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Mantigue Island in Camiguin (Travel Guide)

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 11:42 pm

In this post we will tell you how to get to Mantigue island, what to do, prices and schedule for visiting the island. We love traveling in the Philippines and one of our favorite destinations in the Philippines is Mantigue Island in Camiguin. Mantigue Island is a paradise to discover and its not crowded yet!

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If you are sleeping around Mambajao or Yumbing as we did in our recent trip to Camiguin, there are a few options; the easiest is renting a motorbike for 350 PHP and you need to drive 30 minutes to San Roque port which is a few kilometers before getting to Benoni port.

If you don’t want to rent a motorbike you can rent a tricycle for a day tour 1200 PHP. You can also go to the terminal in Mambajao and ride a van to reach Mantigue Island in San Roque. Prices can be around 30-40 PHP from the terminal. The jeepney costs 25 PHP but there aren’t many of them during the day.

how to get to Mantigue island

Once you are in San Roque renting a boat costs 600 PHP for maximum 6 people. If you join to more people it will be cheap. You have to pay 10 PHP enviroment fee and 50 PHP for snorkeling in Mantigue Island.

The boat ride takes 20 minutes and you are only allowed to stay 4 hours in the island, if you want to stay longer you have to pay 50 PHP extra per hour. And around 4 pm you have to leave Mantigue Island. It’s not allowed to stay overnight in Mantigue Island.


how to get to Mantigue island, Mantigue Island

You can bring your snorkeling gear and avoid to pay 200 PHP rental fee in the island. You can bring your own food to the island. You can even buy fish in the market and they will cook for you for 100 PHP. There are available cottages for rent and you can buy snacks, sodas and beers.

how to get to Mantigue island, Mantigue Island

It’s easy to walk around the island, it will take you 20 minutes to do it. And the snorkeling was so beautiful, the water is so clear and we could see many fishes in Mantigue Island.

how to get to Mantigue island, Mantigue Island

Apart from walking, swimming and snorkeling we took many pictures with the camera and drone since the island is so beautiful.

how to get to Mantigue island, Mantigue Island


We recommend you to visit waterfalls Tuasan or Katibawasan Falls as we did after Mantigue Island. There are also more options like Santo Nino Cold Spring. We chose to visit Ardent Hot springs and it was really nice!

We recommend you to visit Ardent Hotspring before sunset since is a beautiful place to take pictures with the clear and blue water. Later you can relax at night time before going for dinner.

And if you want more island, you can go back to Yumbing and visit White Island which is only 10 minutes boat ride and you will enjoy paradise!

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Such a cool day trip Mantigue Island, let us know in the comments below if we forgot something to have all the information to visit Mantigue Island.



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