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How to Get Business Class Fares to Greece from USA

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 06:34 pm

Traveling to Greece can be an excellent tourist option on holidays or during vacations. It is a country where people of the high class can travel, but now this is not a requirement. Today, people from any part of society in the USA can choose business class fares which let them save on their travel to Greece.

Prices are changing in the market, and you can look through them regularly and find the best opportunity. Business class fares allow you to find low-cost tickets with convenient facilities. In this article, we will look at how you can find business class fares to Greece.

The Ways to Get Business Class Tickets When Travelling to Greece

When you are planning your travel to Greece, don’t forget to follow these tips:

  1. Do not travel on busy days

In any country, together with Greece, there are busy days when there is a pile of people traveling. You should look through the descriptions and avoid traveling these days. Instead, try to look for tickets when almost no one wants to visit the country. Tickets often become low-priced in those days because travel companies want to attract more clients. You can look for these tickets on the official websites, but choosing small websites that trade cheap tickets is better. In this case, even business class flights to Greece can be affordable for you and your family!

  1. Get flying bonuses

Getting a business class ticket can be easier if you get bonuses from your previous flights. Every time you travel, collect air miles using the currently available special flying programs. Then, on your next traveling, you can apply these miles to save money on the tickets. You can also collect bonuses on a traveling credit card which you can get from a traveling company. You can get these bonuses for shopping or paying for a service. Every payment, whether for flying or other products and services, can add up to your bonuses for the flight.

  1. Use flight sales

Traveling companies often have flight sales during the year. They are especially attractive if traveling to Greece is an unpopular time. For this reason, you should monitor price changes and look for business-class tickets during the year. Then, once it is a sales day, buy the ticket. You should place special hopes on sales on Black Friday and Boxing Day. Moreover, you can subscribe to an airline to get notifications on recent prices.

  1. Find tickets at the last minute

Apart from buying tickets in advance, there is another strategy. Companies often place tickets on sale if there is little time before the flight. If they do not have enough passengers, they will sell the tickets no matter how little they cost. So, if you are ready to risk, you can wait until the last minute. This will save you a lot of money on your flight to Greece from the USA. Some flight tickets also go on sale because somebody refused to fly. So you should wait until the last moment to get them.

  1. Ask experts

Finding the best place to get tickets on business class flights to Greece can be difficult. There are many airlines, and you need to find the most affordable and best offer. Special flying experts know where to find the best ticket. You can pay for an expert or find free expert help on websites dedicated to flights.

  1. Look for alternative flight routes

Flying to Greece can be more or less expensive, depending on your chosen route. You should look through the flight offers with attention to find the available routes. You can fly to Greece directly from cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and others. But these direct flights are mostly expensive because they are the most convenient. Yet, you can find indirect routes through other countries around Greece. They are longer than direct routes, and you may need to transfer several times to new flights, still at an affordable price.

  1. Be ready to change the date of the flight

If you want to get a cheap business class ticket, be ready not to plan the travel. The cheapest options often come when someone refuses the ticket. The airline’s schedule can change on the last day before your trip. You can refuse your expensive and buy cheap business class flights. You should also remember that there are certain days of the week when tickets are most inexpensive.


To sum up, buying business class flights to Greece can be difficult if you want the cheapest options. To find such tickets, you should be ready to be flexible and change your plans. It’s a good idea to avoid buying flights on busy days when everyone is going to Greece.

You can accumulate bonuses on your credit card or use sales to make your tickets cheaper. Addressing a flying expert who will advise you on the best offers for free is also a good idea. Alternative flight routes are also a great option to save on your travel to Greece from the USA.