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Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 10:33 pm

The city of Bangalore is one of the most popular destinations to visit from Dubai. Bangalore (also known as Bengaluru) is India’s tech city, one of its most progressive cities. A lot of startup companies from all over the world have their bases and big offices in Bangalore, which is why it is India’s biggest city for work, business and modern living.

And Dubai being one of the world’s biggest business cities, and also one of the biggest airport hubs in the world, Dubai has one of the best connections to travel to Bangalore.


Summer Season in Bangalore

Bengaluru India Summer Season

India’s summer season, particularly Bangalore is always a good time to visit, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors. Now, you need to be familiar with India to know how hot their summers can be. The hottest month can reach 33-34 degree Celcius, so appropriate clothing is important. Hottest months are from March to May.

Monsoon Season in Bangalore

The monsoon season which can produce some rainfall during the day is around June to September. You’ll always have to check if you need to book trains and buses in advance during this season, because it can get fully booked.

Excursions outside will not be very popular around these months, however, there are a lot of beautiful and interesting indoor activities – restaurants, museums, cinemas, and other activities you can replace outdoors one with. When you schedule properly, it could even be possible to stay outdoors to, as the rain doesn’t get too strong during this period and you can even take advantage of low season prices.

Winter Season in Bangalore

November to February will be a good time to visit with a much cooler weather. For someone more associated with the cold, the winter season in Bangalore is pretty easy, with 16 degrees Celcius being the coldest, and can easily reach until 20-23 degrees Celcius in the afternoon.


The Bustling City of Dubai during Golden Hour

Flying directly from Dubai to Bangalore is the fastest and most efficient way to go to Bangalore from Dubai. You can check here for a Dubai to Bangalore flight ticket. You should be able to check a lot of options.


As the case in every city in India, traffic can get really congested especially in the peak hours. You’ll need a lot of planning if you want to be on time with your activities and appointments.

The city is connected to the national rail network through the main stations – Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna (Bengaluru Station), Yesvantpur Junction railway station and Bengaluru Cantonment. The metro is always a good option to cut on traffic to get to your destination, although a lot of people still use auto rickshaws (like a small jeep / tricycle that can fit 1-2 people) and buses.

You can also travel by car, if you are traveling by yourself or book cars through taxi and car booking apps services.


When you have spare time, definitely try to visit one of these top spots to see, to experience more of what Bangalore has to offer:

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace, India

Love Castles and want to see some type of Windsor vibe while in the city? Visit the Bangalore Palace.

Bull Temple

If you want to get deeper, and experience a little bit of culture, you can visit the Bull Temple. This is a sixteenth century Hindu temple, dedicated to Nandi, the bull.

Government Museum

If you love a little bit of history and architecture, don’t miss seeing the Government Museum, one of the oldest structures and museums in India. Just the outside of it will definitely give you a taste of authentic Indian architecture.

Cubbon Park

If you will mostly spend time in the business district of Bangalore, visit the Cubbon Park. Bangalore is considered one of India’s greenest cities, and the Cubbon Park is considered Bangalore’s “green lungs”.

VV Puram Street Food

Never pass on tasting authentic Indian food when you’re traveling to this country! Check out VV Puram Street food for authentic Indian snacks.

KR Market

If you are into flowers, or even just for visiting, check out the KR Market – one of Asia’s largest flower markets, situated in the centre of Bangalore. This will also be a good place for spice shopping, and even for some food tasting.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, Karnataka, India

Have much more time to spare, and need some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Visit the Nandi Hills, an ancient hill fortress inside of Bangalore itself. We assure you, it is Instagram-worthy.


Traveling with kids or kids at heart? Visit Wonderla for some amusement park time.

Hope we gave you the info you needed to have an amazing time in Bangalore. And make sure that you book your Dubai to Bangalore flight ticket the proper way to avoid any hassle, and have a good time your whole stay in Bangalore. Happy travels!