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How to Keep Yourself Entertained In Australia

When traveling to Australia, there are so many incredible things to do that it may be difficult to know where to start. There truly is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for excitement, want to meet furry locals on a famous animal encounter, or want to learn more about our culture and history with a First Nations experience. No matter which of these remarkable events you choose to partake in, you can’t really go wrong.

Climbing Atop the Harbor Bridge

Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane, How to Keep Yourself Entertained In Australia

It is impossible to visit Sydney without seeing one of its most recognizable sights. The Harbor Bridge may, of course, be seen from a variety of locations but climbing it elevates the experience to a whole new level.

Take in the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbor and the Opera House’s recognizable sails by climbing the whole bridge from south to north and back again. Once you’re back on firm ground, we highly suggest taking a guided tour of the Opera House.

Crocodiles in the Northern Territory

How to Keep Yourself Entertained In Australia

The saltwater crocodiles that inhabit this region of Australia are the biggest reptiles in the world, and visiting the Northern Territory would be incomplete without seeing them. You may approach some of the largest crocodiles in the Territory while in the experienced and safe care of Matt Wright and the Top End Safari Camp staff.

As you cruise across the floodplains on an airboat, you’ll come into contact with wild crocodiles rather often. During the wet season, which runs from November to April, day and overnight trips are offered.

Go See the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters, a famous natural landmark in the Blue Mountains, which are located in New South Wales approximately two hours from Sydney, are its most famous feature.  The road trip to the Three Sisters can be a bit tedious for some. This is where playing online poker for real money at Ignition can turn out to be a great option for killing boredom.

Three sisters known as “Meehni,” “Wimlah,” and “Gunnedoo” who, in accordance with Aboriginal Dreamtime legends, were turned to stone are symbolized by this remarkable rock formation. Echo Point Lookout, which is also the beginning point for a lot of fantastic treks that will offer you several vantage views of the sisters as you make your way through the bushland, is one of the greatest viewing locations.

At Lucky Bay, Sunbathe With Kangaroos

Cape Hillsborough in Queensland and Pebbly Beach in southern New South Wales are two more beaches that kangaroos frequent. There is nothing more distinctly Australian than lounging next to a kangaroo on a pristine sandy beach.

The most well-known Australian beach where local roos are known to often sunbathe is Lucky Bay in Western Australia’s Cape Le Grand National Park. Esperance’s stretch of white sand and blue ocean is more than just a picture-perfect location to spread out your beach towel and relax while seeing a few kangaroos (but remember your camera).

Roaming Melbourne Laneways

How to Keep Yourself Entertained In Australia
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The inner-city laneways of Melbourne are home to a plethora of hip, one-of-a-kind clothing stores, as well as hundreds of pubs that are so small and obscure that only locals know about them, cafes and restaurants that are independently owned and operated, and that serve delectable food and coffee.

Therefore, taking a stroll around the laneways will give you the opportunity to choose from the best that the city has to offer, regardless of whether you are looking for a morning coffee boost and some window shopping, a night out with city views from a rooftop bar, or the cool subterranean atmosphere of a speakeasy-style saloon.

The Red Centre: First Nations History to Be Found Ulu-Kata Tjua National Park, a location rich in Aboriginal culture, is located in Australia’s Red Centre and is considered to be the country’s spiritual center. The indigenous Anangu people, who have inhabited the area for more than 22,000 years, hold Yulara (Uluru) and the 36 domes that make up Kata Tjuta in high regard.

If you’re coming between April and mid-October, don’t miss Tali Wiru, a stunning experience of eating beneath the stars overlooking Uluru, replete with the cuisine of local delicacies and Dreamtime tales. Take an Aboriginal guided tour to discover more about the traditional way of life.

Ruben Arribas is the co-founder of Gamintraveler and a Spanish traveler who has traveled to more than 100 countries around the world. He is now a full-time digital nomad.