22 Best Bukidnon Tourist Spots And Things to do in Bukidnon (Travel Guide)

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Mindanao is the second largest main island in the Philippines. Bukidnon is popular because of the mountains in Davao. We will write all Bukidnon tourist spots and things to do in Bukidnon that you should try. In this Bukidnon travel guide we’ll show you how beautiful Bukidnon is.

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Bukidnon Travel Guide

How to get to Bukidnon

Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon

If you want to get from Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon. There are buses and vans leaving from Agora Bus Terminal. There are buses running during the day from Cagayan de Oro to Malaybalay City travel time around 3 hours and bus fare 120 PHP. Buses from Cagayan de Oro to Valencia City travel time 4 hours and bus fare 160 PHP.

There are also jeepneys leaving from Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon The from Eastern-Gusa Jeepney Terminal to and Manolo Fortich in Bukidnon where there are things to do and places to stay.

Davao to Bukidnon

If you want to get from Davao to Bukidnon by bus. There are buses leaving from Davao Bus Terminal to Valencia City. The travel time Davao to Valencia City is 5-6 hours and bus fare is 350 PHP.

Butuan to Bukidnon

If you want to get from Butuan to Bukidnon by bus. There are buses leaving from Butuan to Valencia City travel time is around 6-7 hours.

Best time to visit Bukidnon

The best time to visit Bukidnon is during the dry season from February to October opposite to the rest of the places in the Philippines.

The rainiest months are around December to February.The hottest months are April and May. No need to worry, though: the average daily temperature in Mindanao is 27.2°C and the hottest temperature is only around 33°C.

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Bukidnon Itinerary And Budget

Bukidnon itinerary is good for 2-3 days a great way to spend a weekend if you like the adventure. The cost of living in Bukidnon Mindanao is low in general. You can get a jeepney ride for 10 PHP. There are meals in local places starting from 50-100 PHP for a meal in a local carinderia. And you can get accommodation starting from 1000 PHP.

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Bukidnon Tourist Spots And Things To do in Bukidnon

You will find amazing Bukidnon tourist spots and many things to do in Bukidnon. From places in the nature like mountains, cave and waterfalls to cultural sites around Bukidnon Province.


Image from @adrianflavs

Kiokong White Rock Wall is inside the Kiokong Eco-Tourism project. Bukidnon are known because of the “vertical bivouac” attraction. If you are looking for some serious adventure in Bukidnon, don’t miss visiting Kiokong White Rock Wall.

Go hiking Kiokong White Rock Wall and you can even do camping overnight with your friends or family in the cliffs. For sure one of the best things to do in Bukidnon.


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Ever feel like enjoying the great outdoors and just feel the cool breeze of the nature? You’ll definitely find it here at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich. If you want to try out ziplining, racing down the hill or doing a 120-foot drop, you should head on to this amazing attraction that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

They not only have great activities to enjoy with your friends and family, but also offer places to stay if you plan on spending a couple of days here. Dahilayan Adventure Park also has a restaurant right by the entrance where you could warm yourself up with a cup of coffee or dine with an amazing view of nature. I definitely guarantee you’ll leave this amazing place begging for more!

The entrance fee to Dahilayan Forest Park is 200 PHP per adult and 50 PHP per children. There is a package for all the rides (Luge, Hanging Bridge, Mini Golf, Go Cart and Bumper Boat) 750 PHP

If you do Forest Luge 600 PHP per person,  ATV 750 PHP, Buggy Trail 1200 PHP for two people, Forest Putt Mini Golf 50 PHP, Treetop Adventure 250 PHP per person, Zorb 250 PHP per person,  Barrel Train Ride 50 PHP per person, Bumper Boat 150 PHP per person, Hanging Bridge 100 PHP person, Monkey Tree Challenge 50 PHP per person, Bungee Bounce 150 PHP, Net Trampoline 50 PHP.

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Bukidnon itinerary
Image from Tsadagyud

Planning to get out of the loud city to unwind and just be one with nature? Come visit Ultra Winds Mountain Resort where you get to stay on a resort sitting on top of a mountain and overlooking in Bukidnon! This is truly one of the best places to go and it is also a great venue for weddings!

They offer very nice and spacious rooms, a restaurant, as well as a gorgeous infinity pool. It’s definitely one hell of a view while relaxing by the pool.

Entrance fee is 100 PHP per person consumable and additional 150 PHP to have access to the pool per person.


Kitanglad Mountain Range
Image from Wikimedia

Kitanglad mountain range with 2800 meters that dominates the northern central part of Bukidnon is famous because of its rainforest that has thousands of diversified wildlife species.

The top five highest peaks in this mountain range are Mt. Dulang-dulang, Mt. Kitanglad, Mt. Maagnaw, Mt. Lumuluyaw, and Mt. Tuminungan.

5. Birdwatching at Mt. Kitanglad

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Philippine Eagle (© Klaus Stiefel – Flickr)

Bird-watching at Mt. Kitanglad Natural Park near Malaybalay City. If you like nature and you want to see Eagle and other beautiful birds you can organize a tour.

6. Mount Dulang-Dulang

Mount Dulang-Dulang, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon

Mount Dulang-Dulang is located Brgy Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon. One of the most challenging hikes in the Philippines. You will have to contact a local guide if you want to hike around the mountain. The views are amazing and it’s one of the best things to do in Bukidnon if you love hiking!

