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6 Creative Ways to Relieve Your Travels and to Keep you Inspired to do More 

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 06:35 pm

We can’t just remember everything. If only we can! This is why creative activities to preserve the memories of your trips, can help relieve the feelings and preserve the good moments of your travel, and to keep inspiring you to do more.

Here are 6 creative ways from our personal experience that help us commemorate our travels, and keep the feeling alive even while at home, urging us to do more!

Printing Photos and Framing Them 

If we can only pick one, this would be our top choice. It’s amazing when you travel and get to create and take photos live in those locations and be able to print them in high quality back home, where you can look back, and actually feel like you’re traveling back to that location. 

You can take special photos, and have them printed and framed. 

Desenio is our favorite place online to get frames for our travel photos.  Not only are they made to really look aesthetically beautiful, but we also love the commitment of the company to sustainability. If you’re getting your frames from Europe, make sure to check out their sustainability work here, and find out if these coincide with your own values. It’s always a plus to support products, companies, and people you relate with.

Memorabilia and Souvenirs

Of course, if you’re into this, and if you have a lot of space in your luggage and don’t mind having physical items from all your travels, then physical souvenirs and memorabilia are always a good way to preserve your beautiful travel memories. We’re not big on collecting memorabilia because we try to always pack light, but a lot of people do magnets and small sculptures to place in their homes – which immediately takes you back to your trips when you look at them. 

Maps and Pins

If you’re the type that loves maps, maybe scratching or putting pins on areas in the world you’ve traveled to is a creative way to commemorate your travels. What we love is having a framed photo or even just a map of a memorable city of our trips, and having it on the wall. A very minimal, high quality, and stylish one of Madrid can be found here and it’s an amazing gift to ourselves or friends as well!

Food and Spices

Do you love cooking? Do you sometimes miss the unique taste of the food you had in a particular country and find yourself craving it when you’re back in your home base? Then make sure you bring some special spices or ingredients to take home with you. We love learning to cook even just a very simple dish in countries we go to, and we often crave some special food when we’re back home, so this is always a great idea. Try that Thai dish, Colombian delicacy, or add some spices to feel the taste of India right from your home!


If scrapbooking is your style, then this is the way to go. Immersing yourself in activity, handwriting important memories, adding pictures, tickets, receipts, stamps, or basically anything you can collect from your trips can help you commemorate your travel memories. You never know what special memory you can get reminded of by simply writing it down and reading it later. Textures and visuals are good additions to this. There’s no wrong way to do it, too, so you can get as simple or as creative as you want.


Ahh, the classic one. Postcards. You can send yourself postcards you send from places you traveled to, and it’s nice to come back to all of these when you’re home. It’s an easy way to get that nostalgia kick and the rush of memories will just easily “take you back”. 

There you go. Some fun and creative activities you can do to keep the memories of your travel alive in your mind, and while in your home. Do let us know if you try some of these, or if you have other favorite activities you like to dive into that you want to suggest to us. And til our next article! Hope you’re enjoying life wherever you are in the world.

Funday Holidays

Thursday 17th of March 2022

Hey Ruben, you have written quite informative and exciting blog on ways to relive your travels and to keep inspired. I really liked the printing photos and framing them. That would give a lot of positive vibes to travel more and do more. Hope you come with exciting content like this.

Ruben Arribas

Friday 18th of March 2022

Thanks for reading and glad to hear that you liked it :)