Where to eat in Baguio: 15 Best Restaurants in Baguio

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When one talks about the Philippines, he/she cannot miss talking about Baguio, too! It’s the Summer Capital of the Philippines and one of the most touristic places in the country. Prepare your next Baguio trip by knowing where to eat in Baguio! Let’s talk about 15 of the best restaurants in Baguio in this blog post.

Millions of tourists visit Baguio every year, especially during summer, just to breathe fresh air, eat Baguio delicacies like strawberry taho, or just to relax.

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How to Get to Baguio

Getting to Baguio by Van and Bus from Manila

There are two main ways how to commute from Manila to Baguio- through a bus or a private van. If you prefer going to Baguio in a bus. You can ride one from Cubao Bus Station and the 5-6 hours bus ride will cost you around PHP 485. You can also ride the Executive Bus to go to Baguio. The 4-hour ride will cost you around PHP 800. Buses are leaving every hour from Cubao in Manila.

There are a few buses companies getting to Baguio from Manila: Genesis Transport: Cubao Dagupan Bus Lines, Partas, Victory Liner and Joy Bus. They are leaving from Cubao and Pasay and prices are quite similar. Expect to pay around PHP 500 for one way and around PHP 750 if you choose first class.

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Best Time to Visit Baguio

The amazing thing about Baguio is that you can travel here anytime you want. Rainy or summer season, it always delivers what you expect it to. However, if you want to experience the full local vibe, going in December might be the best time for you. Hotel rates will be more expensive than the other months though it’s still affordable. Locals also love traveling on the summer season (March to May) to ease the Philippine tropical torture/climate. It’s a place for relaxing and taking a break after all. If you actually love festivals, then go visit in February as Baguio celebrates their amazingly colorful and joyous Panagbenga festival at that time.

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Daily Budget travel in Baguio

Many of the restaurants in Baguio are cheap comparing to the rest of the country. A full meal in the city can go for as low as 60 PHP per person while a bottle of beer can be bought for around 50-70 PHP.

Restaurant meals to try Baguio delicacies can be bought for around 300-800 PHP for two people. If you only have 20 PHP in your pocket you can even buy street food with that in Baguio night market. Keep reading below where to eat in Baguio.

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Transportation is also pretty cheap with jeepneys going all over town at a flat rate of 9 PHP. If you want to travel to Baguio from Manila, the ride will also be convenient and cheap at around 500 PHP.

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Where to eat in Baguio

Baguio Food: 15 Best Restaurants in Baguio

1. Chaya

Image from Chaya, where to eat in baguio, baguio food, restaurants in baguio

Chaya is a restaurant with cozy interiors offering Japanese dishes. Try it if you’re craving for Japanese food  like Onigiri, Yakisoba, Chicken Karaage, and Sukiyaki. They prepare their food Japanese style as well, along with the sizes/portions.

Chaya is located at 72 Legarda Rd, Brgy. Campo Sioco, Baguio.

2. Amare La Cucina

Amare La Cucina is really different than other Pizza restaurants because you have the opportunity to have fun tossing the dough and use your creativity to add the toppings for yourself! They specialize in Italian cuisine and brick oven cooked pizzas in many flavors.

Amare La Cucina is located at #1 Ignacio Villamor St, Baguio.

3. Red Rustikz

Image from Red Rustikz, where to eat in baguio, baguio food, restaurants in baguio

Red Rustikz offers a combination of Italian and Filipino cuisine. Only few people go here but it definitely needs more because of its comfy and laid back vibes. Perfect for long talks with your friends and families.

Red Rustikz is located at 82 Upper, Gen. Luna Rd, Baguio.

4. Ahs-wes Restaurant (Formerly Azotea Greens)

Image from Ahs-wes Restaurant, where to eat in baguio, baguio food, restaurants in baguio

Ahs-wes restaurant delivers consistent service and good food with its colorful sumptuous servings. They have vegan options that will surely satisfy you whether you are vegan or not. The desserts are really tasty as well!

Ahs-wes Restaurant is located at Nevada Square, 2, Loakan Rd, Baguio.

5. Qilla Restaurant

Qilla Restaurant, Baguio food, restaurants in Baguio, where to eat in Baguio
Image from Qilla Restaurant

Are you craving for lingering spicy food? Qilla Restaurant may be your best bet. They offer indian food that is close to if not the real thing. The owner is very accommodating and attentive to your wants as well. Try their cheese samosa and of course, biryani. 

Qilla Restaurant is located at Sajj Building, Rimando Rd, Baguio.

