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Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

Nothing beats the freedom of campervan travel! No longer reliant on public transport or flight times, and way comfier than traditional camping. You have everything you need right there with you, and you can choose your destination as you go. But to do so, you need to know the best destinations to visit by campervan. So here’s a list of the top five campervan destinations in the UK.

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Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

1. Lake District

Lake District, Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

It’s unsurprising that we start this list of campervan destinations with the Lake District but it’s a classic for a good reason! A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017, the Lake District is located within Cumbria and is the most visited national park within the United Kingdom. It is the largest of the thirteen national parks present in England and Wales, featuring a variety of beautiful scenery for you to enjoy.

The Lake District is best explored behind the wheel of a campervan, as it has gorgeous roads and never-ending views to keep you entertained. There are plenty of campsites to pitch up at, and you can then spend hours hiking and biking across this gorgeous area.

If the weather turns darker, then you can retreat into one of the numerous museums there, including the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick, home to the world’s first pencil! This is a sight you have to see to believe, as it is indeed possible to create an entire museum solely dedicated to the wonders of the pencil.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall, Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

Cornwall is the ideal combination of a road trip and a staycation. We recommend making the journey to Cornwall a road trip in itself, stopping in Bristol or Devon, and enjoying the southern coastline. A short trip to Cornwall can be filled with lots of family fun through trips to the beach where you can try your hand at watersports! Cornwall is a renowned surfing destination, and there are plenty of surfing schools for beginners or those looking to refine their skills.

The best part of visiting Cornwall with a campervan is sleeping on the sandy beaches, as many campsites are situated on private beaches. You can enjoy the sand under your feet as you close the day with a glass of wine, or the sound of waves crashing as you wake up. Can you think of anything better?

3. Edinburgh

Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

A list of the best weekend destinations simply would not be complete without a road trip to Scotland, considered one of the best countries in the world for campervan travel! But we could not deny the beauty and excitement that Edinburgh provides for all those lucky enough to visit it. A contrast to the more picturesque destinations we considered, Edinburgh is rich for adventure and perfect for those holidaymakers that need to be constantly busy and exploring!

If you’re hoping to take a step back in time, be sure to visit the medieval Old Town. Walk in the footsteps of historic royal families at the Edinburgh Castle, and listen to the tales of the battles they fought. Don’t forget to admire the stunning gothic architecture of St. Gile’s Cathedral at the heart of the city. You can wrap up your day by climbing Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano. Here, you’ll have stunning views of the city, an ideal sight to see during sunset. 

4. The Cotswolds

The Costwolds, Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

You may recognise the Cotswolds as they are one of the most photographed corners of the UK! You can either visit them as an easy day trip from Bath, London or Bristol, or you can do it right and make a weekend out of it. A true taste of rural England, filled with quaint villages and incredible scenery. Highlights of the Cotswolds include horseback riding, biking, visiting market towns, gorgeous cafes and hiking. 

Best explored by campervan, with some dedicated you can visit the entirety of the Cotswolds during your trip – leaving no stone unturned! This is the best campervan destination in the UK for those looking for peace and tranquility, a chance to escape the bustle of daily life. You’ll feel like you’re entering the pages of a fairytale…

5. Brecon

Brecon, Top 5 Campervan Destinations in the UK

And now we turn our attention to Wales, and out of the many choices we’ve decided to recommend Brecon! The Brecon Beacons National Park is a site that just cannot be missed, and must be witnessed within your lifetime. It’s comprised of flowing waterfalls, looping canals, thick forests and miles of untouched landscape.

You could spend your entire weekend exploring this wonderful place, climbing up the mountain range to get the full picture. You can use enjoy the tranquility and partake in birdwatching, as the park features many endangered species, including lawpings and nightjars. Alternatively you can take a ride on the vintage trains, play a round of golf or relax in one of their many cafes.

Out of these five great campervan destinations in the UK, which one will you choose for your staycation? Wherever you go in the UK, let it be by campervan, as this is truly the best way to explore the nature and sights of the UK. Once you arrange your campervan hire, all that’s left is to plan your route, pack your snacks and hit the road!