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Why You Should Book A Private Transfer From The Airport To Your Hotel

Last updated on January 17th, 2023 at 07:13 pm

Why You Should Book A Private Transfer From The Airport To Your Hotel

The arrival at the airport has always been one of the biggest worries of travelers. We will tell you why you should book a private transfer from the airport to your hotel.

It gets time-consuming to find how to get from the airport to the city center by local transportation. A big problem is when some taxi drivers try to scam you when you arrive in a new country. Not counting issues like when you’re not carrying a sim card to get connected to a new destination to check maps or information online.

Why You Should Book A Private Airport Transfer

That feeling of getting to the airport with so much luggage, in a country where you don’t even know how to speak their language and locals who can’t communicate in English. Booking a private transfer with Welcome Pickups will make things easier.

1 million travelers are using the Welcome Pickups service worldwide.

How It Works with Welcome Pickups

Once you land at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you. No worries if your flight is delayed because the driver will be at the meeting point. The driver will appear with a sign after you passed the immigration and pick up your luggage.

You will not have to be worried to get a connection to check maps or get a taxi fighting for the price to go to your hotel. If you are bringing too much luggage, the driver will help you to put it in the car and everything will be smooth and fast.

The driver will be able to speak English and recommend to you the best places to visit in the city and where to eat and drink. It’s a total win for you – you will have a guide and a driver – two for the price of one.

Here are some reviews of Welcome Pickups from Trust Pilot.


Why You Should Book A Private Transfer From The Airport To Your Hotel

The advantage of booking an airport transfer is the stress-free experience you’ll have, right from the minute you arrive at your destination. You will not have to be worried about withdrawing money, getting a sim card at the airport, and being stressed out especially when you’re already coming from a really long flight.

All the comfort in the car with air-conditioning and your luggage will be well organized since they will assist and make sure you get to your hotel quickly and safely.

And as a local in the city, the driver will give you tips on how to avoid tourist traps, how to book if you need tours, which restaurants to go to, and the best schedule to visit places in the city.


One of the usual disadvantages people think of when booking a private transfer is the price. Now here’s the cool thing about the private transfer with Welcome Pickups. Their prices are so competitive and they are very similar to a taxi.

If you check carefully, especially if you are traveling with more people, prices are so reasonable for the comfort that you get especially if you are bringing too much luggage and you are almost not allowed to get public transportation.


We always believe in efficiency and ease when it comes to constant travel. And being digital nomads ourselves, we value our time. We always find ways how to get the easiest and fastest way from the airport to our hotel. And for sure, getting a private transfer makes things easier after a flight to get ready to explore your new destination.

Let us know in the comments below if you would prefer to book an airport transfer or if you prefer another way of going from the airport to your accommodation.

Happy Travels!