Basco Lighthouse in Batanes (Travel Guide)

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Basco Lighthouse, lighthouse batanes

Basco Lighthouse is one of the most popular Batanes tourist spots. Batanes is a remote island in North of the Philippines. There are 3 islands habited: BatanItbayat and Sabtang.

Basco is the biggest town and the population around Batanes are 17 000 people. There are many Batanes tourist spots and we will discover for you in our full  Batanes travel guide.

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How to get to Basco Lighthouse

If you want to get to Basco lighthouse from the town you can go by tricycle or as part as a day tour in Batanes. You will have to get a tricycle for a day tour from Basco. Prices are around 1000 PHP for 2 people. And they will show you a few spots.

You can even go walking from the town since is only 1.5 kilometers distance. You can also rent a bicycle for 30 PHP per hour or a mountain bike 600 PHP per day.

If you want to get to Batanes you have to take a plane from Manila or Clark in Pampanga. It will take more than an hour to reach there. Philippines Airlines and Cebu Pacific are offering flights. Read full blog post how to get to Batanes.


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Basco Lighthouse was the first completed in 2003 in Naidi Hills. There is no entrance fee at Basco Lighthouse. Apart from Basco Lighthouse you can find Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao and Sabtang Lighthouse. We loved Basco lighthouse the most since the sunset there is so beautiful and we had an amazing romantic dinner in that lighthouse!

Great view for sunset, you can go walking from Basco city center or even renting a bicycle. It’s very close to Vayang Rolling Hills. Did you know that you can even book the lighthouse for dinner?

Basco Lighthouse, lighthouse batanes

Best time to visit Basco Lighthouse

The best time to visit Basco Lighthouse is at sunset if you want to take beautiful pictures with the colors of the sun and enjoying the landscape of Naidi Hills. During the day can be quite busy.

Best time to visit lighthouse Batanes is in summer around March to June. But if you’re the type to like the cold instead of the warm, you can visit Batanes in December to February where the weather is nice and cold. As the weather is so unpredictable in Batanes, 

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Basco Lighthouse, lighthouse batanes

Tayid Lighthouse

Things to do in Batanes, Transportation around Batanes, Batanes tourist spots, atms in batanes, wifi connection in batanes, how to go to Batanes, Tayid lighthouse

The views from Tayid lighthouse are so incredible and the area around with the mountains is also really beautiful. Tayid lighthouse is one of the highlights of the South tour. It’s the previous point to Racuh A Payaman viewpoint most famous for foreigners for Malboro Country.

Sabtang Lighthouse

Things to do in Batanes, Transportation around Batanes, Batanes tourist spots, atms in batanes, wifi connection in batanes, how to go to Batanes, Sabtang lighthouse

Sabtang lighthouse is close to the port coming from Batan island just 5 minutes walking distance. You can go up to have a great view and even sleeping since there is a homestay in the lighthouse. At the side of Sabtang Lighthouse there is a beautiful beach for swimming.


For accommodation the cheapest that you can find in Basco is 700-900 PHP and if you want more comfort prices will be around 2000 PHP. If you go to Sabtang you can find accommodation for around 300-500 PHP per room in a local Homestay. Also in Itbayat prices will be going 300-500 PHP for a Homestay.


Troy's Lodge, Valugan Boulder Beach

Troy’s Lodge was our staying in Basco, the rates are from 900-1000 PHP and you have kitchen if you want to cook your own meal, heat water for coffee or tea and even a fridge to keep your food and drinks.

The location is great and you have everything that you need. The best of the accommodation data signal works great with Globe and Smart. It’s one of the best points for internet connection in Basco.

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Valugan Boulder Beach

Located in Basco, Magnfred’s Place Batanes has accommodations with a flat-screen TV. There’s also a kitchenette in some of the units equipped with a fridge. The rooms are clean and neat. Guests can relax in the garden at the property. Room rate starts at 2,000 PHP a night.

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Valugan Boulder Beach

Shanedel’s Inn is a small family-run inn. Though rooms are very basic, excellent views of the Batanes Port and surrounding area can be seen from Shanedel’s dining area and terrace. It is located in the town proper, walking distance to plaza and restaurants. Rooms are basic and clean, with private toilets and showers, and air-conditioning. Room rate starts at 1,441 PHP a night.

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Tucked cozily between the streets of Basco and other commercial establishments, Nathaniel’s lodge also offers tours. They will gladly help you go around Batanes, just ask them. They also provide shuttle to and from the airport. Their room rate starts at 1,700 PHP a night.

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