Pampanga Food: 15 Pampanga Delicacies to Try

Last updated on February 10th, 2021 at 02:03 am

As you guys know, our home Angeles City (Rachel’s home actually) in the Philippines can be found in the province of Pampanga. Pampanga is not just known for many things like the famous Mount Pinatubo, its festivals, tourist attractions, but it’s also famous because of Pampanga Food.

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In fact, many Filipinos dub Pampanga as the culinary capital of the Philippines! Amazing, right? Let’s explore and taste (just by reading ha!) some of the top Pampanga delicacies or also called “Kapampangan dishes” in this blog.

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Top 15 Pampanga Food And Pampanga Delicacies

1. Adobong Camaru

Image from Flickr | REM (rembcc)

This Pampanga food (or Kapampangan dish) is not for the faint-hearted. Adobong Camaru is made from crickets (yes, the insect!) cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and onions. You must try this once in your lifetime.

2. Aligue

Image from Flickr | thecountessanna

Aligue, or crab fat, is a delicious, versatile Pampanga delicacies that Filipinos love. It is very versatile that you can use it for plain rice, ingredients to other dishes, or a dip. In Pampanga, it is famously made as a paste (crab paste), which can be bought for as low as PHP 120 per jar. 

3. Betute

Image from Flickr | rico quimbo

Another exotic Pampanga food is betute, or stuffed frog. Deep-fried frog legs are quite common to many cuisines, but in Pampanga, a whole frog is stuffed with ground pork and then deep fried. Would you like to try that?

4. Bopis

Image from Flickr | NCCA Official

Bopis is not just popular in Pampanga but also in the whole Philippines. It is a tasty dish made with the lungs and heart of pig, vinegar, soy sauce, carrots, onions, garlic, and chili. The version of Bopis in Pampanga uses the ingredients mentioned except the heart of the pig. This Pampanga food is quite popular as pulutan, or eaten with a cold bottle of beer.

5. Bringhe

Image from Flickr | chilion_28

Bringhe is quite similar to Paella. It is a Pampanga food that uses glutinous rice (sometimes mixed equally with regular rice) and its taste is enhanced by native chicken, ginger, coconut milk and  some spices. It is topped with slices of boiled eggs and bell peppers. Indeed, Bringhe is a yummy main course meal that you should not miss in Pampanga!

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6. Bulanglang Kapampangan

Image from Flickr | Angela S

This dish is similar to Sinigang (sour soup) but Bulanglang Kapampangan uses guava to give its sour taste. Its other ingredients are also the same with Sinigang’s, but it smells and taste differently due to the guava flavor. Bulanglang Kapampangan is delicious and perfect for a rainy day.

7. Kalderetang Kambing

Image from Flickr | Maricris Jayme

Kaldereta is a stew which has thick, yummy sauce. Although beef is the usual meat in Kaldereta, Kapampangans love using kambing or goat meat as a tastier option. This Pampanga food is definitely a must-try!

8. Morcon Kapampangan

pampanga delicacies, pampanga food
Image from Wikipedia

Morcon or Murcon is indeed one of the popular Pampanga food that is known to the whole Philippines. It’s a special dish that is always served at gathering, because it really looks nice on the dinner table. Morcon Kapampangan, which resembles a meatloaf or meat roll, uses ingredients such as ground meat (pork and beef), chorizo, cheese, raisins, onions, and eggs. 

More Pampanga Food And Pampanga Delicacies

9. Okoy

Image from Flickr | empotsilog

Okoy or Ukoy is a crispy deep-fried fritters made with small shrimps, vegetables, green papaya, and glutinous rice batter. There are many varieties of this dish. Some even use other seafood or bigger shrimps to make it tastier.

10. Paco Salad

pampanga delicacies, pampanga food, Paco salad

Image from Flickr | Dish Our Town

Paco Salad, Ensaladang Pako, or Fiddlehead Fern Salad, is a common appetizer served in restaurants in Pampanga. This will surely make your tummy happy, with its tasty ingredients such as ferns (the right kind and edible ones), tomatoes, onions, and salted eggs. It’s usually spiced with salt and pepper and dressed in vinegar. Crunchy and yummy!

11. Palabok

pampanga delicacies, pampanga food

We love this noodle dish so much! It is made with thin noodles and rich, orange sauce, with slices of boiled egg, onion chives, and chopped chicharon (deep fried pork skin). Sometimes, it is topped with shredded tinapa (smoked fish).

12. Paldeot (Chicken butt)

Image from Flickr | Wyatt Belmonte

Have you ever tasted a grilled chicken butt? If not, then you must try it in Pampanga! This tasty snack has a smoky flavor and very tender. You must try it! You won’t even know it’s chicken butt, ha! Kapampangans love to eat this with a cold bottle of beer.

13. Panara

pampanga delicacies, pampanga food

Image from Experience Angeles

Panara is quite similar to empanada, but instead of ground meat, this half-moon shaped pastry is filled with mung bean sprouts and shrimp. This crunchy snack is often served with vinegar as its dip.

14. Sisig

pampanga delicacies, pampanga food, sisig

Sisig is definitely one of the best Pampanga food you have to try. There are many varieties of this authentic dish but usually it is made with sliced ears and head of the pig mixed with fried onions and chili. It’s served in a sizzling plate with rice and calamansi (or the local lemon). 

15. Tocino

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Tocino is a classic local dish usually eaten for breakfast and one of the famous Pampanga food. It’s a pork dish processed and mixed with flavorings like sugar, then soaked/marinated for some time. When cooked, it is sweet and delicious. It is actually Rachel’s favorite! In the present, there are also chicken and beef varieties of this dish though pork tocino is still the most famous.

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There you have it, guys! Which of those Pampanga food would you like to try? Our favorite of our Pampanga delicacies in the list is sisig. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments. 🙂

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