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How Malta Became A Gambling Haven


Is there an industry that moves as fast and continues to grow at a rapid rate as the iGaming sector? What this continued growth also brings to the fore is a lot of competition, with many companies looking to find an advantage in some way, shape or form. And, believe it or not, the country of Malta is playing a role.

The United Kingdom and Gibraltar have always been renowned in Europe for being gambling hubs. They’ve had this reputation for a long time, and the status of these hubs has been cemented over the years. But Malta is now very much invading on the double act and making it a trio. And, with estimated GDP contributions of around 13%, it could be about to take over—a sign of things to come.

Further signs of Malta’s increased dominance in the sector include giant companies like Evolution, which are renowned for producing exciting games like Crazy Flip Coin, operating out of the country. If the most prominent players, of which Evolution Gaming are undoubtedly one, especially in the live casino arena, are fully invested in Malta, the nation must be doing something right.

Of course, one of the primary reasons why Malta is now recognized as a gambling haven is because of the country itself. It’s located in the Mediterranean for a start, so it’s going to get that sun. And, it’s also a country with a rich history. However, we mentioned haven above, and Malta is a tax haven. So, it is ideal for iGaming businesses and the like, especially as they will be accompanied by the sun and a great holiday lifestyle.

In the gambling industry, there is SiGMA. SiGMA is an event that is held in regions around the world, and it’s perfect for networking and the like. Thousands have this conference marked off on their calendar, and Malta is home to the European leg of the tour. SiGMA brings all the top dogs from the industry together, and because they convene in Malta, it’s really putting the country on the map.

What Malta has also done over time is diversify on the business front. The country has many types of businesses operating out of it, which means that there are people with serious expertise that are equipped with skills such as being multi-lingual, coding experts and the like. So, when an iGaming company sets up in Malta and wants to scale, which is often the case, they’re not going to have to search for employees. The pool they need to dip into is already there, and people have all the abilities necessary to perform in many roles.

So, in answer to the question of how did Malta become a gambling haven? You could argue that it’s because the country keeps adding many strings to its bow. It’s becoming the place to be because of how well-suited it is and what it can provide. And it could become the number one gambling hub on the planet if it continues to do all the right things.