in a larger package, as you’re bound to run out of your data rather quickly. 

It’s always better to have more and not use it than to end up without internet when you need it most, especially when you’re traveling somewhere you have never been before and need apps like Google Maps to get around. 

#3 Clothes 

Traveler’s Checklist - What to Never Forget When Going Abroad 

This is probably a no-brainer, but in the grand scheme of things, it is easy to forget about things like pajamas or socks, so here is a short list of what not to forget: 

  • A jacket – If you’re going somewhere hot, you can just take a hoodie. The weather can drastically change, so it’s important to have something to keep you warm. 
  • Sweaters/long pants/long sleeve shirts – If you’re traveling to a colder climate. 
  • T-shirts/shorts/dresses/skirts – If you’re traveling to a place with a warmer climate. 
  • Workout clothing – If you want to stay active while traveling, don’t forget your workout clothes. Due to being comfortable, they also make great airport outfits. 
  • Underwear – This includes things like socks, bras, underwear, swimming suits and thighs but also pajamas. 
  • Shoes – If you’re going to a warmer place, sandals or sneakers will be good, while for a colder climate, you might want to reach for your boots. Also, if you’re going to be active, it might be good to bring your running or hiking shoes. 
  • Accessories – This includes sunglasses, hats, beanies, etc. 

#4 Medications 

If you’re taking any specific medications, it’s crucial that you bring them with you. If you’re traveling by air, you might want to keep the original package or get a note from your doctor saying that you’re meant to take them – while it doesn’t happen that often, employees at the security control might ask you for proof, especially if your medications are unlabeled. 

Tip: Always keep your medications in your carry-on so that in case your luggage is lost/delayed, or your flight is pushed back and you have already checked in your luggage, you don’t create a dangerous situation for yourself. 

#5 Toiletries 

Traveler’s Checklist - What to Never Forget When Going Abroad 

While many toiletries such as shampoo or shower gel are typically available in hotels, taking things like toothbrushes and toothpaste or feminine sanitary products falls on you. 

Here are some common toiletries you might want to include in your bag: 

  • toothbrush/toothpaste/dental floss
  • deodorant 
  • shampoo/conditioner/hair mask 
  • moisturizer/lotion
  • nail clippers/nail file/nail scissors 
  • shaving supplies
  • contact lenses/contact solution 
  • makeup products/makeup remover
  • Feminine sanitary products (pads, tampons, etc.)

Tip: If you don’t want your toiletries to occupy space in your luggage, you can always just buy them after arriving. 

Also, in some cases, if you’re going by plane and want to bring toiletries bigger than 100 ml, you might be able to order them online and choose to pick them up at the airport location – for example, in the UK, plenty of airports have Boots, so you can order your items there. 

Bonus: Entertainment

Sometimes, the airplane or a bus will have on-board entertainment. But that is not always the case, so it might be worth taking a book with you or downloading your favorite movie or TV series to your phone so that even if there’s no entertainment provided by the carrier, you still have something to do – especially if you have a long journey ahead of you. 

If you’re traveling with kids, don’t forget about toys – they will keep them occupied, at least for some time. 

The Bottom Line 

And that would be it! Traveling abroad, while definitely exciting, requires a more thorough kind of preparation than when you’re traveling domestically, so it’s important that you pack accordingly and take everything you would need to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Hopefully, thanks to this article, you will have no issue doing that. Good luck, and enjoy your vacation!