Dingalan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Dingalan

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Are you looking for the best escape away from the city life? We will tell you about all best Dingalan tourist spots and things to do in Dingalan Aurora. It would be best if you visit the most promising and enchanting destination of the beautiful landscape of Dingalan, Aurora. It will surely turn your monochromatic life into a vibrant feeling of adventure.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get there. For your 1,500 PHP it is already worth your time and expenses. If you want to know more, feel free to read this blog.

We are all familiar with the province of Aurora which we can locate the prominent surfing capital of the Philippines – Baler. It is one of the best tourist sites in the Philippines that awaits you to visit.

Little did you know that aside from Baler’s astonishing beauty, the paradisiacal-like place of Dingalan is also situated in the same area, which they also called the Batanes of the East. It is located in the Northeast part of Luzon, fronting the Pacific Ocean.

If not everyone, most people compared the Batanes and Dingalan due to its similarities in views. Dingalan has a perfect landscape for verdant rolling hills and towering cliffs facing the clear blue ocean of the Philippine Sea with Sierra Madre range to the east.

While Batanes, also called the Home of the Wind as it lies in the Pacific Ocean’s vast waters where the Pacific meets the China Sea. With that, Dingalan is often dubbed as Batanes of the East because of their relations in astonishing scenery. But despite its uniformity to the Philippines’ other famous spots, Dingalan is still distinct from different views. It has many unique features that you need to discover with yourself.

There are still a lot of amazing stories you need to know about the place. If you want to know more, you must visit and have a fascinating experience in the sublime journey of Dingalan, Aurora.

Dingalan Aurora is just few hours far from Pampanga and Manila. It can be a great place to relax like Nueva Ecija with your in resorts in Nueva Ecija.

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How to get to from Manila to Dingalan

If you want o get from Manila to Dingalan. The travel time Manila to Aurora is just three to four hours-ride away from Metro Manila. If you plan to get there quickly. You can take public buses like Baliwag Transit at 2nd Avenue, Caloocan City. It will take you directly to Dingalan, Aurora. Bus fare Manila to Aurora will cost you not more than 400 PHP

Schedule Caloocan City to Dingalan, Aurora

Firts trip is 4 am and last trip is 4 pm from Calooocan city to Dingalan. Once you arrive in the city proper. You need to ride a motorcycle or habal-habal again for fifteen-pesos to reach in Dingalan Feeder Port at Barangay Paltic where you need to sign for the registration and pay the Environment fee that costs 50 PHP. Afterward, your astonishing adventure may now begin. 


Like any other place in the Philippines there are two kinds of seasons- the dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. 

The best time to visit Dingalan tourist spots is during dry season, especially from December to February when temperatures are much cooler and touring will most likely not be interrupted by rains and will not be really hot going around.

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In Dingalan itinerary a full meal in Dingalan can go for as low as 80 PHP per person while a bottle of beer can be bought for around 50-65 PHP. Restaurant food can be bought for around 500-800 PHP for two people.

Prices in accommodations for hotels in Dingalan, Aurora are starting from 850 PHP on average for hostels and budget hotels to luxury hotels starting from 2500 PHP. AirBnB is also available all over Aurora Province. Click here to get a pretty sweet discount on your first booking with AirBnB!

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Dingalan Tourist Spots And Things to do in Dingalan

Wander around the astonishing Lamao Caves

If you are up to an extreme adventure with your best buddies, this Lamao caves journey is perfect in the list of Dingalan tourist spots. The aesthetic forms of the caves that are frequently lured by waves of the Pacific Ocean can feel the emotive quality of the sea. You might think that these caves are the same as the ordinary cave adventure, but you got it wrong.

As you get farther, the dimmer, the place it gets, and the water current become more substantial and irregular. Many people are interested in experiencing this exciting adventure. It is also recommended that you come in a group to create a safer and more palpable venture around the spot. Embrace yourself and get ready for the fabulous experience!

