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How To Choose The Perfect Tuscany Villa

Tuscany is, earthy heaven with so much beauty all around that it is challenging to pick just one location to explore and live in. This guide will try to help you find the best luxury Tuscany villa rental so you can share unforgettable moments with your loved one(s), while admiring the golden Tuscan sunset, having lunch by the pool, or sipping some of the finest Tuscan wines under the pergola, surrounded by the intoxicating aromas of juniper and lavender brought to you by the gentle breeze.  

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you a first-time visitor to Tuscany?

If yes, then you probably want to see at least the major sights and local attractions. In this case, the Tuscany capital, Florence, has the largest concentrations of activities and things to do and see. For exquisite wine and pasta tasting experiences, head to the southern hills of Florence, the Chianti, which also combines the countryside with the city, making it an excellent base to start your Tuscany endeavours.

If you are a returning visitor, chances are you are in search of a new angle on your Tuscany holidays. There is so much to experience and explore in Tuscany, from the ancient Etruscans’ archaeological sites to the rolling hills of the Morellino wine-lands. Or you could head north of Florence, and rent a villa near Borgo San Lorenzo or the Mugello and place yourself at the heart of different parts of Tuscany.

Do you primarily want to visit cultural spots and museums?

Both Siena and Florence provide exceptional doses of culture. In Florence, for example, you can visit the Uffizi Gallery, innumerable painted chapels, Renaissance gardens, Medici tombs and palaces, Michelangelo’s “David”, and many more. Siena, on the other hand, is home to impressive Gothic-style architecture that is seen in Duomo, Palazzo Pubblico, Campo, and other sights. The same applies to the Chianti hills and the birthplace of Puccini, Lucca, which hosts a summer opera dedicated to the famous opera composer and a museum.

Other Tuscan cities just as perfect for your culture vultures are Arezzo and Pisa. The first features a famous antiques market, as well as the Legend of the True Cross frescoes by Early Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca. As for Pisa, the building around the Campo dei Miracoli will probably leave you in awe with their sublime Romanesque architecture. Needless to say, the Leaning Tower is a must-visit attraction at all costs for first-time visitors (and not only).

Now, if you love the idea of mixing both culture and the allures of rural Tuscany, then places such as San Gimignano, Montalcino, and Montepulciano are ideal options. Although you won’t find the density of the cities, regarding the number of cultural sights, you will still be pleased for sure with what’s being provided.

What does the perfect Tuscany villa mean to you?

What are the essentials of a Tuscan villa? A pool? Air conditioning? Staff for daily housekeeping and such? Luxury amenities, such as a spa or indoor gym? Scenic overlooks? Open floor plan design? Sprawling spaces? Imposing facades? Rustic or modern? Close to the city or more private and secluded? In the quiet countryside or the heart of all action? Are you travelling with kids or not ?These are questions you need to answer yourself before going through your options.

Also, note that although the word villa usually refers to a country home that once belonged (or still belongs) to a prominent family, there are still quite a few variations of it. For example, it could mean that you have the whole place all to yourself, or it could be a farming or winery business with an on-site mansion now open to visitors (could be staffed or unstaffed). Or a rustic home converted into a bed and breakfast. Therefore, do go through the listings and sites carefully to determine whether what is being provided to you reflects your needs and requirements.

Do you want more privacy or be close to a Tuscany village?

Many visitors are eagerly looking to integrate themselves with the rhythms of local life. For that reason, they prefer luxury vacation rentals located within walking distance from a city or village centre so they can attend a church service, get their weekly supplies from the produce market, enjoy their drink at a local bar, and so on.

On the flip side, there is a portion of Tuscany visitors that choose to live their holidays in a more relaxed and quiet manner. The outskirts are superb choices which guarantee that nothing will disturb the silence!

Now, if you have found a Tuscan villa that you have absolutely fall in love with but is not as isolated as you may want, check how close your nearest neighbours are to you. If they are not just across your front yard, rather than quite remotely located, then you have probably hit the jackpot!

What services are included in the rental price?

Services such as a sauna, hot tub, bikes, private chef, a fully stocked kitchen, maid services, and VIP reservations to restaurants are considered extras. Does it cost to load the on-site washing machine or turn on the A/C unit? Do you have to buy wood to throw in the fireplace? What is the final cleaning fee? Is it included in the price of your villa? What does an in-inclusive stay really mean? Do you need to pay the local tourist tax in cash? Figure all these out to stay on the safe side.

Extra tips:

  • For Instagram-perfect pictures of vast skies, cypress lands, nearly lunar clay ridges, and technicolor majesty, rent a villa near Montepulciano, Crete Senesi, Asciano, Siena, or Val d’Orcia.
  • To be close to the best wines in the region  (and taste them whenever you feel like it), choose a mansion near Chianti, Montepulciano, or Montalcino.
  • Among the quietest regions in Tuscany are Sesto Florentino, Scandicci, and San Casciano (in Val di Pesa), which are just a short bus or train ride from Florence.

Are you ready to stay in a Luxury villa in Tuscany? Have more questions or need help deciding which Tuscany villa best fits your requirements? In this case visit and the customer support specialists will be more than happy to bring you a step closer to your ideal and dreamy Tuscany holiday villas!