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No traveling during the pandemic: what else can we do with our time?

Last updated on November 15th, 2022 at 08:38 pm

When the clock struck midnight the 1st of January, people all around the world were celebrating a new millennial. However, none of us had an idea of what was coming, and how our year would turn out. It is safe to say, that the year of 2020 was not at all as expected. 

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A lot of us had made great, big plans for the year 2020. Some of us perhaps planning to travel around the world and experience all new, interesting things and cultures. Others were looking forward to weddings, round birthdays and other extravagant parties.

However, none of these things are safe to do, looking at the current pandemic. This means that instead of being able to do all the things we planned, most of us are stuck at home for now. We can still go to work and attend classes; however, this is primarily something we do from home at the moment.

The virus is still an ongoing and terrible virus which has affected the entire society. By having to change all of our plans and not even being able to make new ones, it can take its toll on us. Many people really like traveling, and if you do it every year, it can be especially difficult, once you aren’t allowed to do it at all. Since most people don’t feel safe traveling, even if its still in the US, we need to find out, what else to do with our time.

Instead of traveling the US, you could consider looking at casinos in the US, of course the online ones. It may not be traveling, but it can really take your mind of of things for at least a little while. Why we recommend that you look into video games

We understand that you can’t just sit at home and play online casino games all day long. At some point, perhaps you want to do something else. Staying at home this much can be hard to deal with, since we are forced to be more creative about what to do with our time. If you feel very uninspired, make sure to check the list of all the options for you to do at home.

It not always about having something to do, it is also important to take care of your mental health, which can be suffering quite severely at the moment. We know we said that we can’t just sit around all day and play videogames, and we still stand by that. But just like with vacations, video games make us happy.

There are multiple reasons as to why they make us happy, but an example could be, that they, just like vacations, are able to take our minds of other, more negative thoughts. Video games also make us relax, again, just like vacations would. We know that it isn’t the same at all, but at the moment we are unable to go traveling, so we might as well find something else that we enjoy, while we wait, right?


Sunday 22nd of November 2020

This time in our lives is an opportunity to navel gaze for a time and travel the world of experience within ourselves. You may not like what you find but it's a chance for personal growth without all the distractions.

Ruben Arribas

Sunday 22nd of November 2020

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