Experience the jaw-dropping view at the Tanawan Falls

Dingalan tourist spots, things to do in Dingalan

The cool breeze of the air and the cold freshwater can only be experienced in the Tanawan falls – a perfect place to visit. You deserve to take a dip into the water and relax for a while; it will surely make you mesmerized by the beauty of the site. Many people are also enjoying the spot, so when you take a photo, it is inevitable to have a picture with a photo bomber.

More so, the road is too narrow to get there, you can’t bring your car with you, but you can leave it to their parking lot for ten pesos for parking fees and the entrance fee for twenty pesos per head. With this, you need to prepare yourself for a 20-40 minutes hike. If you want to take a short break, don’t forget to visit the breathtaking view of the Tanawan Falls one of the best things to do in Dingalan.

Explore the pristine beauty of the Matawe Beach

Dingalan tourist spots, things to do in Dingalan

One of the popular Dingalan tourist spots and also the most visited place in Dingalan is the Matawe beach. It may not have perfect white sand, but there’s something more than meets the eye. The beach has many mountains, a 400-meter long stretch of white sand, clean and cold water, and the unique rock formations that you can only discover during low tide. Your visit will never be all for nothing, considering the mesmerizing views and pleasurable scenery.

Aside from these, you can experience the moment without an entrance fee, all you need to rent is the cottage that costs 100 PHP and five to ten pesos when you use the makeshift toilets. Get ready to embrace yourself and prepare your camera for the magical-like view of the Matawe Beach in Dingalan, Aurora.

A trek going to the Enchanting Lighthouse

Dingalan tourist spots, things to do in Dingalan

To give more thrill to your journey, you can climb to the top of the lighthouse and witness the panoramic scenery of the Municipality of Dingalan. Before anything else, you need to hike for 15-20 minutes from the white beach before you get here. Once you arrive, you will amaze everything you see, and in fact, it is the best place to reflect in life. However, recent news came up.

The lighthouse is already prohibited for the public to climb since tourists stepped on the solar panels. But the place is still open for the people who want to enjoy the swiftly and gentle wind of nature. If you’re going to have a profound moment with yourself or with your partner, it is best to recommend Dingalan tourist spots.

Where to stay in Dingalan

In Dingalan, there are no high-end hotels; they only offer basic to average accommodation in lodges, inns, small hotels, and resorts with cottages. But still, the place has a family-friendly ambiance and can secure your comfortableness. The following recommendations below enable you to have other ideas of where you can stay while enjoying the moment.

Fil Dane Inn Boutique Hotel

Fil Dane Inn Boutique Hotel, Dingalan tourist spots, things to do in Dingalan

The Hotel was owned by Filipino and Danish, who were quite accommodating and their staff too. You can locate them at Purok 1, Gomez Street, Poblacion, Dingalan, Aurora, Caragsacan. The Fil Dane Inn Boutique Hotel’s accommodation costs 1,200 PHP per night on the de-luxe aircon room.

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Lourdes and Buboy’s Cottages

The Buboy and Lourdes Cottages are located in White Beach, Barangay Paltic, Dingalan. If you want to spend your night in a tent, you can rent it for 500 PHP. You can also avail of their cottages for 1,500 PHP. Another offer includes a tour guide which you can contact Mr. Billy on his phone number 09976612442. 

Shalom Guest House and Resto bar and Beach Resort

Dingalan tourist spots, things to do in Dingalan, Shalom Guest House and Resto bar and Beach Resort

If you are looking for easy access to the city’s destination, the Shalom Guest House And Resto bar and beach resort will offer you a convenient location during your stay. They also provide an air-conditioned room, television, and Parking lot outside for their guest’s comfortableness and convenience. You can stay for 300 PHP per head in their dormitory, and for the private room, it costs 1,500 PHP.

