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Safetywing Ambassador – Safetywing Nomad Insurance

Safetywing Ambassador - Safetywing Nomad Insurance

Safetywing Ambassador Program – We’ve talked about travel insurance and Safetywing Nomad insurance extensively in this blog, and today we’ll talk about another feature of Safetywing that you would love to be a part of, their ambassador program.

If you’ve been looking to get your feet wet on ways to earn solid online while keeping your integrity intact, and well, of course, continuing your passion for travel, here’s what Safetywing’s Ambassador Program can offer you: 

You can earn up to $600 per creator who signs up as an Ambassador using your link. Each creator will also be eligible to make the same bonus. This program can easily become one of your income streams as a digital nomad. We are definitely excited about this opportunity.

Safetywing Ambassador - Safetywing Nomad Insurance

Safetywing is the travel insurance of our choice, so we stand by promoting it to our readers and other aspiring content creators and bloggers that follow us and read our work.

To find out more about what Safetywing is looking for from its ambassadors, keep reading on…

A Primer on Safetywing Nomad Insurance

Safetywing Travel Insurance Review – Get to Know the Insurance You’ll be Promoting

SafetyWing is a travel medical insurance set to help cover the needs of digital nomads and travelers while they are outside their country. 

SafetyWing’s biggest selling point is its subscription model. You pay $42* every 4 weeks of insurance to get your travel medical insurance covered while you are outside your home country. This insurance is perfect for travelers and digital nomads who travel for a really long time and get paid on the road, meaning you are working online or freelance and your regular health care cannot cover you. You’ll need to pay extra for US insurance too. Again, see the fees using the calculator below.

Your subscription continuously renews, unless you cancel it, just like any other subscription. This will continue for 364 days. After that, you’ll have to sign up for a new plan. You can get covered infinitely, or you can stop it, you have the choice.

When you go home, you are covered 30 days, for every 90 days of subscription to the SafetyWing insurance, or 15 days if you are from the US. 

This company, which has just gotten its next set of investment was founded by digital nomads themselves, who understands the needs of other digital nomads when it comes to health care and insurance. 

SafetyWing, which now competes with World Nomads, the only other travel medical insurance for digital nomads, has the advantage of having competitive fees. You’re covered for almost everything that you will truly need while you’re staying in another country. 

Safetywing Ambassador - Safetywing Nomad Insurance

Here are the main coverage features of SafetyWing:

  1. Travel delays out of your control do not include missed flights.
  2. Only lost checked luggage is covered, and no expensive electronics like laptops, GoPro cameras, iPads, tablets, cameras, lenses, etc.
  3. Worldwide coverage except for North Korea, Cuba, and Iran, and coverage in the US costs an extra $31/4 weeks
  4. 30 days for every 90 days of medical coverage in your home country –unless you’re a US citizen– if the US is your home country you get 15 days of coverage for every 90 days you’re there (a rarity for travel insurance)
  5. Health coverage for unexpected injuries and illnesses; hospital stay, prescriptions, doctors, and emergency medical evacuation (extraction), only acute onset of pre-existing conditions are included in some cases
  6. Not covered: Pre-existing conditions, cancer treatment, routine checkups, preventative care and there’s limited coverage for sports and adventure activities
  7. Medical and hospital fees, $250 deductible, excluding routine checkups and treatments that have been there before the insurance started
  8. Travel insurance like delayed and canceled flights, but not missed flights 
  9. Currently, Safetywing offers Covid 19 coverage as well!
  10. What we love: Insurance by minors is covered for free, one per paying adult! 

If you’re looking for additional earning opportunities as a digital nomad, wanted to get your feet wet when it comes to marketing online, and want to share trusted international travel insurance with friends, families, and followers, sign up as a Safetywing Ambassador below. 

What Safetywing Looks for from Their Ambassadors

If you believe in Safetywing as the go-to travel insurance for travelers, seasoned and new, then you’re already halfway through what’s needed to be an ambassador. 

SafetyWing is looking for quality content creators to help promote its products. The Safetywing brand is sold, as trustworthy, with solid features and customer service you can rely on all the time. 

SafetyWing is looking to expand its exclusive community of content creators and is offering a variety of bonuses for becoming active promoters. 

One way Safetywing is encouraging the creative community is by providing their Ambassadors with exclusive webinars, educational resources, and meet-ups with famous content creators to help boost their earnings, network and live the remote dream.

Try it out, and let us know if you have any questions.