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Comparison Negril vs Montego Bay – Which Is Better Vacation In Jamaica

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday

Negril vs Montego Bay – Where Should You Spend Your Next Jamaican Holiday

Comparison Negril vs Montego Bay – Jamaica is one of the top Caribbean countries to visit for a holiday. The waters are beautiful and nature easily follows. The food is natural and if you like seafood, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Read here Ocho Rios vs Montego Bay

Let’s look at things to do and sights to see and common expenses when traveling in Jamaica to help you choose between Negril and Montego Bay.

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Accommodation In Jamaica

There are dormitory rooms that you can rent the bed for as low as $20 USD a night if you want the cheapest option. AirBnb is also available, mostly for about $30-45 USD a night.  Double-room hostels can cost up to $30-40 USD a night while mid-range hotels cost more or less $80 USD a night.

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Things to do in Negril

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday
Montego Bay vs Negril

Negril is a city on Jamaica’s west coast. Negril is famous for miles of sandy beaches in small bays with calm, turquoise waters. If you like taking Jamaica photos, Negril is one of the Jamaica tourist spots and people love it so much.

Negril is the epitome of relaxation. Famous for beautiful sunsets, a 7-mile stretch of bright white sandy beach, and picturesque cliffs overlooking the emerald green sea, this is the place for you to come and soothe your soul.

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1. SEVEN MILE BEACH – Negril vs Montego Bay

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday
Seven Mile Beach in Jamaica – Negril vs Montego Bay

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica with its shimmering ocean and white gold sand. The Seven Mile Beach is located near Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril, a small hamlet with a population of slightly over 3,000 residents.

2. Bloody Bay

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday

Bloody bay is part of 7 mile beach… it’s just the quiet part where long bay is the more “lively” part where the majority of the smaller resorts/hotels/restaurants/bars and everything else is… long bay is very much walkable as well.

3. YS Falls

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday

After Dunn’s River Falls, YS Falls is Jamaica’s second most popular waterfall, and it’s simple to see why. The abundance of limestone rock on the island allows for the creation of numerous beautiful, perfectly-tiered waterfalls, and YS Falls is no exception.

4. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Negril

Enjoy a good restaurant in Negril with Margaritaville. Get some burgers, jerk beef, even seafood and of course Margarita and enjoy your time in the island with other tourists!

5. Booby Cay

Negril vs Montego Bay

Booby Cay is an offshore island in Negril. It is a popular spot for picnics. If you want to enjoy adventurous water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming, this is the place to be. There are plenty of coral reefs on this island, providing a breeding place for a huge population of vibrant marine life. Presence of the coral reefs makes the island an excellent place to experience snorkeling and scuba diving. Trip to this scenic place is frequently arranged by many hotels situated in and around Negril.

6. Long Bay Beach Park

Negril vs Montego Bay
Wikimedia / gustavo.kunst

It is a public beach. One of the more affordable beaches in Jamaica – 150 for adults and 50 for kids, and it was quiet and clean with showers to clean the sand off and bathrooms. Another beach that you can visit while you’re in Negril, Jamaica.

7. Black River Negril – Negril vs Montego Bay

Black River Safari - Negril vs Montego Bay

Sightings of crocodiles & egrets in mangrove forests on guided cruises along the Black River. It’s about a 4-6 hour safari tour along the Black River in Negril.

Things to do in Montego Bay – Negril vs Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the capital of Jamaica’s parish of St. James. By population, Montego Bay is the fourth-largest in the country. Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach, which has an amusement park, are two popular beaches. Montego Bay is amazing to have Jamaica photography if you love blue waters and beaches.

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Beaches to Visit in Montego Bay – Negril vs Montego Bay

1. Dead End Beach

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday

the famous beach where airplanes land right over your head as the airport is right beside the beach! Located just a short walk from the more famous, Doctor’s Cave Beach, Dead End Beach is a more relaxed place to watch the sunset.

But be aware, there are some aggressive salespeople trying hard to sell you bracelets and necklaces. Just let them know you are here to enjoy the beach, not buy trinkets.

2. Doctor’s Cave Beach

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday
Image via Integrity Tours Jamaica

Busy, paid-entry beach club with white sand, turquoise water for snorkeling & a restaurant/bar.

3. Montego Bay Beach in Jamaica

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday

Montego Beach is located 1.4 miles north of downtown Montego Bay. Still a really good beach to visit especially with the blue waters it offers.

Other Things to Do in Montego Bay

4. Hip Strip Avenue / Gloucester Avenue – Negril vs Montego Bay

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday

For the party lover, the Hip Strip also known as Gloucester Avenue is the place to be. It’s where all the hot bars are in Montego Bay. There are several all-inclusive resorts in the area and there is a very busy tourist beach that costs $3 to enter. Shops line the street as visitors walk in their flip-flops from shops, bars, and nightclubs taking in the Jamaican Vibe.

5. Rose Hall – Montego Bay vs Ocho Rios

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday
Image via Wikimedia / Urban Walnut

Learn of the White Witch as you tour the most famous Great House of the Island. Rose Hall was a former plantation house run by the evil, Ann Palmer who killed three of her husbands and countless slaves during her reign of terror. She was killed by her slave lover and visitors can see her sealed tomb on the grounds.

You can take a haunted night tour to really get a sense of the property as it is said that Ann Palmer still walks the grounds after the slaves put a curse on her body.

6. Rick’s Cafe

Negril vs Montego Bay - 10 Ways in Choosing the Best Jamaican Holiday
Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica – Negril vs Montego Bay

Rick’s Cafe on the West End cliffs in Negril is one of the best places to watch a Jamaican sunset. Rick’s Cafe first opened in 1974, when Negril was still a small seafaring village, but it is now a major tourist destination visited by thousands of visitors every day.

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Currency and Money – Negril vs Montego Bay, Jamaica

Currency and Money in Jamaica

The official currency in Jamaica is known as Jamaican dollar, or J$, to differentiate it from US Dollars. If you’re coming from the United States and will mainly be traveling in touristic areas of the country, and in hotels and visiting restaurants and shopping areas in places popular for tourists, US dollars should be widely accepted. Credit cards should work well in these places too.

However, if you’re planning to visit smaller and local shops, and more off-the-beaten-path areas, better if you bring some local Jamaican Dollars with you. The current exchange rate for $1 USD = 154 Jamaican dollar.

Check the current exchange rates here to get live/current exchange rates.


In Jamaica their summer (December to April), there are fewer showers of rain than normal. In their winter (May to November), the rains are almost non-stop. For most tourists best time to visit Jamaica is from December to April because of easier transport. 

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Final Thoughts on Negril vs Montego Bay

If you’re looking for an all-around Jamaican vacation that you can spend with your family, Montego Bay is a good option for you. For a quieter and more laid-back vacation, we suggest Negril.

For our choice between the two, we choose Negril since is the vibe that we are looking right now!

Let us know if you decide to do the same! Feel free to use our links for discounts. By using our links, you will help us to continue with the maintenance of the website and it will not cost you anything. Thanks for the love guys.