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Guestino Web App – Instant Problem Reporting Tool for Hotel Guests

Last updated on August 25th, 2022 at 03:33 pm

Guestino Reporting Web Tool for Hotel Guests

Guestino App – A new premium guest service has entered the market, and today we talk about how we customers can easily report hotel and accommodation problems to a hotel manager – even while we’re still at the hotel!

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Let’s look at this situation. 

You go to your hotel or accommodation ready to have a fun and relaxing vacation. You experience a hiccup and want to report the problem. You decide to report it later as a comment when checking out of your hotel, worse, you open social media and post your complaint directly tagging the hotel in question.

More often than not, this happens. How can these situations be solved? Let’s look at the Guestino web app.

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Photos like these are destructive on social media but productive on Guestino

How Guestino is Trying to Solve a Major Problem Travelers and Hotels Face

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Oftentimes, solutions to some of our most common problems could be easier than what we think. How can we solve hotel customer problems easier and faster, without getting the bad reviews in social media?

70% of Millennials choose their holiday destination thanks to a photo seen on Instagram. When it comes to problems, more often than not, they choose social media to share these as well. 

This is where the Guestino web app can come in handy. 

Communication is key in these situations, and with Guestino, hotels can better reach out to guests to make sure whatever they need is solved faster. This will help provide customers with a better hotel experience, and for managers and hotels to solve problems before it even reach the internet, having more control on the situation, and hopefully, getting better reviews.

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Pros of using Guestino for the Hotel:

  • The Guestino Web App provides hotels and accommodations a more efficient way to see problems hotel guests are experiencing during their stay.
  • Hotel management gets information on guest satisfaction DURING their stay versus getting a review after their stay, allowing them to resolve any issues faster.
  • Managers get a better control on complaints and reviews and all of these are stored in the cloud, so they can be accessed easier. All records serve as a way to review them later, so no information is lost, and can be reviewed for better service to guests.
  • Problems are solved real time, so you get better reviews after the guests’ stay!
  • Get better feedback on social media from guests who were satisfied during their stay.

Pros of using Guestino for Guests:

  • With the Guestino web app, guests have a more efficient way to reach out to hotel managers during their stay, ensuring any issues or problems are resolved fast.
  • No language barrier: Take a photo, describe the problem if needed and send.
  • Provides a feeling of service to guests, knowing that the hotel management is happy to hear about their feedback during their stay

Final Thoughts on using Guestino

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We think that Guestino is definitely offering a good product to the travel market and is here to solve one of the most common issues between hotel management and hotel guests. We’re very excited to see how hotels and guests use this!