6. Pet’s Bulaluhan

Pet’s Bulaluhan is one of those gems in Baguio City offering outstanding Baguio food. They have those typical craving suspects, Bulalo, Sinigang and Papaitan. One problem though is that the queues are mostly filled up. The good thing is that the food may be arguably unrivalled

Pet’s Bulaluhan is located along Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio.

7. Good Taste Café & Restaurant

Good Taste, restaurants in Baguio, Baguio food

The food at Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant is really tasty despite its prices. It’s perfect for big groups as they are consistent with their service, always good. Try their best sellers like  garlic buttered chicken, beef broccoli, and fried rice. It’s opened 24 hours close to Burnham Park and Baguio Market.

Good Taste Café & Restaurant is located at Otek St, Baguio.

8. Hill Station

Hill Station
Image from Hill Station

Surrounded by a beautiful romantic ambiance, Hill Station deserves to be in this list of good Baguio Food Restaurants to try at. The place and the food are just a perfect match up for couples. Try calling them for advance table set-up. As expected, the price is on the high end.

Hill Station is located at  Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Rd, Baguio.

More Restaurants in Baguio where to eat in Baguio

9. Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna

Image from Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna, where to eat in baguio, baguio food, restaurants in baguio

Away from the busy Bagio crowd, Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna is a greek restaurant headed by a greek chef. The design of the restaurant give a cozy fusion of Greek and Bagio style. Try eating outside for a much more filling experience.

Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna is located at 26 Outlook Dr S, Baguio.

10. Chef’s Home

Image from Chef's Home, where to eat in baguio, baguio food, restaurants in baguio
Image from Chef’s Home

Tasty spice infused asian food is what’s being served at Chef’s Home. Despite being a modest place, the food is really top notch. Try their Beef Rendang and Pepper Garlic Prawns. The place is really good for friends and families. They’ll be surely impressed with this great find of good Baguio food.

Chef’s Home is located at o. 88 Unit C, Old Sicat Hotel, Aspiras – Palispis Hwy, Baguio.

11. Oh My Gulay

Image from Oh My Gulay, where to eat in baguio, baguio food, restaurants in baguio
Image from Oh My Gulay

Your stay at Baguio is not complete without tasting freshly farmed vegetables. Oh my Gulay is all about that. It’s located on the fifth floor of a small building with a comfortable ambiance. Also, it’s really hard to find good vegetarian restaurants in the Philippines, fortunately, Oh my Gulay is a gem for vegetarian friendly good Baguio food.

Gulay is located at Fortune Care, 108, Session Rd, Baguio.

12. 50s Diner

Image from Google Reviews

Throwback to the 50s, 50s Diner offers more than retro classic ambiance. It’s also about the delicious large servings good for groups of friends and families. Try their burgers and pizzas, worth your calories and worth your money. The place could get crowded at times because the restaurant’s interior is classy. Many people like the vibes actually.

50s Diner is located at 105 Session Rd, Baguio.

13. Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

Baguio Food
Image from Google Reviews

Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant has really good food on their menu. Locals often go back here again once they’ve tasted the restaurant’s dishes. People call this the original or the authentic highlander menu. They really do Baguio delicacies exceedingly well for its price.

Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant is located at Tam-awan Village, Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio.

14. Baguio Craft Brewery

Baguio Food
Image from Wikimedia

Being the first and only craft brewery with freshly-brewed beer, Baguio Craft Brewery remains a local favorite. Even if you’re new to drinking, it’s easy to get used to it here. Their beer might be heavy but it suits Baguio’s weather perfectly.

Baguio Craft Brewery is located at 4 Ben Palispis Hwy, KM 4, Baguio.

15. Street Food at the Night Market

night market in baguio, restaurants in Baguio, Baguio food

Lastly, this is not exactly a restaurant, but street food at the night market in Baguio is something you shouldn’t miss trying. Local street foods are not just popular Baguio food but also carved in the Philippine culture. Various street food stalls are set up in the Night Market. Where to eat in Baguio and also you can buy second hand clothes in the night market in Baguio.

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You could see a lot of locals eating a lot of street food with lots of varieties. Take your time to taste each variety so you’d know which one you really love. I recommend “kwek-kwek” or battered quail eggs. As cheap as 10-30 PHP you can get snacks and tasty soups.

Baguio Night Market is located along Harrison Road, Baguio.

And that wraps our blog post about some of the best restaurants in Baguio! Have you ever been to at least one of those Baguio food? Tell us your experience where to eat in Baguio below. We’ll be glad to read them. 🙂

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