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PureVPN Review: VPN Review with 82% OFF for BLACK FRIDAY

PureVPN Review, PureVPN Black Friday Deal

PureVPN – If you’re looking at a VPN deal this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, you might want to check out our full VPN review of PureVPN.

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What are some of the top reasons why we love and recommend this VPN:

  • No Logs VPN
  • 24/7 Privacy
  • 31-Day Money Back Guarantee

Before we completely dive into all these features and our Purevpn review, let’s look at what a VPN is and why you’d need one.

Get PureVPN Black Friday deal here for 82% Off ($1.99/month) w/ a free password manager

What is a VPN – PUREVPN

In simple terms, VPN means a “virtual private network“. When a VPN is running on your computer, your IP address (your computer’s address while browsing the internet) is hidden and protected, so no one can track the activities you’re doing while browsing.

And no, this doesn’t mean VPN is only for those who have “something to hide”. Nowadays, hackers and other people or apps are tracking our actions over the internet without our approval. The danger of being tracked is heightened when you are using public wifi.

Think about airports, transport stations, coffee shops, and malls – anywhere you have free wifi access. Your internet activity is even more insecure in these situations.

This is why having a VPN installed and running on your devices is very important. 

Get PureVPN Black Friday deal here for 82% Off ($1.99/month) w/ a free password manager

Here’s How It Works

After connecting to PureVPN, your data is encrypted and securely passed through a series of tunnels that lead to our servers. You are not only completely anonymized but completely protected at all times.

How PureVPN Works


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No Logs

PureVPN doesn’t retain any logs of your actions, nothing is stored in their system, and everything is private and encrypted.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There is no limit to the internet activities you can do, while connected to VPN. Browse, stream and download all you want, and stay in a private, untracked connection all the time.

Strong security protocols

PureVPN supports the world’s best security protocols like WireGuard.

Smart server selection

It has a smart algorithm that can pick the fastest available server for you.

One-click protection

Protect yourself in one click so you can turn any network private. Connect to VPN seamlessly without any fuss.

Protect apps separately

Choose specific apps you want to protect using PureVPN.

24×7 availability, Customer Support

Emails, Chat and Tickets – Reachable anytime, whenever you need app support.

31-Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions ask for a full refund with ample time for you to test PureVPN and all of its features.

6500 Servers in 78+ Countries

For all your streaming needs and geo-blocking needs and server connection, you definitely have a lot of options

Get PureVPN Black Friday deal here for 82% Off ($1.99/month) w/ a free password manager

Want to Know Why You Need PureVPN – PureVPN Review

1. Iron-Clad Security of Your Online Avatar with PureVPN

Why Secure VPN Servers?

With your traffic routed through PureVPN’s secure VPN servers, you will be able to browse safely and with complete peace of mind.

Why Encryption?

To make your data appear completely unrecognizable and untraceable to anyone who manages to intercept your communications or hijack your data.

Why Wi-Fi Security?

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are breeding grounds for hackers and identity thieves. PureVPN secures your Wi-Fi connection to protect your data transmissions.

2. To Keep Your Online Privacy Intact

What is Privacy Anyway?

Privacy is being invisible. Privacy is not leaving any digital breadcrumbs behind. Privacy is another name for PureVPN.

What Exactly Is Tracking?

Cookies, device IDs, IP mapping and geolocation, app permissions, etc., are all used to keep tabs on your activities.

What is Data Security?

Data security means keeping your data secure during transmission and not allowing authorized access to it.

3. To Get Complete Internet Freedom

How About Accessing Websites?

You have unlimited bandwidth, crazy speed, and a global network of servers spread across the globe to do just that.

How About P2P File-Sharing?

PureVPN has dedicated P2P servers in countries where P2P file-sharing is legal by law, so you can download files securely.

How About Streaming?

Oh yes! They have optimized servers for streaming to make sure you get a buffer-free streaming experience every time.

Get PureVPN Black Friday deal here for 82% Off ($1.99/month) w/ a free password manager

Pros and Cons – PureVPN Review


  • It’s a full suite of online protection. We love how you can access it with any device you have – Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Andriod, Smart TVs, and more.
  • Amazing pricing, especially with their current running 82% OFF for PureVPN’s Black Friday Deal.
  • P2P and Streaming are supported with unlimited bandwidth – stream anytime without worrying about limited bandwidth or slowing down your speed.


  • The only con we see at the moment is the lack of free VPN service. Some VPN companies offer free pricing on their most basic plan, and this might be useful for basic internet users. However, with the current Black Friday deal at $1.33/month, it’s a pure steal and a really affordable price for all the security and worry-free internet browsing you’ll have.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting a good deal on PureVPN this holiday season is a no-brainer. With a 31-day money-back guarantee, you’ll be able to test it all you want and see if it’s a viable addition to your digital tools.

Go ahead and test it when using public wifi and see how your speeds are not limited, use it on multiple devices at the same time, and use it to stream your favorite movie or series and not be worried about watching or reading geo-blocked content.

Happy safe browsing friends! Til our next digital tools guide.