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Why you should pick Croatia as your next cruising destination?

Last updated on July 21st, 2022 at 06:50 am

If you are a regular cruiser, you might have heard about some travelers raving about Croatia. Well, that sure must have led you into thinking as to what is so special about the Croatia cruise, and why should one pick that particular cruise?

You are certainly on the right page if looking for the right answers. To be honest, the kind of crossing experience you are looking for relies on the kind of group you are with, what your expectations are, and how much money you are willing to spend.

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1. For an amazing coastline

Croatia boasts of an amazing coastline in and more than 1,000 Islands. Thus, one can expect a picturesque trip and explore those nice towns and ports on the way. Explore those miles and miles of mainland coastline, and this is indeed the best way to discover Croatia.

2. For interesting stops

Explore some interesting ports and towns on the way, and some of the most popular towns include names like Split, Zadar, Vodice, Trogir, Brač, Vis, Korčula, Dubrovnik and many more. Most of the towns and cities boast of Venetian architecture, and their streets are lined with charming cafés. You will love to stop at those medieval fishing villages, nestling in picturesque islands.

3. For nature and hiking

If you love nature and hiking, then going for a cursing trip to Croatia makes more sense as there would be plenty of nature parks that you can explore as well as hike and bike. Croatia boasts of some incredible national parks, and many of them are UNESCO listed.

You are in the midst of the most dramatic side of Europe and can look at those countless islands that seem like studded gems in the Adriatic. Admire those limestone cliffs that plunge deep into sapphire-blue waters while cruising Adriatic. 

4. For picturesque islands and amazing beaches

Explore different islands and be amazed by the remote parts of Croatia with stunning views of mountains and the blue sea.  It is all about picturesque beaches, and you are sure to come across stunning hidden spots. Swim in the clearest blue waters and enjoy those amazing waterfalls. It is easy to reach and explore those Greek islands that are famous for their stunning lakes and waterfalls.

5. For the history of Croatia

Learn all about the fascinating history of Croatia as you explore those pretty castles and cathedrals. Nothing could be better than a discovery cruise with well-planned itineraries. The major attractions for the history buffs include city walls and forts and the atmospheric Roman ruins and the first-century Roman Amphitheatre.

6. For a good value for money

You find good value for money when on a cruise in this area, and you can enjoy the top luxury option at much affordable costs. There are many good-value hotels and cheap holiday apartments. You can book a small luxury yacht and explore the exciting region and its uninhabited islands.

7. For the Dalmatian food

You will love your trip if you love Dalmatian food and if you are fond of freshly cooked vegetables, homemade cheeses, and seafood. Dalmatian food is made from locally produced ingredients, fresh herbs, and wild plants. And this is why the dishes from this region carry a special freshness and aroma.

Now that you have a good many reasons to go on a cruise to Croatia, get ready for an unforgettable cruising experience. This is your chance to step back and pause for a while as you marvel at thousands of years of history. Just settle into your comfortable cabin and let the adventure begin!


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