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Great accommodation for a locations diving holiday in Malta

Last updated on September 5th, 2021 at 12:43 pm


Located in the central Mediterranean, Malta is a small archipelago that is ideal for those looking for a sunny holiday at sea. Not only does it offer plenty of gorgeous beaches and warm waters, but Malta is also rich in culture and history. Read here Malta sim card for tourist, how to get from Malta airport to Gozo and Malta airport to Valleta.

While Malta has plenty to offer, many that travel there enjoy going on diving adventures. Clear waters paired with a large variety of marine flora and fauna make for an amazing experience. 

No matter if you’re brand new to scuba diving or if you’ve been diving for years, consider adding Malta to your list of possibilities for your next diving holiday. 

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Clear, clean waters for beginners 


If you’ve never gone scuba diving before, Malta is the perfect place to learn! All of Malta’s waters are clean, clear, and safe for swimming. Shallow shore waters at beaches such as Mellieha make for ideal shore diving locations for beginners of all ages. 

Shore diving allows you to learn how to dive without having to go out on a boat. There are also dive schools throughout the island if you’d like to learn from a professional. Once you feel comfortable in the water, you can go further out to explore coral reefs. 

Stay close to Mellieha Bay 


If you want to stay close to a dive location, consider the village of Mellieha, which overlooks the large sandy beach of Mellieha Bay. It is one of the largest towns on the island and is a tourist resort, so there are plenty of hotels to stay at and restaurants to enjoy.

You’ll have access to public transportation, allowing you to travel to the other diving locations around the island. Experienced divers might enjoy the Blue Lagoon, which can be accessed by ferry from Mellieha.

Underwater landscapes to explore

Experienced divers will enjoy the underwater landscapes that can be found around Malta. Underwater caves and other natural landscapes are waiting to be discovered in those beautiful crystal waters. Qawra Reef is a favorite because it has coral reefs, various caves, and plenty of marine life. 

Another favorite dive location is the Blue Hole. Divers make their ways through vertical swim-throughs (which are cracks in the reef) and eventually end up in a coral garden. There are a variety of routes to take. You’ll also spot marine life that includes moray eels and parrot-fish. 

Visit historical wrecks 

Experienced divers that are hoping to see more than marine life also have the opportunity to explore some of the many wrecks that are lurking within the waters around the island. Underwater battleships, cargo vessels, aircraft, and submarines are all waiting to be discovered. Some of these sites can be challenging to get to, which makes them ideal for the most adventurous of divers.  

Many experienced divers enjoy the Blenheim Bomber wreck. The Blenheim Bomber was once an aircraft in the second World War. One of the aircrafts now lurks deep within the depths of Xorb il-Ghagin, Malta.

Easy to get around the island 

If you want to explore multiple diving locations around Malta but aren’t sure how you’ll get around, don’t worry. Once you’re on the island, there are plenty of ways to get around. Many of the cities and villages are small enough that you’ll be able to easily get from your hotel to a beach.

If you want to explore a location further away from your hotel, all major cities have public transportation routes that go throughout the island. There are also private drivers who will take you to the more remote locations on the island. 

Plenty to do besides diving 

Things to know before visiting Malta, places to visit in Malta,Valleta

While you could easily spend your entire holiday exploring multiple dive locations found throughout the island, you may also want to take a break to explore some of the other activities the island has to offer

You won’t want to miss out on visiting the historical city of Valletta or the Megalithic Temples of Malta. And, anybody that visits the island shouldn’t leave without visiting an authentic Maltese restaurant—you’ll be able to eat fried lampuki (a type of fish found around the waters of the island) or try rabbit stew, which is Malta’s national dish. 

Final thoughts

Beginner divers will enjoy exploring the shallow waters of Malta, while experienced divers will enjoy exploring natural underwater landscapes and historical wrecks. No matter if you’re hoping to go by yourself or with your family, there are plenty of beaches you’ll want to explore and must-visit diving locations around the island. 

Ruben Arribas is the co-founder of Gamintraveler and a Spanish traveler who has traveled to more than 100 countries around the world. He is now a full-time digital nomad.

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