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Lambug Beach Badian Cebu And How To Get There

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 11:33 pm

Lambug Beach is located in Badian next to Kawasan Falls. For us Lambug Beach Badian is our favorite beach in Moalboal and one of our favorite beaches in Cebu. It’s popular but not so crowded with a couple of places to stay, cottages to enjoy the white sand and clear water.

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If you are coming from Cebu City to Moalboal to Lambug Beach. You will have to get a bus from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It will take 3 hours to reach Badian town. Bus prices are around 120-140 PHP some of them with air conditioned some without.

Once in Badian town tell the driver that you are going to Lambug Beach. And they will stop where you can get a tricycle to Lambug Beach around 4 kilometers for 150 PHP. There are a few places to stay all of them affordables.


If you prefer the comfort of the private transfer from Cebu City to Badian can be great if you are traveling with a few people or so much luggage. Click here to get a discount booking a private transfer from Cebu City!


Lambug Beach

Cebu only has 2 seasons – sunny and rainy – and sunshine tramps rain most days of the year. May to October is the rainy season but even during the rainy season, you can expect occasional sunny days.

The dry season is from November to April. The dry season is the best time to visit Lambug Beach where you can enjoy sunny days around the beach.

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Lambug Beach is a magical place with white sand, clear water and full of star fish. There are many beautiful beaches around Moalboal. If you are spending the day you can bring your snorkeling gear and rent a kayak.

Lambug Beach
Image from Flickr

The water is so blue and you can find star fishes everywhere in this lonely beach. There is no entrance fee for Lambug Beach and there are cottages for rent during the day prices around 500 PHP. If you want to pitch your tent they will charge you 150 PHP.

Lambug Beach

There are motorbikes for rent around the area 500 PHP for one day. Just in case you want to visit Panagsama Beach for snorkeling with the sardines and Kawasan Falls.

Lambug Beach


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We already wrote a full blog post about how to get to Kawasan Falls. Just rent a motorcycle or go there by bus. You can´t miss Kawasan Falls when visiting Moalboal. If you like adventure, you can also do canyoneering which you will absolutely love!


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From all of them that we practiced in Cebu. Moalboal snorkeling was our favorite one. You can do on your own around Pangsama Beach. Just 5 minutes swimming and we were able to spot turtles and many fishes.

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Image from Wikimedia

Make sure you are bringing your snorkeling mask as we always do. If you are staying in Panagsama Beach you will be able to rent a snorkeling mask.

You can see turtles underwater and also you can see the sardines battle run! If you do an Island Hopping tour you can reach Pescador Island.


There are a few places to stay in Lambug Beach all of them are affordable. Prices can go around 1000-2000 PHP for a room for two people. You can pitch the tent for 150 PHP if you go on a budget.

If you prefer to take a look and book your stay with and Agoda around Badian area where you can also visit Kawasan waterfalls.

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While Moalboal and Cebu in general is a very safe place, having insurance while you are traveling outside your home country is very important. Make sure that you have one too, to keep you safe not only while you’re in Moalboal, but even for your any of your trips around the world.

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