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Matawe Bay Ocean Front Resort

The Matawe Bay Ocean Front Resort is one of the famous places in Dingalan, and it is located in Barangay Matawe, Dingalan, Aurora. Like any other resort, they also offer the best accommodation for their special guest. If you are interested in spending your vacation here, you can contact them on their phone number 09951379005/ 09288407092 or visit their place directly. 


 This place provides a homey feeling for everyone. The owner themselves happily welcomed their customers as they came to visit the site. Aside from the friendly staff, they also offer delicious foods that can satiate your cravings. If you want to visit the place, you can navigate your route in Barangay Butas na Bato, Dingalan, and you can also contact at 09350154006 if you have other questions and clarifications regarding the place. 

 Aside from these recommended places, there are still many inns, resorts, and hotels in Dingalan, Aurora, where you can spend your perfect holidays with your family, friends, or colleagues. You wouldn’t need to panic about where to stay, especially if you forgot to book reservations. The Municipality of Dingalan will surely help to find a perfect place that suits you and will love to fulfill the worthiness of your expectation. All you need to do is to enjoy the borrowed moment away from the hectic life of yours. 

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More Dingalan tourist spots And things to do in Dingalan

Where to eat in Dingalan

After a long and tiring adventure, you deserve to satiate your hunger by the best cuisine offered by many restaurants in Dingalan, Aurora. Their delicious foods and drinks will give you a thumbs up! Aside from Dingalan’s best dishes, Eat Like Pinoy also offers varieties of Filipino foods that you will surely fall in love with. Have a blast experience! 

House of Tapsi

House of Tapsi is located in Sangasang Trail, Dingalan, 3207 Aurora, and you can contact them on their phone number 0917 116 4130. Its mission is to serve the customers with hot and delicious foods. If you want to taste their best foodstuffs, they are always open from 8:00 in the morning until 10 pm. Here are the foods you must try:

Potato wedges with garlic mayo dip


Potato wedges with garlic mayo dip are one of the recommended foods of the House of Tapsi. The fresh potato wedges and its garlic mayo are the best partners for all time for only 65 PHP.

 Sizzling Sisig

Are you craving for a hot sizzling sisig? House of tapsi offered a delicious sizzling sisig for not more than 200 PHP. You can share it with your family, friends, or colleagues and a perfect partner with cold soft drinks. What are you waiting for? Grab yours now! 

Special Lomi

If you want a friendly-budget meal that is good for three persons, you must try their Special Lomi only in the House of Tapsi in Dingalan, Aurora. Other Lomi recipes include the best Pancit Lomi; it is an affordable yet delicious meal. Lomi, regardless of its various techniques in cooking, is still the best satiating food after a tiring day of ours. Notably, its taste will be even more delicious when it serves hot.

Pagkaing Kalye: Biyaheng Dingalan

Pagkaing Kalye: Biyaheng Dingalan in Dingalan, Aurora offers variety and affordable foods for their customers where you can buy from vendors on the street. Philippine Street foods are inspired by other countries, mainly in China and Japan. It involves grilling, steaming, frying, and others. If you love to have a food trip at an affordable price, Pagkaing Kalye in Dingalan suits you.


One of the famous foods in the Philippines is Balut. Many Filipinos considered eating balut as the rite to the passage. If you are willing to experience its taste, you are ready to embrace the Filipino culture. Balut tastes like heaven, especially when partnered with hot vinegar, and has chili on it. Yummy!

Aside from balut, they also offered fish balls, isaw, fried siomai, and a lot more. So while enjoying your holidays, don’t forget to experience the Street foods in Dingalan.

Overall Experience in Dingalan, Aurora

While we are too busy with our lives, we often forget to give time to bond with our family and friends. If you want to escape from the hectic city even for a while and enjoy Dingalan tourist spots and all the things to do in Dingalan. It will give you the best experience you will never forget in your entire journey. What are you waiting for, come, and experience the bustling escapade of Dingalan, Aurora – Batanes of the East. 

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