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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Texas

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 03:04 am

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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Texas

Texas is a state located in the southern region of the United States. It is the second-largest U.S. state by both area and population, and the largest state in terms of land area. Texas shares borders with Louisiana to the east, Arkansas to the northeast, Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and Mexico to the south.

The name “Texas” comes from the Hasinai word “tayshas”, which means “friends”. This state has many great things to offer, from our beautiful people to our delicious food. So, if you are planning a trip to Texas anytime soon, here are six things that you may want to consider before making your plans.


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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Texas

1) Local Cuisine

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Texas

Did you know that Texas is often referred to as the “Bacon of the South”? That’s because they love their meat! They have great BBQ, steaks, and burgers in Texas! Did you also know that Texas people love Mexican food, too? You will find countless Tex-Mex restaurants there.

Before you head to Texas, make sure to research what are the best restaurants in the Woodlands, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and other major cities. Read reviews and see what people are saying about each restaurant before you decide where to go. Doing this will ensure you have the best dining experience possible.

2) Famous Texas Beer

Cold beer in Madrid

Besides great cuisine, another thing that Texas is known for is beer. What’s so great about their beer? They have a long history of being self-independent and not relying on the government to take care of them, just like their ancestors who did not want to rely on England for their daily needs. The people in Texas saw a way out: create their own beer. Now, there are so many breweries in Texas for you to enjoy!

Just like with food, it’s best to do some research on what breweries are worth visiting before heading over. Some of the best craft beers include 512 Brewing, Saint Arnold, Karbach, Deep Ellum, and Live Oak, so be sure to try them.

3) The Best Time To Go

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If you are planning on going to Texas, be sure to pick the best time of year. Texas is known for its beautiful weather, so you will want to visit during the summer. This is when everything is in bloom and at its most beautiful. Also, since it’s Texas, the humidity tends to be more bearable than in other parts of the country.

However, if you are looking for a less crowded time to go, try going during the off-season. Weekends tend to be the busiest times in Texas, so if you want to avoid crowds and save money, visiting on a weekday may be your best bet.

4) You’ll Need A Car

Although many world cities have decent public transportation, if you want to get around efficiently in Texas, a car is your best bet. There are also many must-see locations that are too far away from each other to walk to, so driving will be easier for you. Texas does have some train travel coverage even if you travel without a car.

If you plan on going to Texas, make sure to look up the best places to visit and where they are located in relation to each other. This will help you pick out which locations are within driving distance from each other, and therefore worth planning your trip around.

5) The Spanish Language Never Disappears

Did you know that Texas was originally part of Mexico? Many Hispanics still reside in Texas, so if you visit there, it’s very likely that some people will only speak Spanish. So, if you’re from a Spanish-speaking country, such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, or Honduras, you might be able to get around quite easily. If not, don’t worry! You can always find someone who speaks English there.

6) Texas Has Many Cultural Events

If you are planning your visit to Texas, be sure to research any local cultural events that may be taking place when you’re around. There are many cultural events like rodeos in the spring, the State Fair of Texas (which is one of the biggest in America) during fall or spring break in March, art festivals in the summer, and Christmas events during winter. No matter when you decide to go, there will be an event going on that you can attend and enjoy!

If you are looking for a vacation destination with great food, varied terrain, and cultural events galore, then Texas may be a perfect choice. From Mexican cuisine to craft beer to rodeos; from Spanish-speaking locals to world-class art festivals; this state has something for everyone. We hope this article was helpful to you. Have a nice trip!