7. Spending the day at Lake Apo

Lake Apo, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon
Image from Flickr

Lake Apo is a crater lake located in Brgy. Guinoyoran in Valencia City jsut 10 kilometers far. You can enjoy water sports like jet-skiing and kayaking and floating bamboo raft. Lake Apo entrance fee is 50 PHP. There are cottages for rent and you can also stay overnight.

8. Pulangi River

Pulangi River, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon

Pulangi River is a perfect one in the list of Bukidnon tourist spots if you like the adventure. You can go rappelling Pulangi River with your friends and you will have an amazing day in the mountains. Apart from rapelling you can do tubing, kayaking and rafting.


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Image Source | Axa Jojo Sulatan

Hobbit Houses is one of the newest tourist attractions in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon and it’s currently under development. This is a really great place for fans of the wonderful book and film series The Lord of the Rings as the structures here closely resemble the Hobbit’s house! The lodges in the farm are still being created so we should definitely watch out for those.

To get to the Hobbit Houses. You have to get a bus to Malaybalay terminal. From here ride a multicab going to Casisang Central School and get a Habal habal to the final destination.

You can stay overnight in a tree house for 750 PHP and 2 people. You can stay in a tent 350 PHP for two people.

10. Crossing Atugan Bridge

Atugan Bridge, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon

Atugan Bridge is one of the highest bridges in the Philippines and the highest in Bukidnon with 64.5 meters. Atugan Bridge crosses the Atugan Canyon along Atugan River and is used for vehicles going to Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

11. Rafflesia Flower

Rafflesia Flower, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon
Image from Sci News

Rafflesia is the largest flower in the world and you can find in Baungon Bukidnon. You can see gigantic natural flowers. Apart from Rafflesia you can see the Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius which is also so unsual.

12. Del Monte Plantation

Del Monte Plantation, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon
Image from Mark Maranga

Del Monte Plantation is the largest pineapple plantation. The products are exported to different countries like United States, Japan also to European and Middle Eastern countries.

13. Kampojuan Adventure Park

Kampojuan Adventure Park, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon

Kampojuan Adventure Park is one of the most popular Bukidnon tourist spots is located in Manolo Fortich. And thje most popular attraction is riding the bike zip line. A perfect place for having so much fun.

14. Ride a Horse at Kaamulan Park

Ride a Horse at Kaamulan Park, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon

Kaamulan Park is lcoated at Maybalay. You can ride a horse at Kaamulan Park one of the best things to do in Bukidnon if you are traveling with kids. Apart from horse riding you can spend the day at Kaamulan Park is laways get staying in contact with nature.

15. Nasuli Spring

Image from Flickr

Nasuli Spring is a perfect place to refresh yourself. The water is clean, blue, and deep. You can spend the day swimming with your friends. There are cottages for rent 300 PHP. Nasuli Spring entrance fee is 30 PHP.

16. Waterfalls in Bukidnon

Falls in Bukidnon
Image from Flickr

Chasing waterfalls in Bukidnon if you want to swim and refresh. The most popular waterfalls in Bukidnon are Kibalabag Falls in Malaybalay, Sagumata and Kimatahay Falls in Valencia, Kisolon Falls and Alalum Falls in Sumilao, Gantungan, Natigbasan, and DimadungawanFalls in Impasug-ong. As you can’t see Bukidnon tourist spots that you can’t miss one of these waterfalls.

17. Spelunking in Bukidnon

Spelunking in Bukidnon, Sagada Tourist Spots, Sagada travel guide, sagada travel tips, Cave Connection in Sagada,

Spelunking in Bukidnon for people who love adventure. There are few caves around Bukidnon like Liroan Cave, Sagonsong Caves, Kibawe Caves, Kasanayan Cave, Blue Water, Spiring Cave, Sumalsad Cave. The best way to explore them is hiring a local guide.

If you like spelunking one of the most popular places is Sagada for this.


Mai’s Playground

Mai’s Playground is a perfect place if you are traveling with kids in the Philippines. And also if you love colorful places to take pictures. It can be a fun experience!

Cultural Bukidnon Tourist Spots

19. Experience Kaamulan Festival

Kaamulan Festival, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon
Image from My Mindanao

Kaamulan Festival is an ethnic cultural festival held annually in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon from the second half of February to March 10. They celebrate the culture and tradition of the seven ethnic tribal groups: Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon that originally inhabit the province.

It’s the only authentic ethnic festival in the Philippines. If you have the opportunity to visit Bukidnon on these dates is one of the things to do in Bukidnon that you cant miss it.

20. Ereccion de Pueblo

Ereccion de Pueblo,
Image from Philippines Cities

Ereccion de Pueblo is located in Malaybalay City Plaza. Ereccion de Pueblo shows the negotiation between the Spaniards Colonizers and Native Leaders such that took place on 15th of June 15 in 1877.

21. Monastery of Transfiguration

Monastery of Transfiguration

Monastery of Transfiguration is lcoated in Malaybalay City and you can’t miss it visiting Bukidnon tourist spots. The monastery is maintained and sustained by the monks. You can try their coffee and buy souvenirs. There is no entrance fee for Monastery of Transfiguration.

22. Bukidnon Provincial Capitol

Bukidnon Provincial Capitol, bukidnon tourist spots, things to do in bukidnon
Image from Wikimedia

Bukidnon Provincial Capitol is one of the cultural sites that you can visit. Maybe you will not be allowed to walk inside and you will have to take a look from outside but still a beautiful spot in Bukidnon.

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